The White Lotus monk order have acted as the rulers of the North of Hyuntai for years and are revered as well as feared by the many of the northern peoples. The White Lotus are known for being incredibly disciplined and to not take kindly to insubordination. The Kingdom of the White Lotus refers commonly to the monastery where the head of the White Lotus, also known as the Luang Pho, resides. The monastery sits atop a frigid mountain peak and is surrounded by villagers who live both in and around the base of the mountain. The White Lotus monks are commonly viewed as being superior to the townsfolk below and are allowed to rule the people as kings. Villagers are not allowed to speak to White Lotus monks unless spoken to first and any infraction of the laws the White Lotus put in place can result in death.

White Lotus Religious Laws and Beliefs

The White Lotus practice a strict code of non-materialism and mental discipline, those found to be in violation of their code a severely punished and sometimes executed. A White Lotus monk is not allowed to have any personal belongings or are they allowed to become emotional. For the most part White Lotus monks start their training at a young age, usually around five since White Lotus monks are celibate the new monks are often selected from young boys located in the villages that surround the White Lotus' monasteries. Boys are taken, often by force, and forced to walk back to the monetary where their heads are commonly shaven and they are told that they are not to return to their villages and if they try to they will be killed.

The White Lotus are famous for their martial arts and grueling training regimes. White Lotus monks are subject to beatings frequently for even minor infractions of the monastery's code of ethics. Monks who can survive the brutal training are some of the most fear martial artists in the world, as an old saying goes "The monks of the White Lotus have both fists and minds of iron."