Shunta is a ninja assassin hailing from the Fish Islands. He and his wife fled their homeland after they were betrayed by Reido. While on their search for a new home, Shunta's wife is abducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After his wife's abduction, he finds himself alone in Guillodahn. Befriending such greats as David Star-Dazzel, Omar and Rosalynn, Shunta heads out to find his beloved wife. Throughout his journey, his experiences are matched by few. Including feats such as Interdimensional travel, being one the first to travel in an airship, and slaying a terminator. Shunta is one of the lords of Nottingpork, husband of Nakisa, and father of Kafei. He is considered one of the most dangerous individuals in the world of Adunorh, with a bounty of 50,000 gold pieces.

Early Life

Shunta was born in the Village Engulfed in Ember, a moderately sized  village in the Fish islands. He had a relatively uneventful childhood growing up with his family. From a young age Shunta received expert training under the tutelage of the village chief. The chief's nephew, Reido, trained alongside him and they became fast friends as well as competitive equals.

Before he grew too complacent with his own skill, Shunta received a wake-up call at the hands of Nakisa. While out on a hunting trip, Shunta and his troupe split up to catch more prey. Suddenly, a huntress named Nakisa ambushed him and the two traded blows until, neither being able to defeat the other, they passed out from exhaustion. Reido retrieved Shunta and brought him back to the village. Upon awaking, Shunta realized that he had a long way to go if he wanted to beat Nakisa and be the best. From this point on, Shunta dedicated all of his time to training and becoming a better fighter, until he and Reido are both considered equal to the chief in prowess.

Shunta encounters Nakisa some time later while out on another hunting trip, but instead of fighting one another they must overcome a common foe. To his amazement, Shunta and Nakisa are a more effective duo than he and Reido ever were. Despite this synergy, they did spar from time to time, but one could never best the other.

Upon reaching adulthood, Shunta worked directly alogside Reido and the chief. Once the chief died, Reido took his place- though to Shunta's dismay, it was not the same Reido he had grown to love. At this point, two important things happened- Nakisa decided she wanted to be in Shunta's life as well as community, and Reido began to seek out Shunta with malice in his black heart. Reido, unable to find Shunta, executes his parents as an example of what happens to those who disobey the new chief.

Shunta and Nakisa fled for their own safety and got married. On the road, Nakisa conceived and the two began to prepare for their child. They wanted their child to have a safe home so they decided to leave the Fish Islands and head to Guillodan- little did they know this would bring tragedy to their lives and misery to their hearts. After securing a boat for travel, they began their journey. On a stormy night while en route, they were attacked by the Becomer's evil henchmen. Nakisa and Shunta fought valiantly and would normally be more than match for them. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the ship, smashing it to slivers. As a result Nakisa was taken, and Shunta was lost to the sea or so they thought. Shunta washed up on the shore of Guillodan with a new determination in him: to find his wife and child again. Although first he knew that he would have to find the Becomer before getting any leads.

Bondhome Incident

On a stormy night seventeen years later, Shunta finds himself in Bondhome inn. The warm atmosphere inside is broken only by the ale-drenched ramblings of a drunkard and the loud banter of a bard named David Star-Dazzel. A stroke of joviality struck David then, and he began to play a song for the bar after tossing Shunta a triangle and a few others supporting instruments. The bar loves the performance and Shunta the most when the the crowd loves Shunta the most and give him gold, which he splits with Star-Dazzel. The mood is finally interrupted when Shunta calls the dunk out on his ridiculous tales. It looked like a brawl was about to break out, but Shunta quickly dispatched the drunk who fell on Star-Dazzel. Suddenly two more drunks stand about to attack Shunta. Shunta, ready to fight back watches as security tosses out the bawdy fellows thanks to Bartholomew. He informs them that Shunta, David, and two others that there is only one room remaining and they must share.

The group was settled in for the night, when Shunta heard a number of armed men speaking his native tongue. A slaughter broke out in the inn, and head for the room of Shunta and co. A vicious battle ensues in the room with a victory against the soldiers. They keep one alive afterward culminating in the suicide of the remaining assassin when prompted for information by Shunta. They decide to head downstairs to take a look at the situation. They notice Bartholomew getting beaten but decide it would bring all of them more trouble and they go outside to get an idea of the situation. Upon leaving the inn, they witness the Princess of Bondhome being abducted by the notorious Shinsen. Seeing her taken the group pursues her captors' ship, hoping no harm has befallen the beloved Princess.

The party catches up to the ship and boards it with grappling hooks. Upon entry on the ship, they are met with a large man with a rake-like weapon who Star-Dazzel immediately challenges. Star-Dazzel is soon defeated after getting raked in the face and lies there defeated. While Omar uses cannons on the guards, Shunta battles Mr. Rake. Shunta lands several blows on the man and notices another smaller man with a chain weapon and switches opponents with Omar. Shunta defeats his opponent and witnesses Omar fire a cannon in the face of Rakey blowing him to pieces. Shortly after this Rosalynn gets knocked out after supporting everyone with her magic. Then Shunta suddenly gets struck by lightning from a mage, getting knocked out and Omar passes out from exhaustion. Leaving everyone unconscious.

Monsters of Past and Present

Later everyone wakes up in a prison cell in front of a tall and pale looking man in black. They realize that they have been healed by their captors. The party is surprised about the fact each of them are still alive and are shocked to see their possible savior is a vampire. Causing Star-Dazzel to flip out and cower in the corner, similar to a nine year old after seeing his first horror film. Omar (like a dumb-ass), doesn't think and violently shakes on the cell bars. Suddenly, before he can react, the vampire impales Omar with a sword, causing him to collapse. Rosalynn immediately rushes to heal Omar as the vampire says they may leave and Shunta tells himself he will be back to settle things. The acquaintances leave through a cave where Star-Dazzel starts acting rude all of a sudden and runs off. After leaving they notice markings on their hand, binding them as servants of the vampire.

Upon exit from their captor, the party identifies their location, they are on an island that is called Falme. The group enters a bar that they find upon their walking through the streets. Shortly after, Omar drink something disgusting and spits it up. A man named Francis then approaches the table spilling secrets about five mysterious people. He names off the following:, Reb Brown, Poppa Doc, The Becomber who is revealed to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lemon Head and Bonk. Francis just gives away information on each of them. Why he did this, who knows? Although we do know Shunta immediately flares up with anger when he hears about The Becomer. He asks Francis immediately where he could find Arnold and Francis unsuspecting of anything says the Sewer. Shunta and co then leave the bar and search for the Falme sewer system. The group does just that and heads down into the sewers.

Upon entry, they hear Francis actually talking to the five people he mentioned earlier for reasons.. The six all together are called the Big Ass Motherfuckers. When overhearing Francis, they distinctly hear him say if they touch his stuff he will kill them, but don't take him seriously since they don't think he can. Shunta notices a chest right in front of them, leading Star-Dazzel to rush and open it. Once opened, Bonk comes out of the chest and smacks Star-Dazzel with a wooden bat, blowing their cover. Shunta decides now since they cannot hide to pitch a fit to Arnold and demands to know where his wife is. Arnold finds this funny and gets out his freeze gun deciding to fight and make horrible ice puns. Arnold fires and Omar in response pulls a crate in front of them to block the ice with Shunta standing behind him as backup. A moment later Arnold's gun needs a moment, Shunta exploits the opportunity and slashes Arnold in the chest and returns behind the crate. Meanwhile Rosalynn and Star-Dazzel battle with the other guys while Reb does nothing.

Omar gets up and close with Arnold, giving Shunta the chance to sneak behind Arnold to attack. Shunta stabs Arnold through through the chest, leading Arnold to ignore Omar who now sets his sights on Reb. Arnold now grabs Shunta which Shunta quickly puts posion in his hand and punches Arnold in the mouth, poisoning him in the process. Arnold, phased by this throws him to the ground with all his might. Still conscious, Shunta attacks Arnold once more and continues to injure Arnold, who is now pissed off. At this point, they hear explosions and see Rosalynn grow Phoenix wings grow out of her back while killing Bonk with a touch. Then another explosion goes off from Reb, who tires to hit Arnold, but misses. Arnold rushes Shunta once more, but Shunta evades. Arnold despite falling into the sewer water recovers and steals a surf board from a dude named Rad and proceeds to escape. Shunta makes chase on a piece of drift wood and moves in pursuit. After a while, both are on the brink of death, Shunta has to make a choice of life and death. He chooses to live rather than simultaneous death and the sewer and jumps to the side and falls unconscious. Later Shunta is saved by Omar and Rosalynn while narrowly escaping death.

White Cloak Conspiracy

Shunta wakes up in another inn and is surprised that he is still alive then notices Reb Brown among them. He finds this suspicious about this, but decides that there must be some reason for it(other than stupidity). At the inn, the group meet two dwarfs upon entry and are invited to a tournament which Shunta refuses to be a part of, for recovery's sake. However before the tournament, everyone is organized at a table for a feast. At dinner Star-Dazzel tells vampire stories because he can and a gnome Rufus flirts with Rosalynn, getting blown off in said process. One of the dwarfs tells Star-Dazzel the vampire that they encountered earlier was named Turarch and he's bad news. After the feast the bracket is shown to the participants as the tournament begins.

Round one begins with Rosalynn battling Rufus and she takes the upper hand. However, after being hit with a shovel in the foot, everyone notices her leg turns to dirt. After a few stressful minutes for Rosalynn, she eventually takes victory by only a leg. Rosalynn is now pissed and vents quite loudly, but still achieves nothing. The next match is between Star-Dazzel and the head of the Ruptured Ducks, Elvish. The two seem to know each other but Shunta does not care, because he cares about his ears more. As the two play their instruments play it begins to deafen the room and ears begin to bleed. Eventually Star-Dazzel falls to the pain and loses in a music contest. Healed Star-Dazzel gets another chance since there is an open slot and fights Oturan. After a battle with music and smoke this time Star-Dazzel comes on top. Omar then crushes his opponent to move up as well. Rosalynn now is forced to face Omar, but forefits (wonder why). Star-Dazzel returns to fight Elvish again, this time with no music. Even worse, their fists do their battle which makes them both look pathetic, more so than usual. When they start to roll on each other everyone looks sickened with this "fighting". Eventually Star-Dazzel beats Elvish with a guitar smack which somehow kills him. The other two ducks attack Star-Dazzel, who he kills another duck with the guitar, but gets picked up and carried by the other. Shunta jumps in now, grabs a wood sword and smashes it on the final duck's neck and dies. This marks the end of the Ruptured Ducks.

Star-Dazzel who stars acting like a douche, one who cannot say thank you as he heals. Now David must fight Omar, well he tries to anyway, all he can do is dodge and hit if he gets lucky. Eventually Omar grapples Star-Dazzel and bashes him to the ground, leading to an unsurprising loss. A few moments later, Shunta and Star-Dazzel are suspicious of one of their hosts and tail him, as Omar enters in battle against the other host. Outside the dwarf tells Shunta and Star-Dazzel "they" are coming. Omar eventually wins as everyone re-enters the inn. In other news, somehow Reb Brown finds a scooter and hangs Rufus on a chandelier for trying to ride it. Suddenly outside a small group is heard trying to get in.

They break in, charging at Rosalynn, kidnapping her in the process. After their successful capture, they throw Rosalynn in the back of their carriage and leave. At that moment, they meet a man named Tom Maryland who agrees to help them out. The dwarfs decide to also help with the chase to get Rosalynn back. They set out and learn from the dwarfs that the assailants are a mysterious group called the White Cloaks. After a long chase, Shunta ends up being temporarily blinded by an amulet with Omar and are immobile at that moment. All while Star-Dazzel makes himself useful and somehow the carriage flips as he does too. Rosalynn, who still in the rubble, is out cold. Shunta decides to pay back his debt from earlier and tries to save her. First though Shunta blinds the beast pulling the carriage by impaling its eye. Then he steals the blinding amulet and saves Rosalynn from more trouble. Now they need to get away from the rampaging creature. So they decide to break into a poor man's home and dig in his medicine cabinet. The owner comes down who surprisingly helps and even restores Rosalynn's leg before telling them to get out.

On the opposite side of the house the Shinsen are seen carrying the princess and Shunta comes up with a plan on how to get her back. Star-Dazzel distracts the Shinsen, while Shunta and Omar use a rope to knock over an entire Balaton of troops and get to the carriage. Omar smashes into another carriage which also has the same the mage that Struck Shunta with lightning earlier. She ends up being knocked off of it and into the water. Shunta takes this opportunity to throw multiple shuriken at her as payback for striking him. With that behind them, they make their way to their next ship with the princess.

A Sigh of Relief

Shortly after they set sail, of course it rains again. Suddenly a Shinsen riding a frog like creature is skimming the water heading toward the ship. At this point Shunta notices Rosalynn is acting quite strange, calling herself Mark, confusing everyone. The Shinsen now boards the ship, challenging Shunta to battle, while Omar and Star-Dazzel fight the frog. Shunta and the Soldier are almost equal while fighting, Shunta about to finish the soldier off, does not need to because Princess Minh killed the soldier from behind. Meanwhile, the frog gets knocked off the ship, at the cost of Omar's axe, since he lost it, he has to eat the frog's leg instead to get it loose. With this skirmish resolved Shunta and friends head back to Bondhome.

