The Rune Chanters of Stone Breach are an order of dwarves that have perpetuated over many hundreds of years in the continent of Ghillodahn. They are rumored to have originally been the dwarf tradesmen that sailed over with the Dalecarlians from the Stone Islands during the second cycle. However, as the exile knights moved west, the dwarves stayed in the Drakensberg mountain range. The stone singing of Rune Chanters is responsible for the carving out of many of the dwarven cities in Ghillodahn as well as the stony Thoroughfares underneath the continent.


A would be Rune Chanter is typically taken on as an apprentice to a current Rune Chanter or priest of Moradin. Under a masters tutelage, he or she will learn much about dwarven society and the art of stone singing. To be given his crown of basalt and rock he must present a work of stone or gems to his master and prove that his or her mastery over stone singing is flawless.

The Chanter's place in Dwarven Society

A Rune Chanter typically serves as a companion to a dwarven minor lord or Skydsrock Knight. Advising them in military and economic matters.

Mining and Wealth

It is tradition that a Rune Chanter will bless a mine or quarry in order to increase its output of wealth. This is not totally superstition. A Rune Chanter's stone singing will call precious metals closer to the surface, enabling miners to bring home a greater amount of precious stones and metals each day.