Nakisa is a woman who hails from the Land of Ice. She is described as a beautiful woman who also has a attitude. She is the wife of Shunta and is quite affectionate towards him. In fact she cares for him so much that she may actually get jealous if Shunta's affections are on others for too long, mostly women. She is a former slave who was frequently transported across Ghillodahn. She is described as cold and merciless, but that is only on the field. For daily life she is actually caring of those close to her, especially Shunta.

Early Life

Most of her early was spent in the dojo where they learned to fight and hunt. It was her father's idea since he wanted his daughter to be equipped for survival. The only issue was that this art was mostly for young boys, who often excluded her. This drove her to progress in a way that no one in the land has ever seen. Nakisa graduated from the dojo at the age of twelve, when most boys usualy graduate at fourteen. She was a prodigy that gained much respect, but also fear. On the field her adept skills made her dangerous and in training she was shown to be ruthless. Eventually she recieved the nickname "Ice Blooded Huntress" reflecting her seemingly cold nature. Nakisa met Shunta at the age of thirteen in the forest and battled each other to near death, from that day on they became rivals. Rivals until she suddenly decided to be a part of Shunta's life and moved to his village. After getting married and end up preparing for for a child, until they get separated and she gets taken by the Becomer, named Arnold Schwarzenegger. She eventually gives birth to Kafei and engraves him with the symbol of Shunta's land, before he is taken away.

Monsters of Past and Present

Nakisa is mentioned when Shunta screams his lungs out at the Arnold, who states he believes that he knows who Shunta is talking about while his frineds are probably picking their noses.

Return of the Past's Shadow

Nakisa is sold and leaves for her new owner literally a day before Shunta gets there. Shunta is told about this from the ghost Barren. Shunta decides to pursue Arnold still but ends up failing as Arnold manages to get dragged away by White Cloaks.

Misadventure at Sea

Nakisa's name appears in slave documents that Shunta finds on Thunderbolt Vulpoon's ship.

Scalarus Part 2: The Mission

The Standing Stone

The Great Festival

A Storm of Uprising

Battle at the Colosseum

Dreams, Relief, and Terror: Another Journey in the Skies