There once was a dwarf named Halfdor AgateAxe. Born in Stone Breach, this rough and tumble dwarf was a long time companion of Bhorinon and Durimor Durict. Having an appetite for crushing goblins and the odd trolloc with his bare hands he set out to create a suit of armor a lil' moar suited (hahaha) to his tastes. After laboring at the forge for many nights with his friend Mertram GoodBeard, they crafted a ridged, jagged suit of armor capable of tearing into foes. This new creation, coupled with orders from Durimor's father to muster additional divisions to combat the increased trolloc activity in the north inspired Halfdor AgateAxe to create the Gut Buster Brigade.

The Gut Buster Brigade

The Gut Buster Brigade, by far the smallest division of the now disbanded grand army of Stone Breach, was extremely adept at protecting the small tunnels running through and around Frederikshald due to their ability to fight well up close and personal. The surviving members of the brigade from Bhorinon's coup have taken up arms with the resistance in Stone Breach.

Searching for Durimor

Halfdor AgateAxe and his companion Mertrum, left Frederikshald after Bhorinon's violent ascension to the throne. They searched for Durimor, the youngest prince of the Durict line. They stole Aegis Fang, a powerful dwarven artifact. the pair decided to delay their search until Bhorinon ceased looking for them. They started an inn named Frederik's hammer...