Upon their return, they see their dwarf friends from the tournament, to which Shunta reveals the markings that Turarch placed upon them. The dwarfs remove the markings, afterwards they head south with Tom. Now back at the same place where it all began, they see Bartholomew alive and well, to which he gives them a room. They also get greeted by the queen's head of defense (name), thanking them for saving the princess and to come to the palace tomorrow dressed up. They all clean up, Shunta especially in order to be ridden of that sewer smell. Finally, he decides these individuals are worthy to know about his wife problem. They agree to help him and Shunta is glad to have their aid.

The next day, well, they're late, Rosalynn gets a head start and skips to the palace while singing "I'm Mark" (who this Mark is, still remains a mystery). Shunta, wants to the palace first, so he sprints out the door, passes Rosalynn right at the gates and evades the spears of the guards. Now at the palace, he waits for the others. When the rest arrive, they get chewed out by the head of defense(name) for being late and enter the palace. They are commemorated and gifted with the town of NottingPork, they receive the deed and depart to claim their home.

On the way to their territory, they hitch a ride with a captain named Deutormont and embark. Star-Dazzel of course tells a story, which an annoyance interrupts at every turn and will not leave him alone. Shunta fed up with the dim-wit decides to smack him with the hilt of his ninjato to knock him out. Now at their new home they claim their rooms with Shunta and Star-Dazzel taking the best ones, until Omar steals David's. After a long journey, the party decides to rest for the night.

House Cleaning

The next day, they look around their new home and find they have plenty of room to work with. Soon they are greeted by their citizens and tell them about their city. Upon hearing about a crime problem, they learn Rufus is still alive and in charge of the town's mafia. Upon hearing this, the group decides to investigate. They head to a cave north of town, they being: Shunta, David, and Omar. As for Rosalynn, she is left behind to break herself of this Mark fascination.

At the cave Shunta decides they should split up to make more progress. Shunta, notices a group of six walking very casually. Shunta sneaks behind them and immediately kills one of them, at the same time Omar rushes into another one. The remaining four, who are most likely traumatized surrender and state they will work for them. They are dismissed and are allowed to leave after they promise to help the town, which they agree to. Deeper in the cave, they meet up with three skeletons named Bane, T-Bone and Jack Skellington. The skeletons hussle Star-Dazzel and agree to work for the party after some discussion. At this point, they come to two doors, thus they turn right. Down the passageway on the right their is a bright sword waiting on a pedestal. So of course Star-Dazzel grabs (or steals) the sacred marble blade and decides to keep it. Then at the second door a frustrating, puzzle occurs which takes a while but once it is done they open the door. Upon entry to the room a coffin door breaks open revealing a beautiful woman surrounded in red lightning, her name is Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra immediately attacks the group, causing them to scatter. Omar attempts to attack her directly and gets a face full of lightning, suffering significant injuries leaving him barley conscious. While Star-Dazzel gets taken by her to an unknown location, leaving Shunta alone. Suddenly two zombies rush towards Shunta, one of them identified as Rufus. To counter these zombies Shunta grabs then heads of both and drives both of them to the ground, then he proceeds to burn them with flint and steel. Shunta notices a crossbow shot fire at him but it misses and sees where it came from. He sees the necromancer hiding behind Clytemnestra's coffin attempting to apprehend them. Shunta manages to outsmart the necromancer and proceeds to give him a beating before slamming his head into the wall.

Now Star-Dazzel, back from his battle shockingly victorious wants to take her home with them. But before they can leave, their cave is surrounded, but the surrounding foes just leave. Now back home with the skeletons and taking the necromancer as well. They notice that Rosalynn did jack shit while they were gone and just stood there, not even changing her facial expressions. After the shock of seeing Rosalynn's inactivity, they lay Clytemnestra on the couch waiting for her recovery. Now they go the room to interrogate the necromancer and he tells them the head to the White Cloaks is a fraud, then dies. Finally Rosalynn snaps out of it and Bane almost attacks her before he is told she is not Batman. At last with a little research in the library at home Shunta finds a town that thrives on the slave market.

Return of The Past's Shadow

After Shunta finds the town called Jericho, he tells his friends what is next for them, which they accept. Next thing they know a mysterious box is in their front yard and they investigate. They find out it is a magical painting with a genie inside, but rather than using the wish on something useful, they wish to know the sender effectively wasting a wish, it was White-Lightning. Now Star-Dazzel makes a dumb decision and asks to fight Omar once again which he accepts. Shunta not wanting to see this returns to the library to find more information on Jericho. Next thing Shunta knows, he hears a loud crash and rushes to see what it is only to see a huge hole in the wall, Omar holding a log celebrating, and Star-Dazzle in the rubble who probably has a massive concussion. This causes their travel to be delayed by two more days.

Finally they leave NottingPork to find the town which Shunta believes to be the location of his wife. They take a carriage and hit the road. After a couple of hours they encounter an inspector carriage and ask the group questions. They succeed and are asked to help out in a battle which the group ignores and abandons the plea for help. After days of travel, they sometimes able to find food and water, eventually they make it to their destination.They use Omar as a slave to navigate through the town with many people giving them bad looks. Finally after their long quest, they relax a little in a bar and attempt to gather information. They talk to a man telling them they an sell Omar to the head of slave department, Arnold. The group now decides to look around town for possible locations for slaves.

They look at a house on the top of a hill and inspect the outside of the house. They find a hole in the back of the house and inspect the area. Entering the area, they find a man hiding who is also named Arnold, but not the right one. This Arnold says he has no idea where the slave trade area is, he usually takes them and waits for them to be picked up. Shunta and friends leave this man. They believe nothing of what he just said and decide to look around once more. A while later they find a suspicious house in the middle of the town square, looking abandoned. Shunta takes a look inside the building which is dark, as he looks up he sees a ghost. Shunta approaches the ghost to see if he can learn anything, he learns the ghosts name, Barren and calls his friends inside. Shunta also learns he missed his wife by only one day, but still wants to get information from Arnold. Barren wants to help with this and tells them where Arnold and the slaves are. Barren leads them to a secret passage in the wall and asks if he can inhabit someone. Omar volunteers and after inhabiting him, he actually becomes intelligent. After a staircase walk they encounter a puzzle involving soldiers which they spend quite a bit of time on and succeed after guards come down, who are actually the solution to the Puzzle. All at the price of Omar taking a hammer to the face, and receiving a broken nose. Finally they descend to the final floor to find six gunslingers, a dwarf named Kord and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The gunners charge at the intruders with Shunta and co, ready to battle them. Rosalynn casts invisibility on Shunta and says he should go after Arnold. Shunta hesitates at first after seeing Star-Dazzel get significantly injured from a gunner. Shunta eventually decides to go after Arnold once more. He, using his invisibility to his advantage, manages to land multiple hits on Arnold which all injure him. Arnold on a whim of luck knocks Shunta away by grabbing his leg and throwing him. Shunta, not hurt too badly gets up, ready to go after Arnold again, gets interrupted by Kord who traps Shunta in mud. Shunta escapes and climbs the wall Kord made with his earthbending. Shunta seeing his friends battle decides to join the battle below and jumps off the wall and throws shiruken at Kord and a gunner, hitting both of them. Taking damage from the fall Shunta rushes to one of the Gunners, attacks him and kills him. Suddenly two more walls come up and Kord manifests himself in the earth leaving Shunta alone with Kord who can see him since the invisibility has worn off.

Shunta is at a disadvantage, having to dodge all the earth around him still manages to fight on almost equal grounds against Kord. The two matching blow after blow is eventually interrupted by a huge thud, heard by both. Shunta after hearing a second thud, worries about his friends and wants to find a way out of this small arena. Shunta, decides to attempt his escape by running up Kord and jumping over the wall to help everyone. This plan half works, he is on the top of the wall, but is stopped by another wall on top. Shunta moves around this thinner wall and proceeds his escape. Now Shunta makes a bad decision, he decides to slide down the wall instead of attacking Arnold. Kord then creates pillars extending from the wall, hitting Shunta and nearly kills him. He is immediately saved by Star-Dazzel after Arnold is knocked out (don't ask) and stabilizes him. After Star-Dazzel and Kord make friends they take the back door out and carry Shunta with them, however Arnold got away.

After a couple of days Shunta wakes up and tries to see if his wife is on board and unfortunately she is not. Shunta making up with Kord asks him where she could be. Kord believes a man named George Jackson could be in possession of her and tells him he is in Falme. Within a couple of days they return to NottingPork and for some reason invite Kord to live with them. Upon getting home they see Clytemnestra is awake and not trying to kill them. In fact she is grateful to them for saving her from possession. She tells them she cleaned most of the house except for Shunta's which is a mess. Shunta shocked by this kicks Bane out of his room and cleans it himself.

Roommate Issues

The next day, with his room cleaner than it was, gets called down for breakfast. Jack Skellington makes something that he does not give the name of and just serves it. Shunta after breakfast, goes back to see his room covered in salami and mustard in addition to a broken window with many glass bottles. Angry, Shunta kicks everyone out of his room in order to make his room nice again. Cleaner again, Star-Dazzel and Omar (now dumb again) decide to further annoy Shunta further by trespassing in his room looking through his stuff.He convinces them to leave after too long and in the process he makes David mad at Omar somehow. Now he sees Star-Dazzel wipe his sword which still contains Arnold's waste (from the previous battle) on Omar's bed and leaves. Shunta, getting back at his friends for wasting his time, takes the glass bottles and puts half of them in Omar's room and half in Star-Dazzel's room. When putting the bottles in Star-Dazzel's room he slips on grease, falls and hits his head on broken pieces of glass. Now taking things further Shunta breaks many bottles in the room and leaves them. Bane gets a picture of this and runs to Clytemnestra to tell, Shunta to prevent this throws a shiruken and damages the camera. Later back in his room, he hears Omar break the wall again, this time switching beds with Rosalynn, Kord sees this and does nothing.

The next day Shunta against his better judgement leaves Omar, Star-Dazzel, and Rosalynn who just got pinkeye (and is going through her Mark phase again). Shunta goes to the market to buy himself a lock to keep those who trespass out of his room. Shunta returns to his room, with his friends just returning to their posts. Now that Shunta is back, he needs to get in. The door is stuck shut and tells Omar to force it open. Unknown to Shunta, David cast a gliff of warding on the door but a certain skeleton painted it over so no one could tell. The gliff activates which injures Omar, knocks Shunta and Star-Dazzel unconscious, then finally it shreds Shunta's bed. Thanks to Clytemnestra everyone gets healed and the issues seem to get a little better with Shunta finally locking his door. Still no bed though.

Misadventure at Sea

After a week of rest, Shunta and friends finally decide to head to Falme once again. They go to the harbor and see two choices: Deutormont or Thunderbolt Vulpoon. Star-Dazzel and Omar foolishly do not choose the guy they know and is cheap, instead they go with Thubderbolt because they think his name is cooler. They grapple on Thunderbolt's ship and get up to the top. ThunderBolt Vulpoon has his crew surround the borders of his ship. He tells them they can stay for a absurd price which they actually pay. That night in their small rooms, the party gets taken captive by Thunderbolt Vulpoon's crew. They get thrown into the dungeon and are told to stay there until they get to the slave market. Good job guys.

Needing to get out, Shunta has Star-Dazzel distract the guards while he steals their keys. This works and Shunta gets everyone free from their chains. Star-Dazzel casts invisibility on Shunta, then makes sure he and Shunta can telepathically contact one another. The group splits up and Shunta looks for their weapons, with the help of invisibility from Star-Dazzel he moves undetected and finds a door. None of the keys work, so he back tracks and sees a guard with a golden key. He steals it heads back to the room and unlocks the door, finding their weapons. Shunta grabs his ninjato and tries to grab Star-Dazzel's sword to bring it back, but the sword will not let Shunta pick it up. Shunta tells Star-Dazzel about this and he comes over. Eventually Omar comes over as well after smashing Vulpoon through his own ship.

Now all together, they explore the ship a bit more, especially after Omar damages the ship after crashing it into another the crew panics and tries to leave. Star-Dazzel now disguised as a pirate has free reign and takes his friends with them. They break into Thunderbolt Vulpoon's room to find their other lost goods and David finds platinum to take from him. Shunta is unable to find the only picture of his wife, all while Omar falls in love with a bed. Shunta, desperate takes slave records just in case he can find a lead on his wife. Now outside, they see another pirate crew. Star-Dazzel makes a horrible decision and says Shunta and Omar are his slaves. The pirate crew now tightens the chains on them and Shunta calls Star-Dazzel a dumbass (which at the moment Shunta was too) and pisses off the pirate and tells Star-Dazzel to kick Shunta. Shunta blocks the kick and everyone gangs up on him.

Later Shunta and Omar are slaves in this pirate ship, being guarded by Shrikes all day. Wanting to escape and Star-Dazzel being useless in saving them, Shunta escapes on his own. Unfortunately he gets spotted and has a small skirmish with the Shrikes before getting interrupted by the ships guard. The guards anger the birds and leave while Shunta gets put in tighter bindings. They now reach their destination and are sent off to the slave market.

The Slave Market

Shunta and co without Star-Dazzel, are put one stage for all to see in humiliation. Shunta sees Star-Dazzel finally come back from wasting his time on new clothes. Upon the beginning of the trial the White Cloaks, Trollocs, the Shinsen and Turarch are all there. The bidding begins with Omar who Star-Dazzel buys after irritating everyone from his bids and gets Omar back. Shunta is next at the bidding and the first bid on him is from Arnold Schwarzenegger who shows up late. Star-Dazzel also buys Shunta for a much better price than Omar. Shunta, still mad at Star-Dazzel, is now seated with his friends again, except for Rosalynn. Rosalynn is next for the bidding and it goes out of control. A lot of money for someone who is only saying "I'm Mark". Eventually Star-Dazzel lets two strange figures take her back home. Now an uproar arises in the market as Shunta and the other two escape. After their escape they see Turarch clapping his hands as they evade the marketers.

