Kafei is a ranger survivalist and heir to the town of NottingPork. He was a former slave under the "care" of George Jackson. That is until he escaped on a lucky day by sheer coincidence. Eventually Kafei meets his long lost father, Shunta.

Early Life

Kafei's life from the start had him be thrown into slavery. He was literally born inside of a cell since his mother was abducted by Arnold a month before his birth. Before he was separated from his mother, she thought to engrave the symbol of Shunta's homeland on his lower chest so he could have a hint regarding who he was. Shortly afterwards Kafei and Nakisa were separated, with the former being put into the bounds of George Jackson Davies. His regime was nothing short of ruthless, full of daily beatings with littles and less food. As his life being merely dedicated to someone as a means, Kafei was forced to teach himself survival skill. Any harsh slavery regime is capable of destroying the human body thanks to lack of nutrition and hard labour. However, these experiences helped Kafei realize his potential. It made him strong physically and helped him connect to nature when he was out of holds temporarily. Finally at the age of nineteen, Kafei became skilled enough to breakout of the slave house despite hearing his friends planning a massive slave revolt in about six months. Just for good measure he also shot Jackson with an arrow while hidden. Now free, Kafei searches for where exactly he comes from.

Standing Stone

Two weeks later Kafei makes it to the continent of Ghillodahn. Upon landfall he meets a character of the name Locke, the two get along reasonably well and decide to go on an adventure, because why not? Seriously though why, they don't know each other and why would Kafei go back to the land he just escaped from? Just a thought. Anyways, after a set amount of time, they duo reach the island (ugh, at this point he just shouldn't of left). Moving along, the duo eventually reach this small village called Ossington. Upon entry they hear a loud man running out of a temple and Gunshots from another man, which Locke seems to recognize. After the battle the two walk out of the woods and immediately meet David Star-Dazzel and Wilhelm. Shortly afterwards, a man named Zanrill comes up to ask about the situation. All is good, but the people are starving. This prompts, Big Z to pray to his God, causing food to rain from the sky, to which David takes credit as he tells his stories. Kafei, because he is an ignorant lad believes Star-Dazzel, for now anyway.

David and Kafei head to a local joint to get to know one another, which ignites a conversation about the mark on Kafei's chest. David recognizes the symbol, but cannot quite light up the idea of where he saw it. Wilhelm appears and throw gas onto the fire, saying that their friend Shunta had that same mark on his shoulder. Kafei gets hopeful, until David mentions that the ship Shunta was on exploded (so that one wasn't so suttle). David shows regret about this because his friend Shunta blew up and calls his wife a bitch because friends. Kafei is disappointed about this sad result (and he also doesn't know that David basically insulted both of his parents) accepts this truth but still wants to have an idea of what the mark means. Leading to Kafei still having an explosion of questions regarding who this Shunta is and if he ever talked about the symbol. The answer is no, he never talked about it and probably did not want to.

The next morning, the leader of this town, Dyson calls the group over to his tower. They arrive and Dyson thanks each of them for their contribution. After that though, he requests that everyone go to this temple a few miles away in order to examine what is there, why I don't remember. As the group walks along a clear path, they are interrupted by a squad of four people. Instantly, one of them throws a knife at poor Kafei, which connects. Now the party springs into action, until Locke attacks one of them from behind, resulting in all of them disappearing. Turns out this was an illusion, after that minor scuffle, the group continues to head for the temple. Finally they make it into the temple, but in order to get in, you must say your darkest secret. Each of them do said task in the following order: Zanrill, Locke, David, Kafei, then last comes Wilhelm. Kafei's first secret is that he may or may not have shot Jackson with an arrow before he left. Finally they are all in. Tully, who followed decides to stay outside while everyone else gets to have fun inside the temple. Inside, there is only one trap, but it turns out to be a rock monster that everyone eliminates through portal shenanigans. Once everyone gets to the altar inside, they get magical items. What Kafei ends up getting is a magical bow that shoots arrows of energy, no physical arrows needed, also they explode. With that, the party leaves the temple with their new stuff.

Later on, they return to Dyson's place and the town is suspiciously more organized, but we'll pretend we don't notice the change. Upon return, Dyson announces that they are under attack. On the front lines Wilhelm, Locke, Zanrill and David take their positions. Kafei remains on top of the stone tower as Tully gets knocked out by an arrow that is probably coated in poison. Immediately Kafei shoots the proprietor with his new bow (which may be named Heilig Bogen). As the group below fights, Kafei takes the sniping position and takes out any threat that the main party does not see. Until Kafei has a less than stellar moment and ends up shooting Zanrill accidentally. After that blunder, a moving tree is summoned, but is taken down by everyone in a group effort.After the battle ends,Dyson sends the group out once more with his bird companion. While everyone leaves, Kafei stays, even though it is distinctively remembered that he actually went with them, but what could go wrong.

