Kairihen is located in the south western portion of Ghillodahn. Instead of hosting a few noble families, Kairihen is famous for its dozens of rich lordly families. However, like all Ghillioner cities, it has only one Lord Protector. The large number of nobles relative to ignorant folk creates an interesting dichotomy. The outer quarters consist of a host of cobbled together buildings inhabited by colorful people. These quarters exude a zestful atmosphere. The inner quarters are quiet and and composed, with tall marble buildings and straight-backed lords. The lord protector of Kairihen is named Tempus Thealavandron, a demi-human who murdered and blackmailed his way to the top.

Tempus Thealavandron

Since Thales married the Grand Magister, Lady Lathandre, Illion and Kairihen have become the most powerful kingdoms in Ghillodahn.

Kairihenan Military

The Kairihenen military dominates the southern plains with their Black Bird Banders cavalry and lordly knights. Currently, the Kairihenan military is on campaign to reclaim the Drakensberg Shard from the lords of notting pork, Shunta and David Star-Dazzle. The Kairhenans had been plagued by the outlaw band known as the Blades Paramount. During the Siege of Shwarzenbruin, the blades paramount and many of their commanders were killed.