Abridged History

The Shinsenn are a people who inhabit The Fish Islands. They live by a code of honor, courage, and rectitude. They are the remnants of Arthur Linnaeus' army from the aftermath of the War of the Wheel. After Arthur Linnaeus' forces won the day at Gallipoli, the diverse group of mercenaries and Illioners were tasked with finding Adunorh's arcane power source as a means to heal the blighted lands. The local lords of Ghillodahn swore oaths to await the return of the Shinsen, but over the years the the different kingdoms fell to infighting and disunity. The Shinsen, finally returning to Ghillodahn 83 years later; were appalled at the state of affairs and at how far the Ishmael's blighted soldiers were able to push the Ghillioners back. The empress of the Shinsen has plans to take matters into her own hands, liberating the current rulers of their power and bringing Ghillodahn back under order. A Shinsen expeditionary force has set foot on Ghillodahn, specifically taking Falme in (need date). It is only a matter of time before they arrive in full force.