After escaping, they hear someone in a shed saying "you will not use my works for evil", they leave.Then they head to one of the pirate ships which they board and convince the crew to help them. They see an airship looming near them and shoot cannon fire at it. The airship gets closer to them and the pirates flee as Shunta and co do as well. Later they find an airship, which they board and find a man named Hewie in the closet. He tells them how to launch the ship, which they do and decide to go back to NottingPork. That is, until they see a town called Prague under attack from airships. They intervene in the attack and knock a couple of airships out of the sky before falling themselves. After falling, they are surrounded by Trollocs and a strange figure who is walking toward the airship. It is the Dark One himself making a deal with Omar which he, being a dumb-ass accepts. Now Shunta and Star-Dazzel are left alone to escape. Shortly after, they find Rosalynn once again, back to normal. They now must flee with Hewie from the remaining Trollocs but are stopped by a barrage of arrows. Only to be saved by Durimor and Wilhelm as they pick up the crew in their transport car.

Barthandolus' Test

They introduce them selves with one another and tell Shuna, Star-Dazzel and Rosalynn about the dark one. Shunta rubs it in to Star-Dazzel about greeting the Dark One being a bad idea. Suddenly they get sucked in by a tornado and seemingly end up inside of a mountain. They walk through the inside before stumbling by a cliff, they test to see how deep it is and see it is too deep to jump down. Star-Dazzel jumps down anyway and everyone jumps down behind them. After their jump they land in a portal and see five others. Rad the surfer dude from the sewer, the wizard Murasmus, Verrien of the White Cloaks, ThunderBolt Vulpoon and the other Dwarf Prince Bornon. There is some small talk until Bornon attacks disruping the chat, causing Barthandolus to split to two groups up. Barthandolus meeting Shunta and others tells them they will win if they get out first and survive the castle.

Star-Dazzel immediately casts a spell that allows him detect magical presence for a certain radius to find treasure. They first enter a room full of wolf-like creatures and are forced to fight against them. They do and proceed to find the treasure. After Shunta, Star-Dazzel and Durimor get burried in ruble they break out and find a tunnel. They find in the tunnel a magic wand capable of firing three strikes of lightning. Next in the same room they find a box in the wall and find enchanted anklets that increases reflexes which Shunta gets. After this they enter a room full of huge spiders which may have something valuable inside them. After a tough battle with the spiders, there are some injuries and start to look inside the spiders. They find magical gloves that Rosalynn recieves, and temporary gloves that make its wearer stronger. With all of these possessions they decide to go down to the next floor.

Now at the second floor they immediately notice a room and inside they see a sword dangle on the ceiling. The sword lets everyone enter the room and once inside the notice that Durimor is not with them. Barthandolus reveals that he took him so he could spar with Bornon for a little. The puzzle in this room is a morality test to test the will of the group. They succeed and the tester wishes them good luck and activates something. Leaving the room they immediately take the next right into the next. This room there is a slime monster on top of a well blocking their way. However, they notice a lever that could get rid of the monster. Shunta being the only one fast enough manages to pull the switch and his friends pull him away from the slime. Now at the center of the floor Wilhelm finally decides to give Shunta a new sword, the blade named Cinderbrand. They next go right to another room, the room of poisons. A demon lies in there and gives three tests. They pass the first one about which brings least harm; they fail the second one about which is the worst one; then finally the pass the final one on which is deadly which they all were. They now hear something outside,it is Thunderbolt Vulpoon running with his tail between his legs. As a reward they get to keep the poison from the test as it flies away.

Now leaving the room they see they enemy party wanting a fight. Particularly Murasmus who is holding a new flaming staff, they realize he needs to go first. They immediately use drow poison and the demon's poison to hit him and they both do. Murasmus proceeds to fall backwards down the well knocking one obstacle out. Now a bigger problem arises, Verrien wants to battle and she demands it. Star-Dazzel says to go ahead while he fascinates Verrien and Rad with Wilhelm as his back up. Shunta and Rosalynn enter the final room and turn left, all to see a death knight blocking the way. The death knight immediately attacks Shunta, who activates one of Cinderbrand's special abilities to dodge the sword and just barley doing so, being one of the few who dodged it. Shunta notices holy water before going to the next door and decides to drink some of it.They now go the opposite way to find a room about bardic knowledge. Telepathically he plays the song the mermaid guardian wants and leaves. Now the big door in the center hallway begins to open. Shunta (now healed from the water) and Rosalynn enter then call Star-Dazzel and Wilhelm inside.

Inside they find a large serpent who thanks them for releasing her and gets ready to kill them. Before attacking she tells them of her master and tells them she will revive the evil god Tharizdun. Rosalynn, beginning the battle casts haste so her friends have a chance against this thing. Following this Shunta and Star-Dazzel double team the beast and take turns attacking it. Here Shunta learns more about the effect of Cinderbrand, it illuminates a flame in the same spot it cut giving more damage. This proves useful against this monster in addition to the support of his friends at his side. This becomes more dire when the she-beast summons a blue demon to attack. Shunta manages to distract the demon long enough for Star-Dazzel to use his sword like a golf club and does a four iron swing, effectively slaying the snake.

Hearing the enemy party on the other side of the door, Shunta and friends decide to travel down to the third floor. While walking down the stairs Rosalynn disappears and is replaced by this scrawny figure named Lucifer Winter. The group says whatever to this and heads down the stairs. Now at the bottom of the stairs they see a living door that only opens when time is said. In this room Shunta discovers plenty of riches, while Lucifer and Star-Dazzel learn what it is like to be dissed by yourself. In the next room Shunta recieves a quest from a portal telling him to steal something magical and worth 1000 gold, in addition to hearing Murasmus is still alive. This same thing happens in the next room except this portal tells Shunta to kill a noble, this portal is also revealed to have sent the (genie?) to their house. Now Lucifer decides to look in a room he shouldn't holding an artifact he shouldn't. He picks a fight with a death knight with the knight trying to be careful with the crown. Shunta watches this completely indifferent to what happens with this small conflict.

At this time the enemy party appears but they get scared off by the death knight, leaving the main group alone.After escaping the death knight they see a river which they successfully cross and reach the other side. Here they see a huge door, a stairwell and another crown. They hear something in the distance, Wilhelm immediately shoots at it and reveals an invisible Murasmus. Shunta, bursts into action to quickly take the crowwn before Murasmus is able to. Shunta takes it and then kills Murasmus to end his suffering. Before leaving they explore one more room, where they find a deck of many things. Lucifer suddenly turns into a selfish lad and wants to draw, willing to endanger everyone. Shunta and friends wait inside the portal in case Lucifer dies. Somehow he does not even though a creature attacks him and has another out-world enemy after him. Now out of the castle Lucifer is not done with his need for stuff yet. He gives Barthandolus the deck and starts whining with a tinge of tissy fit to it. Barthandolus fed up with this threatens to take everything away. Following up with Shunta and co, cover Lukey's mouth and taking him away before he screws them over. Before leaving Shunta asks about his wife and Barthandolus says she is in Scalarus.

Loss of Tolerance

Shunta and others, return to Nottingpork with a Lucifer following them. As they return to Nottingpork they see massive new walls and a gate at the city. They enter and are immediately applauded upon their entry to the town. They see it has expanded dramatically in the short time they were gone bigger population, more budget and happier people. It is interrupted when they see Bane on a pile of gold proclaiming to be the new king of Nottingpork. This turns out to be a ruse and takes them to their house. When they reach their home Clytemnestra greets them, happy to see them again. She then informs them that they have been gone for over two years. That night they go to bed and sleep for almost two full days. After this they head out with Lukers telling them that they will be in his town for only a couple hours then leave. After a day of travel they make it to the town of Kairihen.

Lucifer immediately enters his house and decides to be a dick and not let the others in. He comes out with a creepy smile and says he wants to stay longer. This pisses Shunta off as they go to the home of Tempest Thails. They get to the home of Tempest and very much to Shunta's dismay the party starts in two hours. Star-Dazzel without consent agrees to play at the party just because he wants to. However Shunta does get a laugh after Lucifer is called his sex slave and gets humilated. However this time when Star-Dazzel is about to insult Shunta he slaps Star-Dazzel in the back of the head and gets crossbows aimed at him. They talk their way out of this and are escorted by a guard named Phil. Shunta manages to ditch Phil first and the others follow, with Star-Dazzel having a hard time doing this. Eventually they end up meeting at Lucie's home which he still does not let anyone in unbelievable.

That night at the party, Everyone enters and surprisingly see Tom Maryland who speaks of the Ruptured ducks coming to play. For some reason Star-Dazzel fills with anger and leaves with Tom. At the party Lucifer wants upstairs badly to see Tempest. While Shunta sees Wilhelm flirt with many of the married women that he sees at this party. Shunta now casts darkness with CinderBrand so Luke can get upstairs to see Tempest. Things don't go smoothly however and as expected Lucifer was in over his head and needs help. Shunta goes to Lucifer's location and kills three guards before they run away. Knowing that the guards saw him Shunta decides to get a wardrobe change to save himself recognition. Shunta then agrees to follow Lucifer upstairs keeping a safe distance from him, until they see a closet eminating black smoke. Lucifer proceeds to open the door and yell to see if Tempest is in there, learning he is a demi-god. Lucifer notices Tempest dislocated his shoulder andcalls Shunta over OUT LOUD. Shunta after this stunt ditches Lucifer for his ignorance of the situation. Even when the room goes dark Shunta stands there when Lucifer gets his one on one time with Tempest. Tempest gets away and Lucifer lives but is humiliated by how easily Tempest defeated him.

They next go down stairs to enjoy the party which Shunta could not because its keeping him from his wife. Lucifer wants to leave but the group wants to stay to torture him because he dragged him there. He sees the Durimor is back and a new guy named Gram who claims to be a Phoenix. Shunta then figures out that this is Rosalynn in different form and is missing the memories. In addition to this at dinner Shunta gets information about Scalarus and when Lucifer tries to interrupt, Shunta treats him like a servant. Then after dinner Shunta foolishly follows Tempest's guards after they asking him and his friends to follow. They are led into a room that only has one exit which shockingly Shunta is the only one who leaves through it and goes backstage for the play Samlet. Shunta being backstage manages to piss off every actor only by being there without permission. During this time Shunta tries to get a hold of Star-Dazzel and gets blown off because he obsesses over the Ruptured Ducks for some reason. Then once the play ends and Star-Dazzel finishes his feud for the second time and might have a third. Now waiting at the door, Shunta is shocked that everyone is still alive since Tempest seemed quite insistent that they stay. However, before they leave they recieve Dragon's Day gifts before leaving.

Shunta opens the gifts and sees a shuriken that he threw, with blood on it and sees a note. The note is from Arnold saying "I remember you and I shall come for you" and is shocked by this. Suddenly a small group of pirates show up to attack the group. Lucifer summons two zombies to fight for him but ends up getting shot and knocked out. While Shunta and Wilhelm attack two half-ogres coming at them, one of which Shunta finishes off with his ninjato to the neck. The other a zombie finishes off even with Lukers laying on the ground. The fight ends when Star-Dazzel jumps off the roof onto and invisibe pirate who Shunta immediately threatens. The pirate reveals that they work for the pirate named Sheila, following this they let him go. Shunta more determined than ever still wants to go Scalarus after a night of sleep. Lucifer reveals he lied again and wants to stay for a few more days to see his friends which he never hinted at before. This is where Shunta loses it and all of his tolorance of staying in this town.

Scalarus :Part 1 The Voyage

After a long night of sleep Shunta notices that they are missing two of his allies. Star-Dazzle and Lucifer decide to do who knows what, but it probably has to do with a certain, probably cursed item. All of a sudden a strange man enters the room without permission. Normally they would call securuty, but this man is none other than the one called Dragon and more importantly he brought presents. Before Dragon leaves Shunta asks him if Dutormont is possibly in the harbor and much to their luck he is. After he leaves,they all open their gifts and Shunta gets a magical sash that allows him to move like the wind for short distances. Now they decide to begin moving out of their room incredibly nervous for their voyage ahead of them, especially Shunta.

Before anything though Shunta and the crew of four head to the past office where Shunta writes to Clytemnestra about the situation of Star-Dazzel and for some reason Wilhelm is too (probably to flirt). They then decide to visit a house to see what is going on there. Upon entry they see the house ravaged yet all of the money is safe for some reason. While looking around they see another room where a cruel man has been at work on something behind everyone's back. They see this while Wilhelm stalls carolers from seeing what they have been doing there. They quickly do their buisness here and get out of there before anyone notices the trouble.

After this they finally head to the town harbor, where they successfully find Dutormond. Guards stop Shunta at first until they finally recognize who he is. Now they finally let him in the ship and to speak to captain Dutormond himself. Dutormont recognizes him and asks what Shunta comes here for with new friends. Shunta tells him he wishes to go to Scalarus and if Dutormont can take him there. Dutormont does not completely agree until the word arises that Sheila is near the island, now he is willing to go if they can find half a crew. They search the entire dock and decide to look at the ship that is owned by a man called Deadbolt Vulpoon, an honorable man. They enter and are welcomed and ask what they want from Dealbolt. Wilhelm handles the business side of the situation with the crew. After a few minutes the crew agrees to work with Dutormont and go to Scalarus and capture Sheila. They go back to see Dutormont, who is shocked that they found an entire crew to work with in not even three hours. With that they get to their positions ready the ship and leave the dock.

