The Knights of Dalecarlia

The town of Dalecarlia once existed in the Western Reach. The town was a somewhat prosperous port town built in the shadows of West Peak. The town was "cursed" by one of the creators of magic, a woman named Tasha. Tasha, while cultivating her magical skills on one of the Stone Islands great peaks, accidentally let fly strings of fate into the town of Dalecarlia. While initially thought to be harmless, the effects of the arcane energy were yet to be realized. The men and women of Dalecarlia were cursed and blessed by the magical strands. Firstly, they were cursed to be beset by conflict and war, secondly, they were granted great fortune and a propensity for success in any endeavor. Events are less well known from then on except that the people of Dalecarlia were dragged into nearly every local conflict or war by their curse. However, being blessed with the "Dark One's own luck" as the people of Dalecarlia would say in later years, rarely did one of them ever fall in battle, but instead always succeeded in thwarting their enemies. Despite the growing reputation of the "Knights" of Dalecarlia, every band of barbarians or orcs felt an irresistible notion to destroy the men and women of the port town. Even neighboring barons, lured by the curse, decided it would be a incredibly good idea to besiege the people of Dalecarlia. With no sign of peace on the horizon, and some of their own countrymen turning on them for little to no apparent reason, the people of Dalecarlia sailed away into the west in the hopes of finding a better life. In this particular quest, they would fail.

Establishing the Kingdom of Dalecarlia


The Dalecarians arriving in Ghillodahn

 The Knights of Dalecarlia eventually made their way to the east coast of Ghillodahn. They traveled up the river Magnolia to a place of fertile plains and lush hills. There they proclaimed the Kingdom of Dalecarlia and founded their capitol of Illion. The dalecarlians would fight many wars to retain their hold on the kingdom. It is said that the descendants of the Knights of Dalecarlia are the most fortunate or wise rulers and people of power in the realm. The Dalecarlian's propensity to wage war in the second cycle has contributed much to the martial culture of Ghillodahn today.

Rogue Dalecarlians


Delain Wessex, a rogue Dalecarlian.

There were a few Dalecarlians who reveled in their new found power and luck. They lived for conflict. For these Dalecarlians, they saw no reason to take ship for Ghillodahn. Instead, they moved to richer provinces or remained in the stone islands. The people of the Stone Islands began to call refer to these wandering Dalecarlians as Buzzards, as they were commonly the last one standing on the battlefield, scavenging from the deceased they had slain.

Delain Wessex

Delain Wessex, a rogue Dalecarlian, defeated many militias and search parties that were dispatched by towns in an attempt to stop her carving a bloody path through the reaches. After the desertion of the port town Dalecarlia by her fellow knights. She forged and battled her way east with the hope of finding freedom and a chance to work her blade in the Zìyóu Rén Free State. A group of warrior monks met her halfway, they had come from the mountains in the north of Hyuntai and were very interested in meeting a Dalecarlian. The monks desired to test themselves to see if they could restrain the urge of succumbing to the Dalecarlian curse. The disciplined minds of the monks were composed enough to resist the curse such that they did not give battle to Delain. The rogue Dalecarlian was very curious as to why this group of men and women in tattered robes would not fight her like the rest of the rabble she had encountered. They convinced her to join them in meditation in the monk's monasteries in the north. Many years later, one of her descendants gave birth to a babe who would one day be called, "The Vulture".

Hammond the Harmonic

Hammond Halfgarr was a rogue Dalecarlian who had a taste for blood and battle. Instead of taking ship to Ghillodahn, he booked passage to Dra'Vakaar in search of adventure. While he did meet his greatest friend, Guinea Pelners, he encountered many horrors and blasphemies as well. Ultimately, he died a horrible death choosing to foolishly fight against outrageous odds.

Knighthood in Ghillodahn

The "Knights of Dalecarlia" were credited with bringing western chivalry and knighthood to Ghillodahn. Worthy men and women were consecrated in the light of Pelor and swore vows to protect the innocent and guard the borderlands against Hustalens and other such threats. Many cities created their own training regimes to better prepare their own Knight's of Dale to serve the Magistrate best in their particular lands.