Rosalynn was a gnome mage who grew up in Kairihen. She grew up under an oppressive regime under heradopted father who manipulated her after he learned she was proficient in magic. She managed to escape and eventually met Shunta, David Star-Dazzel, and Omar.


Rosalynn is an adopted child who found herself in Kairihen at some point. She is the adopted sister of Dresdon, a halfling dragon. Rosalynn, after first learning magic was made captive by her father. Eventually she somehow escaped from captivity through some unknown means (I have no idea, it is never revealed). After her escape, the white cloaks attempt to track her down through her father's desire to find her (I never said that he had good intentions).

BondHome Meeting

On a fateful stormy night, Rosalynn enters the BondHome Inn along with three other conspicuous characters. Upon entering, Rosalynn just stands there while everyone else has fun or something. Later on they are informed that there is only one room remaining and it is given to a bard of the name David Star-Dazzel. This David guy says that he will share the room with the rogue named Shunta, the monster called Omar, and the small Rosalynn. They head up to the room, Rosalynn picks the bed that is the furthest away from everyone and they all go to sleep.

Later that night a group of soldiers attack the inn and start to slaughter the guests. They are going door to door, ruthlessly slaying anyone they see. Upon their entry, a fight breaks out. Omar battles head on, David is playing musical support, and Shunta waits in the darkness. Rosalynn uses her magic for support on her newfound partners, not friends. Our heroes begin to get the advantage and Rosalynn is ready to cast her only offensive spell, the magic missile. Unfortunately for Rosalynn, one of the guards swings at David with his heavy weapon, only for David to Dodge and accidentally hit Rosalynn instead. Rosalynn flies similar to a golf ball being hit with an 8-iron and falls unconscious. Omar takes out the soldier and David tries to heal Rosalynn. The first time, David nearly snaps her neck, second times the charm where he stabilizes Rosalynn so she won't die.

She wakes up shortly afterwords as they are running towards the shipyard because they are going after the princess that was sadly taken. Upon reaching the shipyard, they manage to grapple on a ship and make it to the deck. They catch up to the kidnappers and when they are close enough, they use their grappling hooks to board the enemy ship. Once they reach the ship, there is a rather intimidating man who seems to be holding a larger, more terrifying version of a rake. David challenges this man only to be hit square in the face and taken out. Rosalynn uses her magic for support once again while everyone else fights. Sadly this leaves her alone which causes the enemy soldiers to play a game of whack a mole, with Rosalynn as the mole (you can guess how it turns out). Rosalynn is out and later on the rest of the party is down too. The End?

New Enemies and a Transformation

Nope, the party wakes up in a Falme prison. They are being watched by an evil vampire who calls himself Turarch. Omar rattles the cage in a rage to get out, unfortunately Turarch rattles Omar's chest by putting a sword through him to shut him up. Rosalynn rushes to heal Omar and the vampire points them to their hands. Each of them are branded, but they do not know what the branding is. After this announcement, Turarch lets them go into the sunlight, free. David only acts a little rude here when rushing to the free world which he has not seen for about twenty minutes, so the rush is understandable.

Walking through the streets of Falme, the group is starting to become(r?) tired after a day of walking. They decide to stop at an inn that they find in a small town for rest. All is well until this man named Francis shows up and starts telling the group about these strange people. These people being: Lemon Head, Bonk, Poppa Doc, Reb Brown and the Becomer, who is also called Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rosalynn does not care. However Shunta does and they decide to tail Francis to the sewer where he said they would be. Francis is there talking to the same guys he brought up earlier, go figure. While Rosalynn listens, David goes for a treasure chest that is just laying around and wants to open it. Upon opening it, Bonk attacks him and goes to his group. They reveal themselves to be the Big Ass Motherfuckers or the BAMFS for short. Shunta seems to have personal issues with that Arnold guy, but wife should they care at the moment?

The two groups do battle, Shunta and Omar focus on the close combat against the two who actually look threatening, which leaves David and Rosalynn taking on the four less threatening ones. Rosalynn takes Francis out with a crossbow, but unfortunately he comes back later. David opens the box again and pulls out the RPG Francis had, to which Francis says "I'll kill ya for touching my stuff." Rosalynn and David in unison fire off the RPG and Magic Missile, which as a result takes out Francis and Poppa Doc for good. Meanwhile another explosion occurs and we see Arnold try to escape and Shunta making chase. Suddenly, Bonk appears right in front of her about to kill her. Until Flaming wings sprout from Rosalynn, as she is engulfed in flames, looking like a phoenix. The mark that Turarch placed upon her is gone and kills off Bonk with the burns of a lifetime. She later goes back to normal as if nothing happened. Later, Omar and Rosalynn save Shunta after his chase with Arnold, just barely.

Stand Tall with Both Legs

The crew travels with Reb Brown as they near another inn, they are welcomed and granted hospitality for the afternoon by two dwarfs . They are invited to join a tournament later in the day which most of them take part in. In the meantime David is telling a story about vampires and this short Rufus guy is flirting with Rosalynn. This flirting turns into harassment when he says he would like Rosalynn on his lawn (No not like that), causing her to push him away and walk away. After being assured that the tournament is a safe one with plenty of healing, the tournament begins.

