The War of the Eye is one of the most important events in the history of the Adunorh. It not only affected the way the gods were allowed to interact with the world, but it altered many of the physical land formations seen on Adunorh today.

Initial Conflict

The War of the Eye was sparked when the deity of chaos and destruction, Tharizdun, emerged from his creation the abyss with an army of hellspawn and other foul creatures. Tharizdun's goals were simple: he wanted to destroy the multiverse and turn it into a chaotic roil.

Importance of the Material Plane


The layout of Multiverse with Adunorh in the Center

While Adunorh was not as wonderous as many of the other planes in the multiverse it held one advantage: its planar location. Adunorh was at the center of the multiverse, this positioning would easily allow for Tharizdun and his forces to move freely between planes.


The Corruption of Malauk Tau, the Archangel

During the War of the Eye the gods created many different creatures which were intended to be living weapons who could combat the many horrors of the abyss who assisted Tharizdun. Of all the many mighty creatures the gods created non was more powerful than the Archangel Malauk Tau. Malauk was virtually indestructible, having been made from the raw energy of the positive energy plane, Malauk could destroy almost any demon by simply standing in their presence and letting his aura of positive energy immolate them.


The Archangel Malauk

Malauk soon became overconfident in his abilities and began to feel superior to even the gods themselves. Malauk believed that he was the rightful leader of the god's armies and that the deities should allow him to take complete control over their forces. Malauk chose to challenge the gods to a duel, the winner would gain control over the armies battling Tharizdun. The gods fearing that Malauk may cause disorder or coups amongst their ranks sent Pelor, Malauk's creator, to deal with the rogue angel.

The fight between Malauk and Pelor was brief; Malauk found that he could not kill the one who had created him. Pelor seized Malauk and threw him, Malauk was thrown with such force that he shattered through the planar barrier and sailed into the astral sea never to be seen again, or so the gods thought.

The Monks and the Island