As they are at sea, they are hit with many snowstorms along the way and manage to stay in one piece through them. Later Shunta asks Deadbolt if he knows a Thunderbolt Vulpoon, which he does. Thunderbolt Vulpoon is Deadbolt's father and he tells the story Thunderbolt told him about the four people who he generously gave a ride for no charge. Shunta cannot believe that Thunderbolt tells that version of the story, however unlike Star-Dazzel, Shunta does not lose him composure to this. Later on when they are on the final part of the journey a massive pirate ship appears and heads straight for them. The ship has four flags on it and one of them is Sheila's. Shunta looks and sees that Sheila is indeed of that ship. The ship pulls closer to the ship of Shunta and co, as they prepare for an attack.

They attack begins with Wilhelm trying to attack a mage, but gets rejected and gets into a fight with a rouge instead. While Durimor gets surrounded by the pirate foot soldiers with Gram. Shunta decides to help out with this battle and does an attack on one of the high ranking crew heavily injuring him but still stands. Now Shunta makes an enemy of one of the fighters, which Shunta also heavily injures. Which helps Durimor get more freedom from being surrounded and Wilhelm getting dumber by the minute due to poison, bright side he killed the rouge who poisoned him. However Wilhelm cannot do anything more in this fight. Shunta once again injures the high ranking officer. Now he runs away and shoots Shunta which takes quite a toll on him for the rest of the battle. Shunta now gets surrounded and hurt again from these fighters, until a barde and an archer show up to help. The bard helps Durimor and the archer shoots the pirate attacking Shunta which paralyzes him. Shunta decides to meet up with his friends and makes it to the wheel and sees Sheila show up and kill the archer that was helping them. The barde is also in trouble and casts shield on Shunta for more defense while standing in his own protective grease until he too gets shot by a pirate. Eventually the pirate makes it back up and manages to shoot Shunta as well, rendering both Shunta and Wilhelm unable to fight. With this Sheila lies about winning and runs away with the pirates convinced they should leave too.

Afterward, the group heals up, which effectively restores the group back to normal. Dutormont informs the group that they will not be landing since Sheila is stuck there and will return in four months. Dutormont tells Shunta that he can take an extra boat so that Shunta and friends can go to Scalarus, which is currently in sight. Shunta and co decide to take the boat, thank Dutormont for all of his help as they leave.

Scalarus: Part 2 The Mission

Shunta and friends now disguised as pirates are immediately greeted by other pirates and soon as they land on the island. Wilhelm is no beard, Durimor is arrrrrrrn fist, Shunta is Lucifer Winter and Gram is Gram. Next they find Sheila's boat and hide it from other pirates. They then proceed to follow Sheila's tracks with Durimor looking really pissed of for some reason. Finally they find the camp and see Sheila with, lo and behold the demon himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two are in a relationship which starts to make Shunta sick, seeing two horrible foes of his together. That night Shunta sees a slave hut and peeks in, but cannot descern anyhing in there other than it is dark. Shunta's friends tell him he should take Sheila's hammer while she is sleeping with Arnold, even though Shunta is almost positive his wife is in there.

Shunta enters Sheila's hut and proceeds to be quiet as he gets up stairs. He sees Sheila is sleeping, but is not sure what Arnold is doing. Seeing a straight path to the hammer he casts darkness and takes it. However Arnold is awake and looking through the darkness with an infer red eye, meaning Shunta knows he has to move quick. Due to this, Shunta decides to roll under the bed in order escape Arnold's sight. While under it, Shunta feels a crack in the floor and decides to make good use out of it. He draws his ninja-to and sticks the sword through the crack with makes a sound to which Arnold starts shooting to draw Shunta out. Shunta finally breaks through and phases through the floor and leaves. They head to the slave hut and tell a soldier Arnold needs something and he leaves. Shunta exploits this and uses the atmosphere of night in addition to no soldiers in the area and phases through the crack in the wall he saw earlier.

Now in the slave hut, after nineteen years of searching, Shunta decides to not bother looking through the crowd, so he has an alternative. Shunta pulls out his almost good for nothing ocarina and finally fulfills its purpose. He plays a song that Nakisa would be the only one to recognize as he continues to play, as he plays one woman stands and whistles in harmony with him, none other that Nakisa. After nineteen years, Shunta finally experiences a real happiness and Nakisa feels the same as he does. After this Shunta slowly opens the door and hands Nakisa his ninja-to as he draws Cinderbrand to attack the guards. The guards are taken down, Nakisa is shocked to see Shunta's development while she feels sluggish and out of practice. Then Shunta tells her they will train together once again on the way home, telling her that she will improve at an incredible rate and be equals again, which she happily agrees. After a while Shunta finally meets up with his friends, throws Durimor the hammer and start to leave. Suddenly a gunshot is heard from the hut where Arnold and Sheila were getting busy. Arnold lets out a scream which wakes several pirates and causes Nakisa to look at Shunta and tell him that he should have slain Arnold, who she describes as the morphing man.

Realizing they have no time for this they bolt for the shore where they look for one of Wilhelm's dreams, the bearded lady. First though, Shunta runs to the pirates water supply and pours his frog-leech poison into it. Resulting in a lovely contamination within a five mile radius. Back on track for the bearded lady, which Wilhelm never actually had. Now, looking for a way out with the slaves, Shunta wants to mess with Arnold, so he draws his sword and drags it in the sand telling Arnold to fuck himself. Knowing that nothing is coming to save them, of course, David Star-Dazzel comes out of nowhere with a ship to save them, how he knew to land on Scalarus, only Jesus knows. Shunta gets on the boat with his wife and the other slaves. Shunta invites Star-Dazzel and friends on to the ship to which Star-Dazzel says "fuck no" and the others for some reason don't want to either. However before leaving Shunta finally reveals what is on his arm, a symbol which Shunta instructs Wilhelm and David to show hospitality to someone young who has this mark. Shunta learns this after talking to Nakisa. Finally the ship sails, Shunta thanks everyone silently and shows his first real smile in years as he and his wife wave goodbye, until they meet again.

Until the ship blows up changing Shunta's good mood into a bad one once again, but at least he has his wife. Right?

The Standing Stone

Nope the explosion separated them as they are both stuck in the sea. Over this time David Star-Dazzel has mentioned Shunta several times referring to him as dead (his fault). Days later Shunta makes land fall on Scalarus again, in a new area. Shunta's clothes have been ruined, his hair is burned and now wears only rags, he also has a new haircut courtesy of his wife when they were together for those twenty minutes, again that David burned. Shunta decides to travel through the woods and hears that distinctively LOUD voice again, that voice belonged to David Star-Dazzel. They were having issues fighting a bird, a large and ugly bird at that. Shunta lends a hand and the bird is quickly taken care of and is now face to face with two of his previous comrades. Shunta lies about who he is because he wants to wait and surprise them later. He puts on the guise of a man named Wei who has been a traveler. He scares them by the fact he knew David and Wilhelm. After a few minutes of awkward conversation, they head to Ossington.

At Ossington there seems to be a disturbing ritual going on in the town square, a man name Dyson who looks like a wannabe Satan is leading and a young woman called Henwin watches in his jurisdiction. This new "friend/teammate" Zanrill who is also a white cloak charges at the young lady particularly. Shunta ignoring whatever Big-Z wants with the girl, heads toward the man with horribly red skin and sneak attacks him then kicks him off the pedestal. Later he gets down and finds himself attacked by another woman of the name Tully, she hides behind the villagers as she leaves said villagers to Shunta, big mistake. The villagers attack and Shunta uses SELF DEFENSE and they die way too easily. A minute later Dyson foolishly stands on the pedestal again, causing Shunta to strike again and kicks Dyson off again (no Tully this time though ask David what happened). Dyson then gets beat by a Damn frog due to this. Shunta also notices a very dead man hanging off the tower, he sees the symbol of his home on the man, Shunta knows who this is.

Suddenly a demon shows up where Shunta is standing. The demon was not very smart to leave Shunta there and not do anything. Meanwhile Zanrill beat up a girl and the villagers swarm around her for the sake of her protection. Shunta does not want the girl to get away so he tries to take down the villagers without killing them, it does not work, again they die too easily. They start to run, Shunta makes chase and ends up cornering them. They are terrified and back away. In other news, Zanrill dies and David makes a deal with his killer telling "Wei" to leave them, the girl will stay in the village. Zanrill is revived and turns heel, punching David in the face who is for some reason mad at the man who brought him back to life. Shunta, Zanrill and David triple team the demon and the demon falls by their might. Shunta goes after Dyson and the people are so scared that they let him. Shunta sees he's dead and that's that Dyson is not worth the effort. Shunta walks out from the alley and sees a disturbing sight. Zanrill is not done yet, he kills Beargrill, the villagers and the poor girl. All of this despite knowing David made a deal with Beargrill, he did this out of vengeance, not SELF DEFENSE.

Sometime later Kafei (Shunta's son) is brought back to life, Shunta shows the mark on his arm to him, as Kafei has been searching for an answer to what the mark is. At least Shunta has one family member. They prove to get along even if Shunta was never there for him (Arnold's fault). Shunta finally ditches the guise of Wei and actually talks to his friends. David also brings back the lady killed and they find out she was being controlled, way to go Zanny. Shunta also finds out that David is in love with a fox, not a metaphor, a literal fox. Shunta may never get over this, as he finds David's beastial love hilarious and creepy. Suddenly the Shinsen arrive in town. They escape however by using the map from Barthandolus.

Downtime and Preparation

They all return home to see even higher walls and Bane on a pile of gold proclaiming his authority. They are all welcomed back by Clytemnestra and Kord, who is feeling a little better. A moment later Zanrill turns greedy and wants David's sword. Instead of making out, they argue about beliefs as Zanrill demands the sword. David grabs his sword, Shunta does not approve, but who cares what Shunta says. So they get a Deity who specializes in judgment. The Deity says David is the rightful owner, but who cares about what the Deity says and David foolishly gives the sword to Zanrill. Zanrill does not say thank you and when about to leave to the White Cloak capital, a painting is by the front door. Yes, it is that same painting and he is calling out our Nottingpork heroes. This time he reveals he was sent by a man named White Lightning. Shunta annoyed by him forces him out of the painting and the painting guy tries to attack. Shunta dodges and kicks the painting man out of the estate. Zanrill leaves and it is now just Shunta, David and Wilhelm.

Now that Zanrill is gone, Wilhelm nowhere to be seen and David crashing on the couch, Shunta takes matters into his own hands. Shunta does not entirely trust Zanrill due to his status and his actions. First, however, Shunta gets a new wardrobe since David wrecked the old one. Next Shunta heads into town to find someone who can make him a nice cloak. He finds someone called Ms. Cheese, and the place is filled with mice. Shunta wonders if this is either an excellent example of training or an infestation. The owner tells Shunta that they have been awakened beings who possess the intelligence to do these things. He is also told that there are many other awakened being out there like a hummingbird. To his surprise the cloak will be for free for an unknown reason, but Shunta won't argue. Next stop is to the town guard, Shunta sees many familiar faces there. Many of them are the bandits that the old gang stopped when they first arrived into Nottingpork. Shunta has a request for these guards, watch out for an army of White Cloaks. The guard starts to panic and Shunta just asks them to keep a lookout. They want payment though, Shunta tells them it will come out of the taxes, which they accept.

Now a meeting is called to discuss our "friend?, acquaintance?, stalker?" whatever he is they talk about the White Cloak. The meeting consists of Shunta, David, Wilhelm, Kord and Horvik. They take turns talking about precautions they should make. The idea of an evacuation comes up, a staged leaving or even an attack. Eventually, they reach the conclusion that they should stage a celebration (or David's birthday) and invite the white cloaks to try and invoke peace. As they leave, Shunta talks to Horvik and requests a commission of kunai Shunta can use if he has the need to do so. Horvik accepts and makes some money in the process. Later on, Shunta goes to buy a crossbow and spends his day being trained with the repeating crossbow. Shunta learns relatively fast even if one man was accidentally shot. After a day's worth of lessons later, a purchased crossbow, now Shunta goes back to Ms. Cheese. Back at the shop, they give Shunta his cloak for no charge and Shunta decides to tip them anyway because of the fine handy work. Yet, he still has no bed.

Now that all of the major issues are taken care of, Shunta decides to head off to practice with Cinderbrand to see if he can learn any more tricks. Shunta's skills have now evolved to the point where he is easily the best swordsman throughout Nottingpork. Finally, after a bit of effort, Shunta has learned to release a wave of fire by swinging Cinderbrand, this even evolves to greater magnitude as it gets more powerful the more he trains. This technique is called Flame Scythe. Then finally the day of David's celebration arrives.

The Great Festival

As Shunta is training in the woods, a familiar man rides by on this metallic moving thing. No surprise its the evil bastard Arnold Schwarzenegger back for one last score. They see one another and Shunta is not happy with David's guest list. Shunta talks to David and David is too focused on his party to listen to others, Shunta is not surprised by this either. Also Zanrill comes back (woo hoo?) and he left the moon sword behind at the White Cloak capital. With him is a White Cloak defector (unknown though) named Gareth who confirms this, don't tell Zanrill. Suddenly trumpets are heard and princess Minh along with her guards arrive into town to which Shunta and David approach. Shunta lets his knee go down and kicks David's knee down (something he's been waiting to do and serves as a nice stress reliever). The princess is welcomed and opts to join in on the festivities. These include a joust and an archery competition, anyone free to join.

