The Southern Reach was once home to the mighty Elvish kingdom known as the Calyn empire, while the empire long ago was destroyed the elves still play a prominent role in the politics of the region. The region is also home to the mysterious Silvermoon Island known for being a holy place for followers of Ehlonna.


The Southern Reach is mainly made up of plains and forest with a few steppes in the southern portion of the region. The eastern portion of the country also is home to several small areas of jungle. For the most part the elves that live in this region have kept the land well preserved and commonly do not attempt to control their natural surroundings.


The Calyn Empire

The history of the Southern Reach is defined by the Calyn Empire, the Calyn Empire almost rivaled the Beicheng empire in both size and power, however the Calyn empire was not at its peak for quite as long as its Hyuntain counterpart. The story of the Calyn Empire began with the Elvish Vequaris, one night as Vequaris slept in his bed he received a dream from the elvish gods Ehlonna and Lolth. Both gods told Vequaris that they had seen fit for him to conquer the world and spread elvish culture across all nations.