Rosalynn goes one on one against Rufus, go figure. Rosalynn gets a good start due to an immediate assault of punches guided at Rufus. Sadly, that only works for so long as Rufus pulls out a magic shovel. Rosalynn with her wooden sword and Rufus with his shovel duel. Rufus hits Rosalynn's leg and brings an effect. Her leg is turning into dirt and it starts to crumble apart the longer this match goes on. Rufus starts to get cocky and pays less attention to Rosalynn as she begins to turn into a garden gnome. Rufus walks closer and gets caught by surprise when Rosalynn rushes forward and hits Rufus with a mean right hook that knocks out Rufus, at the cost of her leg which is now dirt. You could say that she had a leg up on the competition. As the fights continue, Omar wins, David loses then he wins, Rosalynn withdraws because of her condition which leads us to David vs. Omar. David loses again. At some point Rufus hops on to Reb's scooter only for Reb to nearly kill Rufus by hanging him on a chandelier. Later, Omar wins the tournament and before we can celebrate, Rosalynn gets kidnapped by the White Cloaks.

There is a chase which ends when Rosalynn distracts the driver and is knocked out. Thankfully Shunta saves her from the rubble and takes her to hide in the local neighborhood. While inside a house they raid a poor man's medicine cabinet which restores Rosalynn's lost leg. The man for some reason wants to help these people and lets them go free. A nice coincidence the Princess in near by Rosalynn watches as Shunta, David and Omar ambush the Shinsen and kidnap the princess themselves, only they are bringing her home. Off to the shipyard they go, getting a ship and embark off to BondHome with their new dwarven allies and their reinforcements.


To BondHome they go on a nice and sunny day, which is rudely interrupted by stormy clouds. Still at least there is no Shinsen, then comes a Shinsen warrior on his giant frog. Shunta engages the warrior and Rosalynn casts mage armor on Shunta before proclaiming herself to be Mark. She seems to lose her mind and only says "I'm Mark" for the rest of the boat ride. She just sort of stands there from that point on.

Later on, the dwarfs and the main group go their separate ways as the crew heads to BondHome. They are greeted well by the defense minister who thanks them for saving the princess and that they will be honored in the morning. The next day Rosalynn gets ready first and skips to the castle saying "I'm Mark" while the boys fight at the inn. Rosalynn is about to arrive first until Shunta sprints past her and he is the first one there. Once everyone arrives the ceremony, it begins. Each of them are honored and given a town called Notting-Pork.

The next day they head to their home by boat under Captain Deutormont, a couple of days later they reach the town that they control.

A New Home

They arrive to Notting-Pork and take a look around the town to see what they are in for. They enter their house and are pleased with their living conditions. Their enjoyment is cut short when citizens ask for help regarding Rufus, their crime lord. Shunta, David and Omar leave to investigate, as Rosalynn stays there standing saying "I'm Mark". After about two hours, they return to see Rosalynn has not done anything since they have been gone.

To The Slave Town

Rosalynn returns to normal before getting attacked by Bane who thinks she's Batman. Her friends come out to assure Bane that is certainly not Batman, he puts her down and her back is not broken. Rosalynn asks where they are and the answer she recieves is that they are home. Rosalynn rejects any form of alignment and deems herself to be a guest, not a lord. Her friends questionably comply, but respect her wishes. Rosalynn, who was out of the loop is confused by the woman on the couch and the packing going on. Shunta tells her about the cave and they are preparing to go to the slave town. A day before leaving David gets a concussion after a skirmish with Omar, which delays their departure by two days. Two days pass and the team departs. They take a carriage and head off. During their five day journey they hunt, pick berries, and reject to help other travelers.

Finally, they make it to the town and see it is not so bad, yes they are slaves, but not all of them. They go from bar to bar to gather information, but get nothing other than find Arnold. They visit a castle basement which is owned by a man who is also named Arnold who tells them there is nothing to find. They do not believe this man and explore more. It is after awhile that they see strange characters enter an abandoned, trashed mansion. Rosalynn, David, and Omar stay outside while Shunta enters to investigate. He calls them in and they see that Shunta befriended a ghost named Barren who agreed to attacking Arnold; However, it is revealed that Shunta's wife has been taken away yesterday. They head down to face Arnie anyway.

Before that though, they have to walk down some stairs, it is no big deal until they reach the second floor down. This room contains statues and a piece of paper with various names and a mirror. The group spends a good two hours in this room until reinforcements come down. The reinforcements attack, but are dispatched promptly. In the midst of the encounter they place another statues face in front of the mirror that is in conjunction with the current time and a stone bed moves, exposing a hole in the ground, they enter.

