The War


The War of the Wheel in Ghillodan ended 


Battle at Gallipoli, Arthur and his Aiel ally, Sharen, direct the battle from one of the cliff tops.

80 years prior to the siege of Baerillyon. Ishmael, a wizard from Taer, and Kayin, the Hustalen Princess, proclaimed themselves liberators of Ghillodahn. The two had a taste for power and they planned to win it with fire and sword. They marched to challenge the joint rules of Baldwyn Telamon, Arthur Linneaus, and Gortrad Durict. Baldwyn Telamon held counsel over much of the south and north west portions of Ghillodahn. Arthur Hawkwing ruled a dominion of north east Ghillodahn. Gortrad Durict presided over the Basalt clan dwarves in the east. Princess Kayin led the islanders of Bohdor in the name of their god, Hustalen. Ishmael, who had been cast out of Taer for his 'medicinally' oriented experiments in the realm of necromancy joined the Hustalens in their insurrection.


The war ended with the eventual defeat of Ishmael and Kayin, though at a high cost to the prosperity and peace that was once prevalent in Ghillodahn. Part of the country was so tainted by black magic it was then called the blight. Though Kayin and his Aiel tribe were put down, Ishmael was able retreat to the far north. Arthur Hawkwing and his men left to find the world's arcane source or another means to repair the considerable damage inflicted on their country by dark magic.

Political Consequences

The Bright Blade military organization denounced the north and turned the south away from the destructive power of arcane magic. As a result, the south east is no longer governed by a lord but a council of paladins and clerics. The 'Council of Light' has its seat in the Citadel of the Sun in Amaldor.

In the ensuing turmoil, the local lords of the southwest vied for control of Kairihen, the city of Nobles.

Princess Kayin lost all of her sons in the fighting. All Hustalen people bent their knee to Baldwyn of Illion when Brywept was sacked. They would attempt an insurgency again during the Hustalen Rebellion.

Arthur Linnaeus and his men departed Ghillodahn in an attempt to find the arcane power source, so that they might heal the blasted land of the blight. Before they left, they established the city of Prague to ward against the monsters that lurked in that twisted land.

The Battle for Baerilyon

Eighty years later, Ishmael launched an attack from the north on the city of Baerilyon in an attempt to gain a foothold in the region. When an army of the ancient wizard Ishmael's subhuman soldiers attacked the northern city. It was defended by the Phoenix Organization and a Chapter of the Bright Blades. Six adventurers were said to have a profound effect on the outcome of the battle, which ended in victory for the defenders.