Kafei gets hanged.

That is what could go wrong. But hey, look on the bright side, he gets resurrected by his father, who was not killed by his so-called friend. Kafei is surprised that he found his father and needs time to process this. After a nice resurrection, he sees dead animals in town and decides to ignore it since it looked brutal. Eventually everyone gets into the tower and they head back to NottingPork, via magical map.

Downtime and Preparation

As they reach the city, they are greeted by a large skeleton sitting on top of a pile of gold, proclaiming this to be his city. After the skeleton ceases his game of king, they are greeted by two people named Clytemnestra and Kord. As everyone continues to walk along, Kafei is surprised to see that his father basically lives nicely when not exploring as they enter the Bucking Pork Palace, (more like a mansion). Almost instantly after returning Zanrill and David fight over the moonstone sword. David surrenders it after Shunta and even St. Cuthbert's Avatar say David should hold on to it. A few moments later, his father and David receive a gift from one called White Lightning in the form of a painting, a sentient creature that is calling them out. Strange place isn't it.

The Tourney De Nottingpork

Kafei is present during the Tourney De Nottingpork. During the festivities, Kafei competes in the archery competition, but has a bad day and it does not end too well for him. Later Kafei uses Dashwood to find Arnold who left the area. He locates Arnold and tells his father that he is heading for the Bucking-Pork Palace.

Later on, he returns to the palace to find Arnold's corpse and appears relieved that Shunta managed to take out this strange man.

Disappearance and Pursuit

Following his father's departure with David and Wilhelm taking care of personal business, Kafei is left at the Boar's head on his own. The day after everyone left, Kord approaches Kafei with news. It appears that there is suspicious activity on a farm just outside of Nottingpork. Kafei, against his better judgment accepts the mission since he is bored. However, Kafei decides he should not go alone, because you never know what will happen in the woods while alone.

Kafei spends the early afternoon exploring the city in order to find a few people who would be willing to accompany him. After various searches at inns, restaurants or even in the streets, Kafei finds the following: a large man named Kanderous Ordoh and rejects the offer to tag along since there is no guarantee for battle; a man who loves illusions named Gob; then a musical practitioner named Eamon. The latter two tag along under the condition that they receive a portion of Kafei's pay, which he agrees to. On their way to the northern gate, they pass a club to find Bane in there. Kafei asks Bane to tag along, he accepts so long as Kafei does not tell Clytemnestra or the other skeletons of his "activities."

The four arrive at the north gate and the captain stationed there is acting quite strange while playing with these foreign coins. Captain Donald Knoy tells Kafei to only investigate the situation and that he does not need anyone else with him. Kafei keeps that in mind and leaves with his companions. After about a twenty minute walk, Bane steps on a bear trap and loses a leg, good thing he was a skeleton otherwise that could have been really bad. In addition, Gob steps on a rope trap and now dangles from a tree. After their traps have been sprung, three men appear before our heroes, each of whom appear to be formidable. One of which demands Kafei come with him due to his bloodline. Kafei pretends not to know what they are talking about, leading to the questioning man to check his magic mirror once more. Kafei takes advantage of this distraction and fires an exploding arrow at the aforementioned character. It is a direct hit, leading to a four (one) on three assault.

Immediately, the large man holding a mace crushes Bane using said mace and is completely defeated. Following Bane's defeat, the man with this strange chain weapon eviscerates Eamon, nearly ripping both shoulders off of him. Only Kafei manages to get in some offense as he pounces the man with the mirror, now standing on top of him, Kafei fires two Heilig Pfeil(holy arrows in german). The explosions from the arrows are enough to launch Kafei into the trees, from there he takes his Kama and throws it at Gob's rope, setting him free. Gob now ready for battle ends up like his friends and falls almost exactly the same way as Eamon does. Kafei now takes a shot at the chain wielding man and manages to break the weapon due to a convenient pebble from on of his arrows. Kafei's not done yet, as immediately afterwards, he launches another Heilig Pfeil into the same man's shoulder, it pierces him and explodes, taking him out as a result. The man with the mace is frustrated and takes out a magic wand. The wand fires this sticky substance at Kafei, but he is quick enough to dodge and uses his legs to hang on the tree as he fires one more Heilig Pfeil. The man gets struck, landing on his back as a result. Kafei though finishes the job by jumping from the tree and does a diving stomp on his ribs. The party (Kafei) is victorious.