They are taken to a fifty degree angle with serves as a slide to take them to a room where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kord await with six other armed thugs. Rosalynn teams with David after she casts invisibility on Shunta, so he can get an advantage over Arnold, while Omar takes on three thugs at once. David gets grievously injured by one thug and while the injured goon is distracted, Rosalynn impales her dagger into the man, killing him. Rosalynn reflects that she just killed a man. In a horrible act of bad timing, Rosalynn switches to the "Mark" phase again. Yet, she still finds a way to use supportive spells for her friends. Some time passes and tries to attack Arnold, sadly though she misses. It gets worse when Arnold knocks Omar unconscious, he now stares Rosalynn down. Arnold trips though and falls on top of Rosalynn, who now cannot get up. She does witness David shove his sword (something that David will not let go of because it was a ball for him involving Arnold). Suddenly, the White Cloaks show up to cause a havok, the friends escape with the new ally in Kord, whom David convinced to join them. A couple of days after this, they head home by boat.

Roommate Chaos

Rosalynn still under the influence of something(?), keeps calling herself Mark. She remains quite idle while her friends tear each other apart. However, that does not mean Rosalynn is out of the conflict.Rather, she becomes a casuality when Omar puts his shit stained pillow after David smears his sword that he shoved up (Figure it out). Rosalynn sleeps on this bed and wakes up with pinkeye. The worst is over for Rosalynn and skips by as Shunta and David are knocked unconscious by their antics, but then again Rosalynn put the gliff as per their orders.

Misadventure At Sea

A week has passed and the group decides to venture once again, despite Rosalynn's state. They hitch a ride with Thunderbolt Vulpoon. He over charges them and lets them sleep in the poorly treated barracks. That night he sends half ogres to capture the group. Two of them attack Rosalynn who professes she is Mark before clenching herself, activating her mage shield. Long story short, it doesn't work and ends up going head first into a chimney, ouch. Later she is a separate prisoner in her own cell.

Shrike Slave Market

Rosalynn remains seperated from her friends until they are each auctioned on stage. Unlike Shunta and Omar though, Rosalynn is not purchased by David. Instead, she is bought by Kairihen representatives who vow to send her to back to daddy. In the following events, she is forced into an airship while proclaiming herself to be Mark.

Fortunately, Rosalynn regains her sanity and escapes the damaged airship unharmed. Later she finds Shunta and David, no Omar this time. Everything goes smoothly until they are hit by a barrage of arrows, no safety this time. All is bleak until Wilhelm and Durimor arrive in a cart and resure them from the brigade. The crew introduce themselves, when suddenly a tornado appears and throws them into a mountain.

Barthandolus' game

Instead of being crushed, the group finds themselves inside the mountain. After a couple of minutes walking, there is a hole in the floor that seems to be the only way to move forward. Hence, they jump down the rabbit hole. Upon reaching the bottom, everyone is welcomed by Barthandolus and see Thunderbolt Vulpoon with four others. The parties are about to do battle until they are split up and sent to different areas in the fortress. Barthandolus states that the first group to leave will be the winners and to more importantly, have fun!

David immediately uses his magic to detect other magic artifacts within his radius. The group traverse the top floor and find some loot. Specifically Rosalynn gets a lightning charged wand from a hole in the wall, thanks to Shunta. As they progress, many creatures attack the group, which they do not leave unscathed. On the bright side, after they fight the spiders, Rosalynn receives gauntlets that increase her strength. Finally after searching the first floor, they descend to the lower floor.

Once they reach the second floor they are greeted by a sword having over top of the room. Everyone is permitted to enter and they are greeted by a test of mortality. Rosalynn is quite persistent that the soldier is the greatest evil despite the other viewpoints present. Regardless of the case, they succeed on the test and move forward. Next up a monster made of slime blocks the way and it contains the key they need to move forward, this requires teamwork so Shunta grabs the key and everyone pulls him away from the slime monster who seems to go down a drain. As they enter the next room, it is a much larger corridor leading to three rooms, with one sealed off. Everyone goes to the south room first which is another test regarding poison. The guardian asks which one is not poiosn, they answer that they are all poison and they pass, plus Shunta keeps the poison. Things go well until the enemy party arrives on the scene, which sparks a battle. Rosalynn and Shunta head to the next corridor where after Shunta has a death knight encounter, the two are greeted by a mermaid who wants a particular tune. Rosalynn casts telepathically to David so he can play the song to the mermaid. She accepts the song and the sealed door now opens, prompting the group to rush in there.

Inside the room, a demonic serpent is awakened and preaches the return of her master Tharizdun. Rosalynn immediately casts haste, a spell that is being used for the first time. It is because of this that Shunta and David manage to land a flurry of blows to the demon. Even with haste cast, the monster still has the upper hand, until Rosalynn heals everyone fully, turning the scales once again. Eventually the beast is slain and they receive a staff of life for their efforts as they make their way down the next staircase. Here, Barthandolus takes Rosalynn and withdraws her from his game.

Rosalynn later makes a cameo as a wooden sign that says "you must be this tall to cross", with her being just below that height.

At some point Rosalynn apparently dies through unknown means. To continue the journey of what remains of Rosalynn, you may proceed to Grahm Firewing.


  • Rosalynn is the first PC to die in the Art of War campaign, however she died out of game.
  • Rosalynn also has the highest ratio for not being played in The Art of War campaign.