The Stone Islands are located in the center of Adunorh, between Ghieadon to the west and Hyuntai to the east. Due to its location the Stone Islands have become the trade capital of the world. Years ago the kingdoms in the Stone Islands formed a mighty alliance which still lasts even today.


There are currently five regions located in the Stone Islands each is ruled usually by the most wealthy kingdom in the area. If a kingdom wishes to be considered to rule its region it must be approved by the other four kingdoms. Because of this many kingdoms will do anything to get on top and stay there. Once every five years all the kingdoms meet to set prices on goods and solve any disputes that their region may have with another kingdom or region. If all five kingdoms agree the issue is dire enough then an emergency meeting may be called to address the problem.

If a kingdom which is not currently ruling wants to have an issue addressed they can have be suggested by the ruling power during the meeting. Many ruling kingdoms have used this privilege to "black list" their enemies or to keep kingdoms who look as though they might take their seat out of the way.

Currently the rulers of the five regions are:


The Stone Islands are made up of several Biomes.

The Northern Reach:

The Northern Reach is made up of frozen tundras, as well as mountain ranges. The Southern portion also contains a region of frozen peat bog known as the frigid marsh. The marsh commonly has a biannual thawing cycle, this thawing commonly disrupts local farmers and has lead to major food shortages in the past.

The Eastern Reach:

The Eastern Reach was at one point mainly rainforest but has over the years the rainforests have been chopped down in order to make room for sugar plantations. The Eastern Reach is also home several active volcanos. The volcanos have made the soil in the Eastern Reach incredibly rich and fertile.

Stojanow Mountain:

Stojanow Mountain is an enormous mountain. The lack of vegetation and arable land on the mountain lead to many early inhabitants of the Stone Islands from settling on the mountain. One race that has made the Stojanow Mountain their home is the dwarves who have carved out complex tunnel networks inside the mountain. The Mountain itself was one a enormous volcano, and according to legend was a weapon created by the Skarn during the pre-cycle.

The Western Reach

The Western Reach is home to large amount of pine trees as well as a few open plains. The pine forests are mainly in the Northern portion of the region. The pains are located the the southeastern portion of the region.

The Southern Reach

The Southern Reach is mainly made up of plains and forest with a few steppes in the southern portion of the region. The eastern portion of the country also is home to several small areas of jungle. For the most part the elves that live in this region have kept the land well preserved and commonly do not attempt to control their natural surroundings.



-In the early years of The Stone Islands it was said that a race of beings known as Azuren who could manipulate the life energy around them.

-The Azuren founded seven cities across the Stone Islands.

-The Azuren began to war with another race called the Skarn.

-The war was said to have destroyed large portions of the Stone Islands leading to the continent become the string of islands we know today.

The First Cycle

-Embermont is founded

-The Volcano Apoyisang erupts in the Eastern Reach, destroying the city of Saathpyat.

-Gilenor is founded.

-The city of Embermont abandoned for unknown reasons

-The Calian Empire begins their expansion in the Southern Reach.

-The Dwarves of the Stojanow Mountain send out an expeditionary force to Ghiellidahn

-The Kospendi are pushed out of their homeland by the Calian empire, many flee to the Eastern Reach.

-The lords of the Western Reach launch a counterattack against the Calian Empire but are defeated.

-The whole Western Reach falls under Calian control.

-The great Wizards Tasha and Mizgog are born in The Western Reach, and Southern Reach respectively.

-The Calian Empire takes control the Eastern Reach with little to no resistance.

-The Stojanow Dwarves send out a force to retake one of their colonies in Ghielledahn.

-The Calian Empire lands on the shores of the Northern Reach, and is swiftly defeated by the Polar Coalition. This ends Calian expansion in the Stone Islands.

-Tasha and Mizgog found the first mage schools in the Stone Islands.

-The Calain Empire disintegrates in a violent civil war.

-War of The Eye ravages the Northern Reach

The Second Cycle

-The Stone Islands fall into civil war following the end of the twenty prosperous years.

-The polar coalition is dissolved

-Mizgog leaves to research The Fish Islands.

-Tasha inadvertently creates the Dalacarilans.

-The Dalacarliens carve a bloody path through the Stone Islands and leave for Ghiellidahn

-Wizards and those with magical powers rise to prominence in the Western Reach.

-The Cailian Empire helps restore Kospendi lands.

- The Western Reach invades the Southern Reach due to atrocities committed by the Calian Empire during their rule. This action kickstarts the War of the Stone Islands. -The Stone Islands draft the Great Trade Charter in an attempt to stop large-scale conflicts from breaking out.

-The Stojanow dwarves rebel and the Stojanow mountain is recognized as its own independent region.

-The Mage Scism breaks out when the Wizarding schools of Tasha cease communication with schools founded by Mizgog.

The Third Cycle

-The War of Open Graves causes the Western Reach to ban the practice of necromancy.

-Oakney becomes wealthy overnight with the success of Venture Co.

-Illdat  is founded and elects Jonathan Aurelius as their king. -The Planter’s Revolt erupts when surfs in the Eastern Reach take up arms against their lords.