Xifang was once the western capital of the Beicheng Empire during the time of two empires. The western empire broke from the rest of the Beicheng Empire during the second cycle over ties to the Ziyou-Ren Free State. After leaving the Beicheng empire Xifang remained the capital of Western Beicheng Empire for around twenty years. The Western Beicheng Empire fell apart after a brutal civil war erupted and destroyed the entire state. Today Xifang is still a very wealthy city and has remained an important stop for merchants selling their goods between central Hyuntai and the Ziyou-Ren Free State.


Xifang is located along the Qiangda river in central Hyuntai. Overall the city is bordered by flat planes and rolling hills. Trees in the area were cut down thousands of years ago by the first settlers, this has lead to Xifang having to import much of the wood it uses.


Most of the buildings in Xifang are made from a combination of wood and stone. Extravagant houses tend to have foundations made of stone, commonly more modest houses have raised foundations made of wood. Houses tend to not have a large amount of load-bearing walls and also tend to have gabled rather than flat roofs.

Most of the streets in the city are paved with cobblestone and those that aren't are commonly in poorer districts. Dirt roads tend to turn to mud during the spring. These roads are commonly too bumpy and narrow to being carts down, many residents will also often empty their chamber pots in the streets. During the spring many residents will lay planks across the roofs of their tightly packed houses and use the roofs as streets instead of the streets.


Almost ninety percent of the Xifang's population is either from Central Hyuntai or Beicheng. Another five percent are from the Ziyou-Ren Free State, the remaining five percent are usually from other continents most commonly The Stone Islands, though there are a few Ghillodahners and Zumbasans who call Xifang home.

The Xifangi people are fairly welcoming of foreigners as long as they are not from Beicheng. The Xifangi tend to dislike The Beicheng Empire mainly due to the fact that it almost raised the city during The Great Beicheng Civil War. In the city itself there is a large amount of segregation between the Beichenger and Xifangi communities who both view each other with animosity and/or suspicion.


Xifang act mainly as a trade hub for the rest of central Hyuntai, commonly merchants from all around will come on selected "selling days" and peddle their wares. "Selling Days" are usually carried out in a designated section of the city and will usually last from sun rise til midnight at which point merchants are to pack up and go home. Other than selling days Xifang also exports rice and other foodstuffs to either the Ziyou-Ren Free State or The Beicheng Empire. There is also some commercial fishing that takes place in the Qiangda River.


Xifang is currently under the leadership of Li Keqiang. Li is right now trying to keep the peace between the Beichenger and The Xifangi communities after a group of Beichenger men killed a Xifangi after the most recent selling day. While Xifangi by birth Li fears that a civil war in Xifang could lead to him losing the crown and he has done everything in his power to keep war from occurring. Li married a Beichenger and has mediated between the two sides often.