Early Life

Sherry was born in Prague on the east coast of Ghillodahn. As the Carolean military was an omnipresent fixture in the city, she grew up watching her father, Rook, and other Carolean soldiers fighting pirates and creatures from the blighted land in the north. She resented the Spindrift Pirate's propensity to take slaves especially after her father was taken prisoner by the notorious pirate captain, Black Kaiser. She developed a fierce free spirit and left Prague in order to dodge Prague's army draft. Sherry left behind two brothers, Gareth and Walter Lavelle. Gareth would one day take up arms with the BrightBlades in the south after being wounded in the blighted lands. There, Pelorite priests healed his lost limb and Gareth would take up the road of a paladin. Walter turned pirate hunter and eventually began working with the captains of Skaldergate to bring low the outlaw, Black Kaiser. He would one day become a High Lord Captain and lead the Skaldergate navy out of port during the Illioner occupation of the city during the ------- War.

Adventures in the Stone Islands

Sherry met the mage C'tunya Haelflower, Amariel, and Bhorinon Durict during her travels. The four worked together to dismantle a Mind Flayer conspiracy and broker diplomatic treaties between Ildot and Gilenor. Eventually, after making enough money from adventuring, Sherry commissioned a ship and hired a crew to fight pirates in Ghillodahn on her own terms.

A Lord Protector's Pardon

Sherry was offered a pardon by the Lord Protector, Carolus Linnaeus, of Prague if she escorted the dwarven prince, Durimor Durict, and his companions, Frederick Wilhelm, and Carmen Vanere south to reclaim the Frederickshald Crown from Borinon Durict. Ultimately, the mission to unify the dwarves to the Carolean cause in the blight was a failure. Sherry's ship was crippled off the coast and she has not been seen since.