Suddenly a man followed by trollocs shows up carrying an axe with the symbol of Bondhome on it, the man carrying this is Omar. Shunta takes Omar's happy arrival with a grain of salt considering who Omar is affiliated with. Omar is happy to see his friends again and starts to celebrate. Then another man shows up, its a man Lucifer had a strange obsession for, that's right it's Tempest. He came because he heard there would be great prizes for the contest winners and Phillip has brought one of them. Phillip opens the cheap plastic when suddenly the sky goes dark and all distorted. Phil just revealed the weapon Tempest was seeking for a long time: the Drakensberg Shard! Tempest is livid and looks like he is about to kill Phillip right then and there, instead, he invites himself to join in the joust so he can have his precious.

Back at home, Shunta recalls his room situation that David and Omar caused, Shunta does not forget. After a long day of introductions and meeting old friends or foes. As they are all falling to sleep, Shunta wonders where his wife is now that Arnold is in Nottingpork.

The festivities begin with a parade introducing the lords (which you would think an assassination could easily happen) and their plans for this nice festival. Act 1 the archery competition where Shunta decides to join at the last minute. Shunta does half decent with an alright score which David ties because he's trying to be stylish with his feet. Shunta roots for Kafei to win, but Kafei has a bad day along with everyone else for some reason. Except for Princess Minh who somehow wins the contest leaving Shunta and friends to be shocked. The prize was nothing special, just some loot and other stuff. Of course next David and his ugly, seemingly hot as hell throne which is in the sun, burning are viewing the Jousting contest.

First round, David is against some cocky jackass, after one round David wins and the other guy pouts to himself about losing. Up next Omar takes on Tempest in a one on one horse vs horse, lance vs a....tree. Omar with a huge advantage knocks Tempest off his horse and repeats that in order to win. Tempest shows his inner 5-year-old and pouts as well because he really really wanted it. No surprise here next is Shunta going against Arnie. Wilhelm is on watch in case Arnie tries to kill Shunta here. Arnold, of course, cheats by having this not horse creature in addition to a shotgun. They charge at each other and Shunta takes the first round. Then Arnold takes the second, then finally for the last clash Shunta is unable to stay on his horse, but at least lands on his feet after Arnold wins by cheating. Zanrill wins his stuff too don't worry. Up next David goes against Arnold, a battle of cheaters, who can out cheat the other. Shunta beats himself up for not doing what David is doing here, it would have been more fun. David tries to relive the past here, but Arnold does not let that happen. However, by doing this, Arnold stupidly let his feet stay on the ground as his motorcycle left without him. The bigger cheater is David. Oh and Zanrill loses to a trolloc. David vs. Omar, this time in a charging manner, David wins by cheating who would have guessed. Shunta looks for Arnold in the crowd now, Arnie is heading for the boars head and asks Wilhelm to accompany him. He asks Kord if he wants to come also but rejects. Shunta does a nice backflip off the stands and is about to face Arnold once again.

Arnold is at the doors, two Molotovs are ready when out of nowhere, Shunta impales Arnie once more. Arnold looks excited here and states he's wanted to face Shunta in a real battle ever since he "tasted Shunta's wife". Shunta does not take kindly to this while agreeing with the desire to fight but says that he will be taking Arnold's head. Arnold takes a couple of shots, Shunta avoids and gets out his ninjato and dual wields to attack Arnie in a tire like motion in conjunction with Cinderbrand. Arnie sees Wilhelm and shoots at him, Wilhelm recovers and shoots the Molotovs which both explode, hurting both. Shunta attacks once more at Arnie and he is starting to get mad. Arnold cannot seem to focus and hit Shunta, knowing this Shunta can have an easier time dealing with this dumbass. Wilhelm comes around the corner and pulls the pastel that was shot into him earlier leaving Shunta the perfect opportunity. He sheathes Cinderbrand and opts to finish this with the weapon he took an oath on. Arnold's head is a clean target and Shunta states that every single attack he has ever done on his adventures are nothing, compared to a WARM UP FOR THIS ONE ATTACK. Shunta thrusts at Arnold, arms high Shunta reveals himself as Shuntasin Otogawa from the Land of Ember and proclaims himself Arnold's slayer. The ninjato tears through Arnold seamlessly as his head is no longer attached to his body, Arnold has at last been slain by Shunta's hand. Shunta stands there smiling to himself proclaiming that he has finally surpassed his master after all these years. Shunta asks Wilhelm to keep the name and place a secret as they drag Arnold's corpse inside the Boar's head.

About an hour later everyone comes home to a door drenched in "blood" and inside a corpse hanging upside down draining "blood" into a bin. They are shocked but ask no questions for some reason. Shortly after returning home, there is a feast that the lords must attend to close off this: festival? celebration? or just David's birthday? For whatever reason, they head off. At said banquet, the first twenty minutes are alright until Shrek shows up and attempts to submerge the guests in booze by breaking a huge barrel full of it. Shrek does this and David along with many others are buzzed. However, Shunta manages to escape from Shrek's drinking fiesta by grabbing a surfboard and surfing over the wasted alcohol as the skeletons and Shrek still try to force Shunta in. Fortunately, Shunta is too quick to allow that to happen as he leaves the possible crime scene for the next day. Free, Shunta walks around pondering Arnie's last words regarding Nakisa being in Hyuntai, in possession of Fat Cat (whoever that is). Until Shunta sees Tempest's forces looking as if they were about to attack for the artifact that David won earlier, however they decide to leave for now. Upon seeing this, Shunta heads back to the Boar's Head where Z is. Arriving there Shunta sees a thief trying to break in leading to both Shunta and Zanrill taking the thief out. Shunta gets the chokeslam on it and Zanrill stomps his lights out, pretty easy fight. Suddenly Shunta hears the voice of Arnold somehow in his head, but knows for a fact that is not Arnie, instead just some phony. Finally, after a long day, half of the Boar's Head residence sleep at home, the others lay in the street passed out from their newly acquired drinking problem.

The next morning Shunta gets up and heads off to pick up David and Omar from their flushed night in the street. Upon arrival, Shrek jumps out of the tavern to say hello to the new day before he melts and dries up in the sunlight. Yes, he dies. Shunta and co leave before the police force shows up to investigate the mess the ogre left in his wake. The reason Shunta grabbed his friends and Omar is because the lords are required to see off their guests. Leading to Omar's departure possibly permanently since is about to piss off his master at home. Finally, after all the guests leave, they head home to see a small man with glasses interested in oil. He offers to pay them for it and the lords tell him that they will keep him posted. Finally, as they return to the Boar's head Shunta and friends are harassed by the Ruptured Ducks. Shunta decides to shoot the twice reanimated Elvish to ward off the other band members as they run away, but they'll be back of course. Long rest is now a must for these heroes as they will soon head off to Hyuntai.

Adventure In The Skies: Journey Across The Ocean

One day when Shunta and David are out the foolish skeletons let in a man name Dresdon claiming he could have easily broken in as he examines the safe. David questions this man telling him no one can steal from David Stardazzel. When David turns around Shunta stole David's guitar just to tick him off. After a long while Shunta is finally informed that there is a demon inside the guitar. They return to interrogating Dresdon until the skeletons let in a man named Anthony a big guy. Anthony decides to be a bad guest and wander around without permission. While Dresdon is a rude guest berating the owners of the house. This lasts for a long while until they are all finally introduced to each other and agree to head to Hyuntai. The four of them get a carriage and head off. While leaving, they run into Wilhelm who has no interest in Hyuntai and would rather stay in Nottingpork for personal reasons. As for Zanrill: we have no idea, he's probably blogging on tumblr or something. As the crew heads off they meet with a suspicious small hairy fellow who knows who they are. David thinks this is Rosalynn, it's not. After three words they depart from one another. Dresdon tells Shunta and David he knows Rosalynn and hopes to find her. Prompting David to ask if Dresdon knows someone named Mark, he does not. Then Shunta goes on to explain that Rosalynn mysteryously disappeared, turned to a man and vanished again. Dresdon is confused for logical reasons and two weeks later they make it to the ocean. Thankfully Hewie is there with an airship that has a crew and is operational.

Hewie welcomes his friends and two strangers to his ship, happy to fly them to Hyuntai. Sadly, they just missed Dutormond who has other duties, but he did leave one of his subordinates with Hewie. His name is Mr. Saltwater, I mean Seawater, this is David's best friend who stated that mind is not an element. David flips out and fascinates him telling him to abandon his new goal of shell collecting in the fish islands as he will likely get killed there. Shunta agrees with that statement, he knows things about that place. Finally the crew takes flight and Shunta notices David was tempted to push Seawater off the deck multiple times. Everyone is amazed about the heights there are at in the air and Hewie brings Dragon's day gifts. David gets an acorn (more on that later) Dresdon gets something, Anthony gets something, and Shunta gets poison from The Fish Islands, very close to his home. They enjoy their gifts as they continue to fly.

Night strikes, so they decide to land on a misty island that looks very mysterious that clearly, those who are familiar with the area would not land on. Fortunately these people are not familiar with the area and suffer the consequences of landing here. To make matters worse they decide to cut down lumber for the ship to burn through. To replace the tree, David uses his gift the first day he has it to regrow one tree. Shunta and friends climb the tree to find another acorn inside the tree. Shunta finds it near the top as he decides to fall in style. He shoots and arrow from his crossbow into the tree the jumps, doing a back flip in the air as the rope attached catches Shunta inches before he hits the ground. They do this four more times afterwards until the finally sleep.

That night Shunta awakens in a strange place, the sky is red, the trees are black, and they are near the ocean. In the trees walk out two creatures with teeth, aids, and wings: they are vampires male and female. The vampires attack Shunta relentlessly. Shunta fights back injuring one of them more than the other. Knowing he cannot defeat these creatures, he remembers something that David told him about vampires and water, they cannot go into the water. Upon this revelation Shunta makes a B line towards the water escaping the vampires, making it into the ocean. The cold ocean water wakes Shunta up from his nightmare and does not sleep for the rest of the night. Morning comes and Shunta is surprised that Anthony had a happy dream with pride and coddled by two women at the same time. Dresdon had a nightmare that seemed to be more psychological than physical. David on the other hand seems to be too happy in his dream, this makes Shunta want to wake him up as he feels David some reason played some part in his nightmare. David wakes up telling everyone he had a happy dream, figures.

That day they fly away from Dream Island and continue to head to Hyuntai. After about an hour David becomes the "I want to touch kid" and flies the ship dangerously, thankfully he wasn't drinking. Rather he was curious and is now flying the ship recklessly. Shunta tries to stop him and David pulls a switch accidentally, making it worse. This keeps up until Hewie tells David to stop as another airship comes down. The crew on this ship is looking for Anthony for some reason and eventually leave, except for one. Then the ship flies near the Fish Islands, prompting Shunta to hold resentment towards his homeland, but still stares. A few minutes later a bird flies near the ship, Shunta recognizes this bird but finds it odd that it is flying out of it's habitat as it comes closer. Twenty minutes later the bird is on top of them and descends. Shunta having a bad feeling wedges a hole with a kunai and phases through the deck with his magical sash while still able to hear what is going on above. Two ogres land looking much more threatening than Shrek demand the one with Fish Island blood. David points to Seawater as Shunta listens below deck and that the leader here is named Melkor. Shunta assumes the worst as he thinks Reido may have sent him here. Suddenly the ship has issues or David is playing with it again, it's hard to tell as the ship falls to a 90 degree angle. Prompting Shunta to try and use Cinderbrand to knock the large servant off the deck. Sadly he seems to be resistant to metal due to some spell. Shunta retreats back after this while has comrades struggle with Melkor above. The ship continues to tilt as the lesser oaf falls from the deck. Melkor to avoid falling sticks his big sword into the deck, managing to hold on David jumps off as an attempt to have Melkor let go but fails. Thankfully for David, he has his feather fall necklace making his decent a lot longer. Shunta peeks from the hatch to see Melkor's location before heading back down. Shunta lands on the thick sword which is a bad idea as the sword is cursed and actually hurts Shunta without a cut. This does not stop Shunta, he makes a hole it the wood and thrusts Cinderbrand through, blinding Melkor in one eye. Melkor lets go and David kicks him in the air assuring separation between them. Shunta now at the hatch once more gets his crossbow out attaches a rope to the arrow and shoots it near David so he can grab the rope. David grabs it prompting Shunta to yell to Hewie to level the ship. Shunta to give David momentum getting up decides to jump down the hatch for a quick ascension.

With the threats gone and the ship leveled Shunta jumps from the deck and does a flip before he lands yay. Now that things are calm they look at Anthony's victim and he managed to capture something. Fortunately they knock it unconcious everyt ime it seems to come around. Finally they hover over Hyuntai.

A Storm of Uprising

The crew is ready to descend, rather David is ready to jump off and leave everyone hanging. Shunta to prevent this ties a rope around David and jumps off himself before the rope pulls David down, now both under the feather fall effect. Anthony with his prisoner and Dresdon jump off as well grabbing David so they can slowly fall as well. David tells them that the North is a bad idea to go instead they should just fall straight down. Shunta reveals his reason for wanting to go to Hyuntai and David replies with the "oh no" as usual while David seemingly wants to have fun here. They land on a rooftop bar ruining some people's drinks. They are angry until they see Anthony then they run away as the bartender welcomes them. David asks question about someone who is by law to be called Blue Bitch. The bar tender leaves and takes his three daughters that have mosquito heads with him, David upon seeing the rudely vomits in front of them. They leave and Shunta's asks about Fat Cat. They have never heard of him leaving Shunta to wonder. The Police Rat shows up to cause trouble David decides to play with him by soundblasting it. The rat is dazes and Shunta takes advantage of this and gives the rat a german suplex knocking it out or killing it. Knowing reinforcements will show up soon the group heads to the roof. Once there David tells everyone Dresdon is a dragon leaving Shunta not as surprised as he should be.

