Lucifer Winter, Luke for short, would be an impressive figure, with short black hair, a rather rugged complexion, standing exactly six feet tall. The reason that he is not, is on account of his total lack of social awareness, and a complete ignorance of any form of style, or cosmetic tailoring. He is sometimes very abrupt, rude, and/or uncivilized, simply because he doesn't care enough to become any of the aforementioned things.


Lucifer Winter


Luke's childhood was filled with mystery, or at least from his perspective it was. In his eyes, literally everything SHOULD be taken apart, so that he could understand it better. Once he had achieved what he deemed as a proper understanding of the objects inner-workings, he could attempt to put it back together; he often upset the owners of the object, especially because he batted about 500 on the successful putting back together part. All in all, Luke was an extremely destructive and annoying child.

The Challenge

When Luke was 8, the potential in his innate curiosity was finally seen by an adult. The adult in question happened to be a traveling nobleman, who went by the name Agrach Dyr. Unfortunately for Luke, this man actually turned out to be a twisted and evil necromancer, commonly known as Beregan Rotelberg. Beregan was the only one who knew that Dyrr was now dead but the information would come to light not long after he returned to his home city of Baerilyon. Agrach, still a well respected man at the time, discovered Luke, when Luke attempted to sneak into his cart, in an ill-conceived attempt to sate his curiosity. Beregan Rotelberg, being the twisted individual he was and is, decided to issue a challenge to young Luke, which was as follows:

     If you, Luke, can complete this challenge,
I will accept you as my apprentice,
and attempt to show you your true potential.
The challenge is to deduce and prove how this act,
the results of which you see before you now,
was accomplished, and by whom.
That is my sole condition.

Now, you might be wondering how this earns Beregan the title of a twisted MOFO, but the answer to that lies in the act and the note. Upon catching Luke in his cart, Beregan sent him on a slew of errands as "penance", which bought him enough time to go to Luke's house and kill his father and use some rather intricate magic to petrify his mother, as well as leave this note on the table just inside the door. Luke, upon returning home, being a normal 8-year old boy, began to bawl his eyes out when he found his parents and this note, which immediately shrank into seemingly nothingness, before incinerating itself, thereby removing all evidence of its existence. Luke remained in such a state for almost an entire hour, before a neighbor decided to investigate why the he was still crying.

The Investigation

The Change

Growing Up

The Castle

Lucifer Winter is the M.E. of the city of Kairihen, where he resided and built a (Good) name for himself with the Hague, the local law enforcers. He departs from his COMFORTABLE home, when Barthandalus appears out of quite literally no where, and teleports Luke to his castle in the Aether.

Resurrection and Insurrection

After lucifer winter was killed at the hands of Maluak Tau, the archangel. He rose again as a Dread Lich thanks to the Crown of Garlan, which Joooooae possessed before him. He now seeks to usurp the head of House Thealavandron, Tempus Thales.