There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will the Children of the Light survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.
-former Grand Marshall Inquisitor Clovis


The symbol of the Inquisition


The Inquisition is an organization within the Children of the Light. Empowered by an independent remit, it serves outside the typical hierarchy of the Whitecloaks as an investigative force responsible for seeking out heretics, witches, traitors, and other malcontents that would attempt to bring low Pelor's Chosen. Few places are free from their influence, as the eyes and ears of the Whitecloaks spy network spreads across the continent. Nothing escapes their scrutinizing judgement.

Inquisitors, while answerable to higher authorities within their own organization, operate with a great deal of independence. They are allowed to arm and equip themselves however they see fit, and use any tactics necessary to complete their mission. Each is a consummate warrior and anointed Paladin of Pelor, easily the match for any lowly Khairinhean knight. But if you ask an Inquisitor what their most powerful weapon is, any would tell you that it's their keen investigative mind that allows them to puzzle through the most obfuscating machinations of heretics and deliver righteous judgement where it is needed most.

A new recruit is required to revoke all their titles and statuses when they are inducted into the Inquisition, for they will bear the title of Inquisitor and Inquisitor alone. Commoners and noblemen are equal in Pelor's eyes, and so too are they equal in the ranks of the Inquisition. As they bear no titles of knighthood, they are not required to adhere to the codes of chivalry nor do they expect to receive chivalrous treatment in return. With this in mind an Inquisitor is given the dispensation they need to act with utter ruthlessness in purging Pelor's enemy for they know mercy is not a gift they will be granted.

Although for the most part many Inquisitors prefer to go without it in order to complete their missions anonymously, the most well known symbol of an Inquisitor is the distinctive gold breastplate with an onyx sun that they wear. The sight of a lone rider entering town, light gleaming darkly off their burnished breastplate, is enough to strike the fear of Pelor into the heart of any ne'er-do-well.

Structure of the Inquisition

Grand Marshall Inquisitor

The Grand Marshall commands the Inquisition from its headquarters, the aptly named Inquisitorial Precinct. He and a small army of scribes, artificers, seers, and priests collate the information transmitted via their spy network, analyze it, and then dispatch new orders to Marshalls in the field. The Grand Marshall can also be called on as a senior voice within the Children of Light, to advise his liege on matters of great importance. The current Grand Marshall is Thoris.

Lord Marshall Inquisitor

Only two to three Lord Marshalls exist at any given time. They are the direct executors of the Grand Marshall's will and their words carry his implicit authority. When they are not being tasked by the Grand Marshall, they are free to pursue objectives at their leisure. The Current Lord Marshalls are Amalric and Clotide.

Marshall Inquisitor

Marshalls are regional commanders. They receive missives from the Inquisitorial Precinct, break them down, and issue individual orders to Inquisitors in the field. Marshalls can have anywhere from three to ten Inquisitors under their command, based on the size of their area of operations


Although the lowest full rank in the organization, each Inquisitor is well respected by his peers and feared by the small folk. Few would ever think of interfering with one when he's on a mission. Part of the Inquisitorial remit allows them to requisition forces from local commanders and deputize militias if they deem it necessary to the completion of their allotted task.


A Prosecutor is not yet a full Inquisitor. Having completed basic training, they are attached as an adjutant to a full-rank Inquisitor in the field to learn from them. When their mentor has deemed them properly ready, they are allowed to swear an oath to the Grand Marshall and rise an Inquisitor.

Inquisitorial Guard

The Inquisition maintains an elite body of soldiers known as the Inquisitorial Guard for situations beyond the capabilities of a lone Inquisitor. Each guardsman is a skilled horseman, capable of taking to the field as light or heavy cavalry as the situation dictates. Although they are not full Inquisitors, members of the Inquisitorial Guard are still required to renounce their rank and titles and discard the code of chivalry. This means many Guardsmen are either young, pious nobles more concerned with serving Pelor than climbing the ladder of society, or grizzled knights who have passed their holdings on to their children and wish to serve a greater cause in their later years.

Notable Members

Grand Marshall Thoris, the Hammer of Pelor

At a glance, Thoris appears an old man bent double by age and years of battle. His face is pocked and lined, with one eye socket gouged empty and worn uncovered. A snow-white beard rims his face and what little hair he has left on his head is pulled back in a severe ponytail. Most would write him off as a senile veteran at a cursory examination, but none who meet his piercing gaze or hear his booming oratory would ever doubt that the fires of Pelor still burn bright within his breast.

Once nearly brought low by a devil-wrought poison that ravaged his constitution, Thoris rarely leaves the sun-swept halls of the Inquisitorial Precinct, only doing so when Whitecloak authorities desperately require his presence. Instead the Grand Marshall prefers to operate behind the curtains so to speak, curating the massive amount of information generated by the Inquisitorial Spy network every day and dispatching relevant orders via stormcrow to his Marshalls in the field. Lord Marshalls Amalric and Clotide serve as his left and right hand respectively, and attend to business he cannot do so himself.   

Lord Marshall Amalric the Grim

Like Judge Dredd, if Judge Dredd was a badass paladin. Last seen kicking lore-important NPC ass at Fort Lacomte

Lord Marshall Clotide the Blade

If Amalric can be called Thoris's mighty sword and bellowed proclamation, Clotide would be his veiled whisper and knife between the ribs.