Eventually reinforcements show up as the group hides on the roof as more rats die by the simplest of things. Later bigger creatures come by then they leave by rooftop. Now the group finally interrogates Anthony's prisoner stating he will kill Anthony and knows nothing about Melkor's crew. Finally ,they let the poor creature go, but not before taking shots at it before it leaves, it gets injured. However it reverses time to before it gets hurt, but they still take shots at it. Only this time Shunta kills it with his crossbow, shouldn't have turned back time. Later they get off the rooftops and continue to explore the district. They continually ask about Fat Cat but they get nothing. Nearly everytime they are directed to ask Phillip (yes that Phillip who is shockingly alive) as David says no everytime. Eventually ,they come across a slave market, sadly Nakisa is not there, but rather Thunderbolt Vulpoon is the owner. Prompting David and Shunta to start bullying the four-foot man until the guards defend the bastard.

Anthony picks a fight with the guards and the guards fight back. Vulpoon attacks Shunta with poison but Shunta fights back against the poison. For one last time Shunta asks Vulpoon about Fat Cat and Vulpoon knows nothing about him. Shunta lets him go and starts to focus on the guards. One of which Shunta throws a kunai with the demon's blood at causing him massive pain, while another kunai is thrown at a guard but it bounces off the armor. That guard now focuses on Shunta however, Dresdon sneak attacks him while Shunta goes after one of them attacking Anthony, good thing David's grease is still on him making it easier to burn him. Shunta sneak attacks him and he ignites in plenty of pain, looking at Shunta. A small skirmish erupts between them as Shunta gets ash in the guard's eyes and sneaks behind him. Unfortunately Shunta's sneak attack this time does not penetrate the armor. Instead, he asks about fat cat again to which he gets the same response as all other times. The guard then runs away and Anthony chases him. While Shunta takes care of the last guard by axe kicking Cinderbrand into his foot. He screams in pain and tries to attack Shunta is no avail. Shunta turns his back as the guard tries to attack again only for Shunta to dodge easily before whacking the guard with his sheath, knocking him out. Now that the fighting is done Shunta frees the slaves before they clear the area.

Sadly, as everyone escapes, the crew gets separated as David and Anthony seemingly disappear; which leaves Shunta and Dresdon remaining together. After nearly twenty minutes of running from the guards, they lose the them and enter a tavern called the Smirking Rat. Upon entry, they discuss their plans further and agree that they must find their lost friends. Then they are approached by an eavesdropper by the name of Vulpeck Firebrand who wants to join the duo. They agree and just as that happens, it turns out that Vulpeck assaulted a man and the victim wants him arrested. Which as a result, sparks a showdown after Shunta fails a bribe on the rat bar keeper. While Dresdon and Vulpeck get their hands dirty, Shunta backs away slowly and kills the rat with a backstaber while everyone is distracted. Next on Shunta's agenda he manages to get a sneak attack on a guard, but fails to get a neckbreacker, good news is that he can still hide and does so. Shortly afterwards, the party flees from the scene, however they are being pursued by the assassination organization, the Jade Asps. Acknowledging their chase, they follow Dulin, rabbit man, who promises their safety if he is followed. As they run away, eventually the party makes it to a hole in the ground and their hare savior says to jump down while he finds Dresdon who got lost. Shunta then jumps down the rabbit hole as he has a rope attached to his crossbow, so he falls safely, while Vulpeck takes the rope down.

Travel to Deep Town

After awhile, the hare and Dresdon show up and they are led into an abandoned warehouse where "friends" are. They are kindly greeted and are shocked at the perception regarding Shunta and co regarding their arrival. Once the awkward praise ceases, Shunta looks for information on the area. The creatures inform Shunta that there are slaves nearby, he wants to go, but his friends will not go with him until they find a weapon that killed Blue Bitch that these new allies want to find. Shunta not so happily agrees, but knows he cannot break the security of the slave hut alone. Before they depart to Deep Town, they are brought new supplies, namely smoke bombs for Shunta. Finally the crew of Shunta, Dresdon, and Vulpeck depart. As they travel nothing significant happens until they reach a bridge that is questionable in terms of stability. Shunta deems it safe and they travel across it. However, on the other side, things are not exactly safe. Shunta looks around and ends up being hit with a dagger with a foreign poison on it, getting into his system. Thankfully he has an anti toxin on him to prevent it from traveling any further. Dresdon asks who these people are and this smug prick named Alfried Applecloak comes out, who tells them that this is a stick up and he will take every thing. All while new pursuers come behind them, Vulpeck takes advantage of the confusion and tries to attack the Prick, but fails.

The fight begins, Shunta climbs atop the building, gets his crossbow bolt with a rope attached to it and fires it a kurikuri. It hits and Shunta pulls the creature down off the wall, to which it dies upon impact. Shunta jumps off back to their side of the building and sees a "bald" David Stardazzel falling from the heavens landing next to a friendly troll. Shunta looks for apple cloak on the right side of the building and finds nothing, so he looks on the other side and finds him in a tree after he attacks Shunta again. One dagger hits but the poison does not take effect. Shunta, more annoyed than before throws a smoke bomb at the man and gets behind the tree. He sees nothing, so he climbs it to find Alfried. That is until the angry troll runs down in an attempt to kill David, he uproots the tree, causing Shunta and Alfried to fall out. Shunta wastes no time and gets out his Demon's blood poison kunai out and does a vintage poison enhanced leg drop. It hits and messes up Alfried and Shunta got his payback as Alfried starts to run away. Shunta realizes he's wasted too much time and climbs the wall to get away, but throws the frog poison kunai and hits, as he does a flip off the wall. Shunta sees one more foe on the other side of the wall. He thinks this is the best time to use his new Cinderbrand technique, Shunta swinds his blade and it erupts a wave of fire sent to the creature. Shunta is satisfied by the attack, but thinks it could be improved. Shunta now leaves the battlefield as Anthony kills the creature who may have third degree burns.

Three Days to Kill

As the group travels down the Dragon's Trail, the people in back chat among themselves while Shunta power-walks down the path. As anyone could notice from this, Shunta is in a hurry to deep town, assuming they care. It soon becomes night as everyone makes it past the trail and now marches up a hill. Once They reach the top of the hill, they see a lake that seems to have a magical influence surrounding it and more importantly a symbol of fire down below. Immediately, Eddie makes a statement that everyone should go down there, which is an immediate red flag for Shunta in the case that they should not go down there. There are two problems though: everyone else does for some reason and Shunta is curious on the possibility that Nakisa is there. Shunta acts against his better judgment and visits the "festival?".

Walking down, it seems to be some sort of celebration for a God, but Shunta still has a bad feeling due to the ambiance. As they travel through, Anthony saves a guard who is nearly beaten to death and receives a coin as a reward. The coin will allow him and his friends to enter a local club. Shunta and friends manage to keep a low profile until David blows it and shouts who they are. It turns out that the lords of Nottingpork are well known since this is more of a port town for travelers. They even know that Shunta hath slain the Pirate King Arnold, which is the first time it came up since it happened. Things go smoothly until David hears he has an imposter in this very Deep Town. David storms off to meet his foe, meanwhile, Shunta goes to the local slave hut. Shunta does not find his wife, but he is glad that he came. However, Shunta heard there are more slaves deeper in town. Before that, though Shunta goes back to his servants friends, only to see David meet his adversary. Fake David plays a song and a man dressed as a demon, that's gotta be Kane coming out from under the floor. David beats the impostor at a music contest and things get bad once Eddie breaks out of the guitar for a short amount of time. In that time though, he gruesomely murders both the fake David and Kane, with only a fingernail. Strangely, the guards do nothing about this, either they're scared or don't care.

It is around this time that Anthony wants to see a local show, which Vulpeck and Dresdon agree on. Shunta is not feeling it, so he decides to head into Deep Town to scout the area. Guards ask him if he is leaving and he says yes before leaving with no resistance. Shunta in his travel first finds a church in a rather odd area. He enters by breaking the lock on one part of an eight sided door. After scanning the church he sees these people are worshipers and bring no harm. Just as he is about to leave, David blows his cover by speaking rather loudly. The worshipers are not happy by the intrusion and summon clerics as security, Shutna and David run away from them. A few minutes later, they continue to scan the town and see several churches, while also gathering information. Shunta deciphers that the only groups that could have slaves are: The Iron Fist or The Sect of the Sixty, both who do not take kindly people snooping on them. The two meet up with Anthony again who says this club is owned by The Sect of the Sixty. Making Shunta want to enter and investigate the area, but Anthony wants to wait until the next day to get shitfaced and such. Shunta, who is impatient as all hell decides to investigate their area again along with David, while the others hustle the locals.

The duo arrive at the building and David gives Shunta a boost up, only to see a large man with several robed prostitutes around him. Shunta does not see Nakisa while they look inside. David for some reason acts on impulse and throws a brick into the window, which causes panic. David takes a look in now and Shunta throws him inside, totally not out of spite or anything. No worries though, because David is invisible and is telepathically speaking to Shunta. Because of David's actions, Shunta ran to a different ally to hide while still in David's telepathic range. David searches the building and finds disturbing results, namely a mirror that is rife with an evil aura and a strange altar that requires male and female blood in order to activate. David escapes and Shunta meets him after another brick is thrown through the window. The two agree to return the next night while everyone is busy clubbing, in order to dig through what this place is hiding. One thing is for sure, this town they are in, i more dangerous than it seems. Shunta and David return to the inn and throw a brick through the window.

After this act of vandalism, Shunta and David take a different route into the inn and somehow get split up. Shunta on his journey to the room finds Dresdon, who looks a bit dazed. Dresdon tells Shunta about his secret mission to steal the Drakensberg Shard from them, Shunta is not completely surprised about the mission since Dresdon was a trespasser after all. Shunta is in more shock about Dreson admitting he is a spy that has given up his mission. With that, the duo make it back to the room and meet up with Anthony and Vulpeck, then a minute later David returns. Now that everyone is back together, they discuss their next course of action, which they conclude is to go partying at the totally not conspicuous dark church which is safe because three people said so. However, before they go to the party, the trio of Anthony, Dresdon and Vulpeck head to the lake from earlier with two hostages *cough lawful neutral*. Rumor has it one of them disintegrated in the lake and the other was beaten and thrown into an ally without going to the promised party. While the aforementioned events above allegedly happened, Shunta and David plan their grand entrance to the event after picking up a nice group of talented individuals off the street.

It is party time, Shunta is positioned near the window where David is planning to break in through, while the band recruited stands by the door, since they just so happened to be the entertainment that they had planned. One rope swing later and David is inside the party, with Shunta following suit shortly after by climbing the window with his grappling hook. While David is distracting everyone, Shunta examines the premises in hopes of finding Nakisa. A few moments later, Shunta listens on a conversation between David and Lucian. This man is familiar with David and even Shunta, who he expects to attack him, he does not. Instead, Shunta remains behind the pillar for the conversation to die out as he continues his search. Unfortunately, Shunta gets caught holding weapons since they are forbidden at the moment. He tries to lose the guard by falling backward into a curtain and hiding until a prostitute inside the curtain points him out, despite his bribery to keep quiet. Rather than make a scene and fight, Shunta remains calm and walks himself out, I know its a shock. As he walks out, a man wearing raven armor notices and tries to follow Shunta out the door. However, Shunta is not done yet. After his removal, he circumnavigates the building and enters through the same broken window from earlier. Upon re-entry, he meets with the other three members of the party to discuss what they know, which is nothing.

After the owners get the women lined up, Shunta notices that Nakisa is not among them and comes to the conclusion that she at the slave Colosseum from whence they came. Upon this discovery Shunta meets up with Anthony, Vulpeck and Dresdon, who are all at the party. They all decide to see what happens next, which is surprising. There is a skit near the altar that nearly causes a panic since they nearly activated it, but thankfully did not. Turns out that you need a bottle of booze to open the altar as well, but the bottle was filled with David's waste. At least nothing went wrong, right? Of course it did, let's start with David. David was under question for his weapon possession and his guitar. David in self defense? Decides to soundblast the guard questioning him, unfortunately killing him. Then David goes quietly after his case of accidental murder. On another front, Eddie seems to hate plays of any form, because he killed the actress in this skit as well. Upon witnessing a double murder, Shunta decides he does not know these people for the time being and leaves the church.

A few minutes after leaving Shunta notices the church take form into some sort of Devil. He runs back inside to see it become a pool of flesh. Turns out that Anthony broke the bone mirror and this is the form of bad luck that comes with it. As the church transforms, Shunta makes the decision to open the altar in hopes that it has something hidden down there that can stop the devil. He gets a blood sample of the man and gets Dresdon to get a blood sample from the actress. Dresdon throws the dagger with the woman's blood on it at Shunta, which he deflects. While Dresdon takes care of the alcohol requirement for the altar, Shunta decides to aid Anthony who is struggling with a creature made of flesh. A moment later, the building is moving as if it is falling somewhere. However, it is also a benefit as Shunta and Anthony are able to land successive blows to the creature, killing it relatively quickly after that.

