The Fish Islands

A map of The Fish Islands

The Fish Islands are located West of Dra`Vakaar and south of Hyuntai they are made up of lush jungles along with mystical and exotic land marks. The Fish Islands are also home to the largest number of dragons in all of Adunorh.


First Cycle

The Wizard academy and The Form

Thousands of years ago the fish islands were home to one of the largest wizard schools in the world. The school itself was located in the central mass of islands in the Fish Islands called "The Tadpoles".

The school had trained such legends as Levethix, Bigby, and Tasha the Lark, the school's specialty was the research and discovery of new spells it other, less talked about program was the research and mapping of the Far Realm, an area beyond the outlands which seemed to define the very fabric of reality and from which very few returned with the their sanity intact. The wizards commonly attempted to open rifts though which they could observe and study the Far Realm without coming in contact for too long. While the program had been going on for several years the wizards had yet to see any creatures from the Far Realm, that is until one day they noticed what looked like a living being moving toward them through one of their rifts. The creature began to approach closer and closer until suddenly the portal violently collapsed, exploding a gout of aether. The wizards looked up after taking cover from the explosion to see the creature that they had been observing in front of them. The monster had somehow managed to tear a hole through the demetional barrier which the wizards had weakened in order to see the Far Realm and was now in the Materiel Plane.

The Form

The Form

The less experienced wizards who looked upon the creature went insane instantly, the ones who had managed to retain their sanity began to fire powerful spells at the monster. The spells did little to nothing and the monster proceeded to rampage through the academy of wizards killing all it encountered, then started to make its way toward the shore of the island possibly trying to cross. However it was stopped by the Archmage and head of the accademy, Mizgog and the Gold Dragon Aurix Ixen, who both managed to drive the creature back into a vault in the depths of the academy. The two then magically sealed the doors hoping that this would keep the creature at bay

Second Cycle

The Feuding Villages

During a violent civil war in Hyuntai many of the rebel factions fighting in the war made The upper islands their base of operations, while all the rebels fought against the Baicheng empire they fought amongst themselves just as often. Many of the groups have differing social or religious view which lead them to often sabotage one another in the fear that if a different group managed to get an advantage in the war that they had a shot at implementing their view.

Partially as result of the aforementioned fighting amongst the rebel groups and the superior military strength of the Baicheng empire, the rebel groups lost control over all the land that they controlled in Hyuntai. The Baicheng empire then set up a blockade between the rebels and themselves making trade with the outside world difficult.

Due to the blockade many rebel groups retreated in land and began to set up makeshift villages for them and their families. Many villages were founded by members of the Yāo bǎohù, a group dedicated to defending burial sites of what they believed were demons called The Oni. The Oni were said to have elemental powers so many of the defeated Yāo bǎohù named their villages after the element of the Oni they once guarded.

Fishisland village

The village drowning in the Marsh

The newly formed villages often fought amongst one another usually over grudges formed during the civil war in Hyuntai, many of these grudges persist into the current day. Today however most of the villages do not openly fight, most have clearly defined territory and will only attack one another if one enters anothers territory without their permission.

Third Cycle

In (2, 3C), the exiled mercenary army of Arthur Du Richelieu from Ghillodahn made landfall on the peninsular port town of Fukuoki. They were brutal to the people of the town, and quickly earned the name; "The Shinsen" which translated to new authority in the Ghillioner tongue.


The Fish Islands are located south of Hyuntai and west of Dra`Vakaar the Islands are made up of two large fish-shaped archipelagos that are each made up of hundreds of smaller islands. In between the two major archipelagos is a group of fifty or so small islands. Dotted throughout the skies of the fish islands float flight rock fields which commonly consist of stones that range from the size of a golf ball to the size of a mountain.

A several river flow through the largest island of the western archipelago, both archipelagos are fairly mountainous and are covered in tropical rain forest that gives way to temperate forests as the altitude increases. The northern half of the western archipelago are covered in mostly flat, valleys filled with dense rain forest that are flanked by towering karsts.

The flight rock fields have various ecosystems and can vary in their climate and flora depending on their size and altitude. Additionally many areas of The Fish Islands are home to arcane anomalies that can warp the fabric of reality and twist the mind.

The Fish Islands' climate is mainly tropic, and is subjected to nearly daily rain fall that can last for days.


The Fish Islands are home to several different people groups as well as several intelligent non-humanoid species. The boundaries of the Fish Islands are mainly physical. The prevalent type of government found in the Fish Islands are tribal structures that usually see one clan leader overseeing the rest a village.

There is little to no interaction between the major territories in the Fish Islands most either do not want or are unable to interact with one another due to the geography of the islands.

List of all major territories and States


The economy of the Fish Islands has undergone several changes over the recent years.The arrival of foreigners looking to capitalize on resources found in the jungles of the islands has been welcomed by some and rejected by others. Most foreigners who come to the Fish Islands are looking for ways to mine the flight rock, the demand for which has risen over the past few years. Others look to take advantage of the large schools of leviathans that swim off the southern coast of the archipelago.

Many of the native people in the Fish Islands do not understand the concept of minted coins. Many tribes still use seashells or shimmer stone, magically imbued rocks that glow in various hues. Tribes will usually have a preferred variety of shell that they use for trade, viewing other tribe's shells as worthless. Most often any trade that occurs between tribes is conducted using shimmer stone rather than shells.


The population of the Fish Islands is not known, but most estimates believe the population to be around 900,000-1,000,000. The Fish Island's population has grown respectably in over the last several decades mainly fueled by the arrival of foreign settlers. Most of the population of the Fish Islands is concentrated around the coastline of the two main archipelagos.

Ethnic Groups

Hundreds of different ethnic groups inhabit the Fish Islands. These ethnic groups mainly consist of various native groups that inhabit the Eastern Island. Around 90% of the ethnic groups found in the Fish Islands are humans however small communities of elves (5%), Orcs (3%) and other species (2%) do call the jungles of the Fish Islands home.


A multitude of languages are spoken in the Fish Islands but most fall under one of three categories: Common derived languages such as Hyuntaian; Isdic, the native language of the Fish Islanders; and draconic.

Common derived languages are spoken mainly in the Northern islands of the Western Archipelago as well as in newly formed trading colonies and Shinsen outposts. Isdic languages are mainly spoken in the western archipelago and the southern portion of the eastern archipelago. Draconic is spoken mainly on the eastern archipelago.