This is a list of all player characters who operated in the world of Adunorh and a small synopsis of the campaigns therein.

List of Characters and Campaign Synopsis

Speaker in Dreams: (76, 3C)

A party of four undertake to save the Western Reach Noble Baron Euphamies II from an under dark menace.



Boranon Durict-(Active)

Sherry LaVelle-(Active)

The Cold Perils: (77, 3C)

A bold band of adventurers set themselves against the evil wizard Ishmael of Ghillodahn; but will their own distrust and anger cause their quest to end tragically?

Dansul Wilder-(Active)

Carmen Vanere-(Active)

Duramor Durict-(Active)

Fredrick Wilhelm-(Active)

Jean Locke Baldrict-(Active)


Eastern Apocalypse: (Unknown)

In a region of Beicheng, a party of Hyuntai'an adventurers set about solving a puzzle to stop catastrophic events.


Rayne Ramsey-(Active)

Tetsu Kururegi-(Active)

The Art of War: (78, 3C) - Current

The greatest adventurers of the world of Adunorh fight to right the world's wrongs.

David "Star-Dazzel" Falden-(Active)


Rosalyn Tovald-(Deceased)

Grahm Firewing-(Active)


Lucifer Winter-(Deceased)




Dresden Tovald-(Active)

Aviende -(Active

In Sylvan Shadows: (79, 3C)

Locke sets out from Nottingpork to bring peace to the wilds of Jericho.

Jean Locke Baldrict-(Active)

Crackin' Kairihen: (78, 3C)

This party of bold adventurers found the Blades Paramount organization and die in a bloody feud with the most autocratic government of Ghillodahn.

Horace Suttcliffe-(Active)

Cain Racar -(Deceased)




Secarius Peritus-(Deceased)

Sister Karrellen-(Deceased)

In the land of Olive Trees: (42, 3C)

A fencing master and a rakish sword saint make their fortune in Askeplios

Oswald Kent-(Active)

Mayle Cherer-(Active)

Song of the Drowned Man: (80, 3C)

A motly crew of adventures give their last breath in a bold quest to protect a city's rights while fighting against overwhelming odds.


Duncan Deepwater-(Deceased)


Marly Bill-(Deceased)

Blood Runs Red in Dra`Vakaar: (3, 2C)

A campaign set far in the past, two exiles find themselves in the land of Dra'vakaar.

Hamond the Harmonic (Active)

Ginny Pelners (Active)

The Siege of Shwarzenbruin: (79, 3C)

Cain Racar makes his final stand at the The Siege of Shwarzenbruin.

Cain Racar-(Deceased)

Murder House of Hell: (1, 3C)

Two fools investigate the haunted manor of Beesbury. It actually goes alright and they survive.

Old Grettle One Eye-(Active)

Dick Pliscan-(Active)

The Great and Grim: (80, 3C)

Two characters pit themselves against each other to claim the city of Trafalgar.

Amalric The Grim-(Active)


The Guards in Gold: (80, 3C)

Three special agents of the emperor Barbossa are torn by vows of honor and their own principles. Their works will decide the outcome of the great Ghillioner War.

Margaret Davies-(Active)

Galadir Alavius-(Active)

Milo Suttecliffe-(Active)

The Traveler in Time: (22, 2C)

Two adventurers give their all seeking the lost treasure of Volantine.

Lilian the Bruce-(Deceased)

Tyler de Lindgren-(Deceased)

The Ace of Spade, The Queen of Heart: (80, 3C)

The ex-soldier Ace, turns his back on the great Ghillioner war. His resolution is tested in this upbeat adventure along the east coast of Ghillodahn.

Ace Crocryn-(Active)

Appligat Du Losartan-(Active)

The Flash and Clash of Sabre: (80, 3C)

Set in the Balliene Republic and Askeplios, a group of adventurers work to reconcile the differences of the Muskidins and the Populists to prevent the Great Ghillioner War from becoming an international conflict.

Muloz Ophodious-(Active)

*In Memory of all the solo sessions long forgotten over the years*


To all the dungeon masters who have run a game in Adunorh:

Andy, Gwen, Sam, Marshall, and Rob

A final thanks to the over 20 people who have participated in this world. Wether or not you still play with us, your contributions have helped elevate this world to something worth preserving.