In due time, the devil finally stops falling and the flesh that covered the building turns back into the church's structure. Everyone is safe and present, except David, who did not enter in time. When the party opens the main door, it is noticed that they are no longer in the city, rather it appears as if the group was somehow brought to some sort of desert. After looking in the distance, they notice this swarm of bugs heading towards the church. Meanwhile, while the other three are upstairs, Shunta walks down the altar's staircase. He reaches the bottom and notices that there is a trap planted in the narrow hallway down below. Just in case anyone were to come down behind him, he gets some coins laying around and outlines where exactly the trap will go off. Dresdon ends up coming down shortly after this to examine the trap. Through a team effort, Shunta manages to grapple over the hallway with Dresdon's aid. At the end of the hallway, there is another altar containing a long-sword kept in place. After little though,t Shunta decides to take it with him, with the logic: "if David took something sacred from some spot, I should be fine as well." He was fine. In the five minute,s Shunta was gone, Dresdon manages to do something stupid that nearly kills him. Turns out the trap in a box contains mold that responds to body heat, Dresdon tested this theory with a torch, which extended its range. Now Dresdon feels cold, probably hurt and maybe slightly traumatized by the feeling of mold nearly killing him. Shunta walks toward the mold and decides to test this new sword by placing the tip of the blade on the ground inside the mold's radius. The mold responds by shriveling itself up and gets destroyed, leaving Shunta interested in what exactly this blade is.

As the duo heads back up the stairs, Anthony finds a large golden bowl and a list on top of it. The note says something in the lines of "in order to escape one must gather: two gallons of water, three dyes, and 10,000 gold or its equivalent in magical items." Based on this information, the group concludes that they are currently in Hell. Shunta is interested by this because he always knew he would end up here someday, so this is a nice preview on what to expect. Back on topic about the bug swarm, after a few minutes of contemplation, Shunta and Vulpeck will go into the open altar to hide from the bugs, while Anthony and Dresdon hide in the office. Each pair gathers food before going into hiding from the probably man-eating bugs. Now Shunta and Vulpeck are alone inside the altar and hear something seemingly growling from down below. Shunta decides to investigate, with Vulpeck following behind him. The two make it to the bottom and see nothing, instead of being in a heated battle, the two look for a way out. They find one and decide to follow the next tunnel, no traps this time. Eventually, they hear voices in the hallway and find another passageway in the wall. The two take their stance and block the door with a dagger in case enemies try to enter. After guaranteeing their safety, Shunta in poor taste, shows his dark humor by looking at Vulpeck with his new sword unsheathed, seemingly scaring Vulpeck in the process seeing as his draws his bow. The voices from earlier come closer and after further examination, it turns out that the voices belong to Anthony and Dresdon, they now decide to open the door.

Now that everyone is back together, they do further exploration and do not find much more that is interesting. The group finally returns to the main floor after their exploration since the bugs are now all gone. The group decides to look outside again, but this time the stone ground and buildings from Deeptown are present. Now that it is safe outside, Shunta and the rest decide that it is time to raid these buildings in order to escape from Hell. Their first target is an elevated structure containing three buildings, everyone splits up to take one of them, and raids them for their treasures, all they find is a nice shield, other weapons, a magic amulet, a golem now under Dresdon's command, and also a statue under Anthony's command. After raiding the top area, they all drop down to the next area of freshly summoned stores to be robbed. Before that though they quartet trades the goods they find, with Shunta ending up with an amulet of spider climb and a true strike amulet. As they are heading down Shunta notably jumps and does a 450 flip on his way down. The next two stores are armories, but first Anthony puts the bowl into water to get a gallon of water that they need. Shunta now takes the shop furthest from the previous stores and Dresdon takes the closest one. In order to get inside, Shunta phases through the wall and enters the trap shop, where he coincidentally finds the mold in a box. Rather than torment Dresdon with it, he decides to set it up near the door.

Suddenly, a voice comes from the sky saying "Kill the Monk, capture the Ranger, and Kill the extras" prompting a large horde of devils to appear. While Shunta's followers fight, he decides to set up a bride between the doorway and the crevasse in front of the main door (the reason Shunta entered the way he did). Anthony uses this chance to safely hand Shunta the bowl and put it somewhere safe in the shop. After he does that, some head pops up right in front of Shunta and tries to kiss him, thankfully he dodges uses his new sword to attack it. The head is bisected in half and the sword lets out a massive scream that paralyses most living entities in the area, including some of Shunta's friends. Turns out the sword was called the Blade of Terror and that it was only a one time use weapon. The sword is now merely a hilt with only the base of the blade remaining. Regardless of the sword's state Shunta runs across the table and uses his agility to turn it and force it down the crevasse. Shunta now springs into action and attacks one of the devils from behind, injuring it in the process. Vulpeck joins in the fun now as well, as they team up on the devil. Suddenly Dresdon runs out of the weapons shop holding a katana named Frostmark that he throws at Shunta. He sees this, jumps into the air, cathes the sheath in his hand and proceeds to unsheathe the blade with his mouth before attacking the devil again. Shunta notices this new sword is just like Cinderbrand, but cold and less his style. The devil is then brought down quickly thanks to the teamwork of Shunta and Vulpeck. Unfortunately this seems unending because now Shunta is faced with a shadow enemy in front of him, but he makes short work of it by dual-wielding Cinderbrand and Frostmark. To make matters worse now, these mages show up and the bastards are dropping meteorites on the party, Shunta and Dresdon are safe, but Anthony and Vulpeck are in trouble. However, they still have a fighting chance thanks to one of the amulets someone has that contains the spell haste.

Suddenly, their missing friend David Star-Dazzel appears from the sky, accompanied by Lucian and Donyu. It does not take long after that for David to unleash Eddie from his guitar prison. In the wake of the distraction by the arriving three, Shunta leapfrogs Anthony and finishes off a Xill, who had been attacking Anthony previously. Meanwhile Eddie obliterates one of the mages before he confronts the much greater threat in Castello. While Eddie does a wonderful job fighting the devil, Shunta and Dresdon finish off the last mage, while Anthony gets the necessary dyes to commence the ritual for escape. In the meantime the swarm from earlier returns to devour Donyu, but David and Vulpeck will not let that slide so they launch a barrage of holy water and a soundblast at them. Donyu was spared and the swarm has dissipated. However the Vrocks are still trouble, so Shunta decides to preoccupy them so they cannot complete their ritual. He decides to unleash the fireball trap he gained earlier. The fireball damages all of them, but Shunta is not finished and unleashes a torrent of flame from Cinderbrand as well. The Vrocks are quite hurt, but also really pissed off. Next thing Shunta knows, a barrage of fifteen arrows launch at him, with three of them hitting. Suddenly another twenty are fired and about four of them make contact this time around. Now comes the big one, the Vrocks charge at Shunta with their sharp claws and do plenty of damage. Shunta now knows what Anthony went through earlier as both have been heavily injured in this battle. Thankfully because of David casting an illusion of Eddie and Lucian's assault on the Vrocks from behind. In the wake of distraction, Shunta is able to cast darkness and escape the bird-like creatures, with Shunta it's always the birds.

Amidst the chaos, David gets his moonstone sword back due to some guardian spirit. While that occurs, Shunta takes both of his healing potions and is no longer at death's door. At last, everyone is at the church once more and the ritual has begun. In order to make the ritual move along faster, Shunta and David throw their unnecessary junk into the portal manifested from the bowl which Anthony grabbed from the shop Shunta left it in. Anthony also found a stranded woman in the dye shop and Horvik in another shop, both of whom are now at the portal. Shunta, seeing an imminent attack, decides to spin Cinderbrand in order to heat the blade enough to unleash one more powerful flame enhanced swing if necessary. However, it is not because David is once again sacrificing his sword, this time in order to escape Hell. On the way out, Shunta takes the sword he took from the guards upon his arrival to Hyuntai and throws it at the Vrock from earlier for payback's sake. The sword hits and the Vrock withers in pain as the group escapes.

Now out of Hell, everyone appears to be in a cave somewhere outside of Deeptown. Inside the cave, there is a mountain of gold awaiting, meaning Shunta and David sacrificed their nearly 2000 gold each for an even greater sum. The total gold was 120,000, they divided the gold into five equal pieces, meaning each person now has 24,000 gold, sure sounds like a good deal. The group is not alone though, there are also these two anthropomorphic creatures giving Anthony this dirty look. Also the lady from earlier pulls a gun on Anthony, but she's not exactly a treat so the group lets her go after taking her gun. Before leaving, Shunta investigates the cave and finds a trap that may have crushed everyone if in was unseen. Shunta disables the cave in trap and now no one has to worry about being crushed. With that, Donyu and Lucian say goodbye and head back to their home in Deeptown. Meanwhile, Shunta and friends see this tribe of Monks with a vulture flag. The group concludes that this is the group everyone believes Anthony is a part of, they who also are alleged to have an artifact capable of killing White Lightning. Keeping these things in mind, the party walks towards the marching group.

Battle at the Colosseum

Before approaching the Vulture's group, the party decides to flood Carston's home as payback for their time in hell. David has a plan and demands Donyu start pumping the sink in order to flood the house, Donyu does so and the flooding begins. While flooding the house, everyone notices that Anthony and Vulpeck are not present. Maybe they were left in hell. Oh well, the party continues to flood the house, then a man who looks like he has wet, folding skin approaches. This man's name is Torsico and he states that he is looking for his sister, he also asks if the party has seen her by chance. Sadly, they have not, that being said, Torsico asks if he can tag along with Shunta, David, and Dresdon. After careful deliberation (shrugging), they decide to let the man accompany them on their quest.

Now the group walks towards the Vulture's party for real, it turns out on the way, there are two dead men wearing the Vulture's robes. David, who loves clothes, strips them off, the poor gentlemen and leaves them for dead and Torsico throws the bodies to the side of the road. At last, the party meets with the supporters of the Vulture. In an attempt of diplomacy towards them, David verbally abuses the creatures . They are appalled by his harsh words, but are impressed by the hole in Deeptown, so they take him to see the Vulture. Naturally, after fooling the creatures that they are Vulture spies, the party now steals their horses and leave them behind.

Once they make it to the Vulture's camp, the guards do not let the party through. Thankfully, David is able to convince them that the party is actually a group of the Vulture's spies. Somehow, the guards fall for David's trickery and let them through. Now in the camp, they are guided to a tent where they must wait for permission to see the Vulture. Once in the tent, David decides for some reason that he wants to take a dump in the corner. Thankfully, everyone does not have to stand in the tent for long, because a gnome lady wants to see them and examine their mindsets. They follow her into another tent, where they must drink something in order to proceed. After some hesitation, they all drink from the cups presented to them and fall asleep. They wake up a few hours later and fell really well rested. The gnome lady now takes them to see the Vulture. However, David must take 10 whip strikes as recompense for stealing the clothes from the corpses they saw earlier. David uses his magic to pretend to take a whipping and gets off scot-free.

Now, they enter into the Vulture's tent and everyone bows, except David. He gets chastised and bows. The Vulture offers his support through the man that speaks through him. Vulture only supports the party due to their actions in Deeptown and want to overthrow White Lightning so they can have Hyuntai for themselves. Not satisfied, the party wants to know how to kill White Lightning. The Vultures hesitate, but later say that they can kill him with an enchanted weapon that can seal him inside said weapon. With that, the party gets kicked out of the camp and heads back to the Zìyóu Rén State.

Before they can go back though, first they must enchant a weapon to seal White Lightning into. On their way to the state, they see Deeptown and decide to re-enter the city to find a skilled enough wizard. After breaking into the council, they find out a wizard named Sagorious has the capability to cast the spell. With that, the party heads towards his quarters. As they enter his house, they appear to have also entered into some pocket dimension. After a second, they notice a naked woman who is picking apples. David, decides it would be a good idea to sexually harass the woman by saying "nice rack". She does not take it well and flips David off. As they get closer to the wizard's room, the party starts to notice that the apples are talking, David eats one and screams are heard. Finally, the make it to the Sagorious' quarters, he too is naked. After some strict negotiations, the wizard agrees to enchant the dagger for 17,000 gold and a liter of Shunta's blood. Shunta reluctantly agrees and lets his blood be siphoned. However, it turns out the wizard lied and teleports away. This would be a problem, but thankfully Torsico can pinpoint magical presence. He launches three beams to the ceiling and they hit him. Shunta takes advantage of this and jumps high enough and phases through the ceiling with his sash.

Shunta confronts Sagorious, who proclaims "die rogue" and generates purple energy in his staff. He fires it at Shunta and to which he gracefully dodges. Shunta looks back and sees holes in not only the wall behind him but at least three others as well. Shunta responds to this with a vicious back hand to his face and puts him into a hold. After a bit of struggling, the wizard manages to teleport away, this time outside. The wizard says he will help them for real this time, as long as he gets more blood and 3,000 more gold. Shunta believes he is telling the truth this time and gives more of his blood and some more gold. This time it is for real, he even heals Shunta for some of the blood that he lost. The wizard now states that he wants the party to kill a woman who apparently wants his life. David in order to save the wizard, says he can go to Nottingpork (if only they knew). Why does David do this? I don't know! Regardless, the party now continues to the state. After a long night of traveling, the party makes it to Zìyóu Rén State, with their airship circling the Colosseum.

