The Zìyóu Rén State was created by a group of opium cartels and rebels who wanted to resist the Beicheng empire. The state is essentially nothing more than lawless region in which "free trade" flourishes, you may find your fortune or your undoing in the Zìyóu Rén State.


The Zìyóu Rén State was formed when the Beicheng empire attempted to invade the western most side of Hyuntai. A several opium cartels along with other religious and political groups managed to defeat the Beicheng empire and formed The Zìyóu Rén State.

The bulk of the forces were lead by a group of demons known as the Rakshasa, the Rakshasa resembled anthropomorphic cats with hands that faced outwards rather than inwards. The Rakshasa were said to have been children of Oni and mortals, although there is no proof of this.

Opium Cartels

The strongest forces in the Zìyóu Rén are currently the opium cartels, with the sale of their addictive product and the immortality of the Rakshasa of many of their bosses the opium cartels have established dominance in the region. The cartels are prone to fighting amongst themselves despite a truce being enacted during the opium wars, even so when the cartels need to work together they will not hesitate to put aside their grudges to survive.

White Lightning and the ZROC

The largest and by far most wealthy cartel in the entire Zìyóu Rén state is ZROC (pronounced Z-ROC) and its Rakshasa boss White Lightning. The ZROC or Zìyóu Rén Opium Corporation was formed only a few short months after the failed invasion of Zìyóu Rén by the Beicheng Empire and since has gained influence over half of the free state. White Lightning himself is egotistical and lethargic oftentimes allowing his advisers to rule his domain for him. Despite his apparent stupidity and laziness White Lightning is still a force to be reconded with if he is either angered or attacked.

The Kappa

Kappa high guard

A member of the Kappa high guard

Years ago there was a group of samuri who defected from the Beicheng Empire due to their dissatisfaction with the Empire's current governance. They ventured west in search of a new land to call home, when they came upon the lawless Zìyóu Rén state they realized that many of those who lived in the state needed protection, so they formed the Kappa. The Kappa's motto is: "To defend those who cannot defend themselves" accordingly the Kappa act as guards for anything from a noble to the town market. Over the years the Kappa have become more interested in money than in the well being of all people and often serve only those who can pay for their protection.

The Kappa will recruit new members with usually no questions, often times recruiting criminals or convicts, the new recruits are usually trained for about three months them deployed.

The Kappa are run usually by people who can draw their linage back to older members of the Kappa. The Kappa prefer to keep the command in amongst those whose families have been in the service for years.

The Gunpowder Guild

The gun powder guild is a group of expert gunsmiths and firework crafters who operate out of Huajing. They are known for making some of the most opulent and exquisite guns in all of Adunorh. They often sell their product to nobles and those who have fat purses.

A gunpowder guild workshop

The guild was formed by a group of artisans and blacksmiths from the Fish Islands who believed that the new invention of gunpowder could fuse together their two crafts. They believed that this fusion could bring about a new age of weaponry which would be as artful as it was dangerous. With this ideal in mind they moved North from the Fish Islands to Huajing and began to supply weapons to the fledgling Beicheng empire. This partnership with Beicheng Empire lead to guild gaining a large amount of money due to the fact that Beicheng need a lot of weapons to wage their wars and supply their ever growing armies. However the partnership with Beicheng did not last, shortly after the coup in Beicheng the gunpowder guild moved its headquarters to the Zìyóu Rén free state not wanting to pick a side in the bloody coup. They have remained in Zìyóu Rén until the current day.

To gain entrance into the gunpowder guild a prospective candidate needs to submit some sort of proof of their skill, if the guild master finds that work liking then the candidate may start working under a mentor for about five years until they submit another project to the guild master who chooses if they are worthy of becoming a fully fledged gunsmith.

The Vulture


The Vulture

The Vulture is one of the most feared people in all of the Zìyóu Rén Free State and is also the largest threat to peace in the region. About five years there was a powerful Rakshasa opium lord named Neela Kameenee who was one of the most powerful and feared opium lords in all of the Free State. The Vulture managed to lead an army of men out of the mountains and not only break into Neela's heavily fortified compound but also kill the seemingly immortal demon using a sword made of a mysterious light blue metal. The Vulture has terrorized the Free State ever since conquering several cities and performing countless raids on the farmers in the country side.

While most people in The Zìyóu Rén Free State know of the many brutal and ruthless acts the Vulture has committed little is truly known about the man. Most who have managed to get a close enough look the tyrant's shrouded face claim that they are of Dalecarlian decent, many also claim that the vulture was a member of the White Lotus, a mysterious group of monks in northern Hyuntai.