The first thing they see in town is Sagorious and Thunderbolt Vulpoon. Shunta knows the party is no match as they as now so he approaches Vulpoon. Vulpoon is scared at first, but Shunta convinces him to remain calm. Shunta gives two options to Vulpoon, either he can help, which will get him treasure and Shunta will let bygones be bygones or Shunta can tell Deadbolt who his father really is. After the latter option, Vulpoon agrees and they make a truce. Now the party heads up the five levels of the Zìyóu Rén State, once they reach the second level, they see a fight going on. One man looks indifferent to the world around him, who for some reason is cocking his hand like some kind of crossbow or something; then the other man quite tall, looking like some kind of Undertaker. Looking at the promotion, it seems this fight is between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker. The battle ends with Roman spearing Undertaker in the middle of the ring and winning with a loud chorus......of boos. After the fight, Roman keeps saying this is his yard. Shunta interrupts that saying it is White Lightning's yard, but if he helps fight White Lightning, it can become his yard. Roman nods, this would be reassuring, but his lack of charisma and wooden personality make it hard to tell. After they travel up a few more floors, they finally make it to the Colosseum. With that, the party and their temporary allies go to sleep and wait for the bloodshed to begin in the morning.

Morning strikes and the arena is beginning to fill up and for some reason, David decided to fall asleep in the pit. After many enter the Colosseum, the event begins. White Lightning shows himself to the crowd and for some reason is leaving his penis exposed to the crowd. Knowing no decency, he leaves himself exposed and sits on his throne. Now that he is comfortable and guards have filled the Colosseum, the participants enter the pit. First is a fighter, the second is an archer, third is the same troll that David pissed off in the fight with Applecloak who remembers him. Fourth is Alfried Applecloak and Shunta lets out a laugh from seeing this guy in the pit. Finally, the last combatant is Shunta's wife Nakisa, he is immediately light-headed and stares at her to get her exact location. He moves to where Nakisa is approximately located.

At last, the gladiator battle begins, just not by the combatants. David instead casts a large illusion on the land and makes it look like a massive pool of lava. Now that the operation has started, Shunta hides in the crowd while telepathically communicating with David. Meanwhile, Torsico sends crocodiles to attack White Lightning and Dresdon tries to attack a representative from the Jade Asp. Hell, even Poppa Doc is here and tries to launch an RPG at White Lightning, it doesn't work. Roman tries to attack a guard, it doesn't work. Finally, David opens a moon gate when next to Nakisa tells her to go through it, it works! After almost a month, for the first time since David's blunder, Shunta is finally reunited with his wife. They exchange a loving look but then get to business. No! Not that business! Shunta hands Nakisa Frostmark and finally the couple from the Fish Islands are reunited. Shunta then proceeds to Kill a guard who was about to attack an innocent civilian, until. Bugs Bunny appears behind Shunta, disarms him and punches him so hard that he flies all the way to the other side of the arena. Shunta, without Cinderbrand, gets out the Blade of Terror handle as his main weapon for now. Shunta also sees Dredon from across the arena, he is brewing the Vulture's tea and by doing so summons the Vulture and his elites. The situation is getting out of hand, the arena is complete chaos. Thankfully, Bugs Bunny travels through David's moongate and David got ridiculously lucky, Bugs Bunny lost his legs because David shut the portal on him. In the meantime, Shunta climbs down into the arena and travels to the other side of the arena in order to get Cinderbrand back.

Upon reaching the opposite end of the arena, Shunta takes a few minutes to climb a thirty-foot wall, but finally, does so and reclaims Cinderbrand. Meanwhile, David castrates Bugs Bunny for spell components. Anyway, the airship starts to come down with a ladder, so everyone can escape. The ladder is dropped near Dresdon and Applecloak. Dresdon is not convinced he should help Applecloak, but Shunta says to grab him. He is finally convinced to save the man after he shows concern for Dresdon's well being. Then, as Dresdon tries to grab the ladder, he and Applecloak experience orgasmic vibrations at quite the inopportune time, resulting in them missing the ladder. Shunta observes this and wonders what happened, as David states he cast a spell on them. Regardless, Shunta heads back down there, in order to help Nakisa reach the ladder. However, David is not done yet and makes Nakisa orgasm too. You know, priorities. Shunta, like the great husband he is, catches her as she falls in, landing in his arms. Finally, Shunta grabs the hanging ladder and pulls it down for everyone. Dresdon, Applecloak, Nakisa and Shunta all climb the ladder in that order, while the others take one of Torsico's creatures to the airship.

Now on the deck, the party and their allies (except Roman Reigns), all arrive safely, even Vulpeck and Anthony are there. Now that they are out of White Lightning's range, the party uses the ship's weapons to attack him. Most notably Vulpeck, who launches the enchanted swordfish from the main cannon. The swordfish makes contact, but he is not sealed into it, then the fish is retracted back to Vulpeck, thanks to Torsico's summon. The second attempt is a team effort, David distracts White Lightning with a silent image of a Mosquito chick, Shunta provides cover with missile fire, Anthony steadies Vulpeck's cannon and Vulpeck fires the cannon. On the second attempt, the fish both penetrates and seals White Lightning inside of said fish. With that, Torsico's summon grabs the fish again and the party flies away from the now burning Ziyou-Ren City. Unfortunately, Roman perished in the inferno, the Vulture is missing and his associates were killed; Poppa Doc gets buried in rubble and will wait for years until someone finds him; Bugs Bunny however remains at large and is in one piece.

Dreams, Relief and Terror: Another Journey in the Skies

Over the next week, everyone on the airship gets into the habit of bench-pressing, it pays off as everyone feels stronger afterwards. Some bonding also occurs in that time, such as Nakisa officially meeting David and Dresdon, and David revealing his real last name to Shunta. Eventually, everyone makes it to the dream island that the party rested at on the way to Hyuntai. Shunta is against this, but ends up there anyway. That night Shunta has another strange dream: this time he is in the desert, that's it. Rumor has it mosquito dreams were fluttering about, let's not think about those. The next day, the airship takes to the skies once more. Also, Torsico attacked a defenseless man, poor Huey. More days pass and the party flies over the Fish Islands, it is there where things get interesting. First, there is a pile of zombies forming a massive zombie that is walking towards the airship with two people standing on top. Quickly thinking, Shunta runs to the grease cannon and fires a ball of grease at the colossal zombie, resulting in it breaking into many smaller zombies and losing its foundation. After that, Vulpeck sets the zombies on fire with one of his flaming arrows, which he shot from another cannon. With that, some zombies and the woman riding them are loose inside the ship, they are promptly disposed of though. The zombies are not the only problem , now three bounty hunters on a flying rock appear on the airship. As the bounty hunters jump off their rock, Nakisa and Saltwater are the first people they see. Shunta, noticing this rushes to his wife's aid. Nakisa successfully distracts the swashbuckler of the group and lures him to the upper deck. In the meantime, Shunta manages to make it to the same deck undetected. As the swashbuckler climbs up, Nakisa attacks him with a vicious dagger maneuver, unfortunately, he hits her back just as hard. This gives Shunta his chance to deliver a nearly fatal attack from behind to the man and nearly severs the man's arm as well. The swashbuckler runs to the ropes on deck and candidly surrenders. Shunta still wants to kill him, but decides the man is not worth it (if he begged for mercy and was closer, that's another story), Shunta does demand his bag though, to which he gives them.

It's not over yet though, as the third faction arrives, it is Shunta's worst fears coming to light, it's the forces of his homeland finding him. Melkor lands face to face with Shunta and with him is the same ogre from before with Bane's head on a staff and a small bald man with his arms behind his back named Porkrind. Instead of fighting these guys, Shunta runs to Nakisa and uses his magical sash to phase through the floor and land below deck. Nakisa's safety is Shunta's priority, not a fight with Melkor. Now below deck, Shunta gets traps ready for when Melkor does come down eventually. However, Torsico springs it instead, no harm done though. Eventually, Melkor does get below deck thanks to his giant raven. After a long battle and the death of a lot of animals, through the efforts of the party and a nearly dead Dresdon, Melkor is knocked unconscious, just before Shunta could deal a devastating blow, with his second-degree active.

After the battle, first Vulpeck interrogates the woman on board, she has something to do with Tharizdun. Also, the wizard Sargorious picks a fight with the woman he tried to kill, again. Later on, though, Melkor regains consciousness and Shunta interrogates him in his native tongue, it gets nowhere, but at least Shunta spoke his original language. Shunta reactivates second degree for his questioning of Melkor, at first he refuses, but Shunta gets information from him after slicing his cheek open. Melkor states Reido and the Land of Ember are looking for him. He also reveals that he is a member of the Nine Passages to, citing himself as the strongest (ha!). Melkor also states that they are going after Kafei, saying Reido wants all of them. Shunta has heard enough and lets out a yell before beheading Melkor, one down, eight to go.

Unfortunately, the victory is short-lived, as the airship is too damaged to continue onward and begins to collapse. Shunta, noticing a problem takes ahold of Nakisa's hand to ensure he does not lose her due to the falling floorboards. At that moment, Shunta tells David to get the map ready, after a small back and forth, he does so. As everyone is about to teleport away, the crumbling of the airship causes many to lose contact with one-another as they teleport. Shunta, thankfully keeps hod of Nakisa and Thunderbolt Vulpoon grabs onto them as they teleport.

Changeling Chaos

Shunta, Nakisa, and Vulpoon end up in a passageway upon the map's activation. A couple weeks later, David Star-Dazzel teleports to them, appearing stressed. After a brief introduction, David looks around and opens a door, which sucks the four of them inside. Next thing they know, they are on a stage with many spectators. David takes this chance to sing to the people, while Shunta and Nakisa walk off stage and hide in the audience. Once away from the stage, Shunta asks a native where they are. They reply that this is the Fish Islands. Thankfully, before Shunta can have a panic attack, they mention that it is the Eastern Island. After acquiring that knowledge, Shunta and Nakisa leave, with David following shortly after, while Vulpoon gets left behind.

Now outside, the three are not sure about what they are to do, until they are approached by a man with a old-school mustache. The man request they all meet with him and they certainly do. However, during their meeting, instead of paying attention to what the man is saying, the three of them are busy eating nuts from a basket. The party did pick up something regarding the death of a high class official and concerns regarding the safety of the queen with these people called the changelings running about. With that the three are dispatched to take care of the menaces. To start this quest, the party heads to the local bar and inn, to overhear some underground rumors. Once there the party does not get any useful information at first, in fact conflict only escalates as David picks a fight with a guard, leading to a massive bar fight. Good news is that, there is one bandit with a bit of information, Shunta finds out this information through Nakisa, who found out from said bandit who was flirting with her earlier. Apparently, the changelings strike during public events, where they can get away by changing form.

In order to keep track of events, the party (and the bandit) decides to climb the concert hall for the purpose of using it as a vantage point. Unfortunately, the Shinsen do not approve of their use of the structure and climb up themselves. Once on top of the structure, the two parties converse about their current motives, the Shinsen however, claim this violates their commission and insist they come with them. Not wanting to be abide, Shunta and David jump from the building (along with Nakisa and the bandit), falling slowly due to David's amulet of slow falling. Upon landing, David turns the party invisible and leaves the bandit behind. The rooftop vantage point, thankfully was not a waste of time though as they found that there is a massive gathering at the Animal Pits. Once at the structure, Shunta overhears a conversation regarding the tamer. Her name is Ms. Whip and it appears that she is from the Western Fish Island. Finding this alone suspicious, the party pays their way in after a ridiculous hunt for copper pieces occurs outside the arena.

Once inside, the show begins, with Shunta being alert and looking out for potential victims for assassination. David meanwhile provides a helpful distraction, going from local icon to public enemy in the process. The people do not like their entertainment being interrupted and start to throw things at David. Things get more chaotic when Ms. Whip's security emerges from the pit to remove David. His name is Mungo, an ogre and ready to fight. He bursts from his cave and smashes Davids face as he launches him a considerable distance. Upon, seeing this, Shunta and Nakisa, back to back coordinate an impressive shuriken throw, hitting both the wild mastiff in the arena and Mungo. However, mastiff from the pit emerges and attacks people from the audience. Thankfully for them, Shunta quickly dispatches the vicious animal and looks at the raging ogre. That is until he drinks a potion and becomes invisible. That does not last long though, as it appears Mungo likes to attack people while the arena evacuates, leaving Shunta in charge of crowd control. Once everyone is gone, Mungo proceeds to attack the couple, Nakisa in particular. Shunta, in response requests its use and casts a massive light, blinding Mungo long enough for the couple to escape.

Now outside the arena, the party reunites and is greeted by an old ally, who is a Shinsen captain. After a brief period of catch-up, they ask who that ogre was. He replies that he is Mungo, a former slave, rescued by a man named Nibblick, who only lives a few blocks away. With that information, they travel to this man's house in hopes of attaining some information about him and the changelings. Once there however, Shunta is suspicious of the plants that are growing in front of his upstairs window. This plant produces one of the most deadly poisons the Western Island has to offer. Shunta as a result, hopes to rid this island of this plant to avoid a catastrophe from occurring. As everyone reaches the door, Nibblick is home and welcomes everyone inside, he recaps the Mungo story and says he is quite intelligent. He also denies any knowledge on these changelings terrorizing the city. Shunta, then asks about the poison, to which he blames the apothecary for giving it to him. An interesting note is that the apothecary is another native from the West. Shunta would get rid of the poison right then and there, but their permit to search does not validate destroying the poison.


  • Shunta is tied for the highest ratio for most played character in the Art of War campaign, a feat shared with David Star-Dazzel.
  • Shunta wants a rematch with Kord.