Kafei grabs the dying man, demanding answers for the sudden attack, all they mention is a wizard was able to determine his identity and were sent from far away. Despite the gruesome wounds on Gob and Eamon, they are still alive, but very hurt, while Bane is never going to regenerate again. Kafei asks if they can make it to the farm, they do not believe they can, but Kafei should go on ahead to find a first aid kit and a horse. He listens to his companions and continues his journey. After about ten minutes, Kafei reaches an abandoned farm, but there appears to be noting wrong with it. Abandoned yes, but nothing suspicious about it, no struggles, no murder, nothing. The only bright side is he finds a box, a first aid kit, and a horse. Kafei now heads back to the battle scene only to find out his friends are gone (this is why you never leave your friends alone somewhere....I'm not referring to anything particular, you know who you are). All that is left behind is a flaming symbol the the ground, looking to be (three triangles right?).

Kafei returns to Nottingpork and the Captain is shocked to see Kafei come back. Kafei takes his pay and leaves the very confused man to his probably illegal activity. Immediately as Kafei returns to the Boar's head, he tells Kord and Clytemnestra about his recent outing, worrying for his safety. The two understand, but are confused on why exactly this happened in the first place. Kord readies the basement for Kafei with his earthbending. After the basement is readied, Kafei enters the room, secluded from the city, hopefully for the best.

Slave Revolt: Return to Scalarus

The following day, Nottingpork is under siege by the forces of Illion. It appears that these folk are different from the ones who attacked Kafei previously, but have a similar motive. Kafei, still hiding in the basement suddenly hears someone go down the stairs. He readies his bow and is about to fire until he sees it is his friend Wilhelm. He comes down the stairs to say that they must leave, but Kafei was already thinking the same thing. Kafei reveals to Wilhelm that when he left Scalarus, there was a slave revolt in the works. Kafei knew the slaves would be no match, so he wants to head back to the island to save his friends and prevent the guaranteed massacre. Wilhelm agrees to follow Kafei on his quest and with that they leave the basement, moving towards their new mission.

Kafei and Wilhelm move out after they cause a slight distraction by causing a cart to explode. The two leave with no hiccups, leaving the burning Nottingpork behind (someone's gonna be pissed). As the duo leave, they are followed by Kanderous, the same man who rejected Kafei's offer for exploration earlier. Upon hearing Kafei was attacked, Kanderous wishes he tagged along since he lives for the thrill of battle. After some conversation, Kafei and Wilhelm decide to trust the man, as he seems to be trustworthy. The trio travels for a number of days successfully, avoiding many traps and confrontations. Eventually the group finds a battle sight with many artifacts, but are unfamiliar with them, however they do know it is related from Kairihen. With that, they decide to loot the scene in hopes of making money later. Moving forward, the three musketeers walk through a hunting ground. They befriend the hunters, despite not approving of Kafei's weapon of choice. The hunters direct the group to the White Cloak capital so they can hitch a ride down to Scalarus. Just a day before the reach the White Cloak capital, the group's luck runs out, as a large griffin along with heavily armed warriors descending from the creature. Kanderous, knows this is a battle the cannot win, so he sacrifices himself to ensure that his friends get away. With that, he bravely charges at his foes in order for his friends to get away.

The next day, Wilhelm and Kafei make it to the capital. Kafei takes time to learn the area and looks for a way to ensure a ride, while Wilhelm looks for an old acquaintance. Kafei goes to a shop in order to sell goods that they stole from the war zone from earlier. The shopkeepers buy the equipment from Kafei at a good price of 1000 gold. Next, Kafei goes to the docks and purchases a ride to Scalarus for 500 gold. The duo now has a ride, however there is only one issue, Wilhelm does not want to go. Apparently Wilhelm has an issue that prevents him from leaving on this very night. Regardless of Wilhelm's personal issue, Kafei heads down to Scalarus and promises to meet Wilhelm the next day.

Kafei gets on his boat and makes landfall at Scalarus within a few hours. Immediately, he sees the town of Ossington, ah good times. Kafei takes refuge for the night inside Dyson's tower until Wilhelm arrives. The next day, Wilhelm does just that, with that the two have made it to the first landmark of their righteous quest.

After taking a small rest, the two head up Dyson's tower. Kafei understandably is a bit uneasy going to the spot of his premature death. Upon reaching the top, Kafei finds the spot where he was hanged and fires an explosive arrow to destroy it. He feels much better now, unfortunately his passage to ease came with the opportunity cost of staying there in secret. Moments later, a party of about six approaches the tower, Kafei does not trust these people, so he jumps in the nearby tree. Wilhelm stays atop of the tower for a chat with the lovely most likely foes. Then of course when they talk to Wilhelm, the idiots shoot at the tree as per some ritual or something. The foes ask Wilhelm to come down, he obliges and even follows them to their next destination. Kafei watches closely as Wilhelm walks along with these less than trustworthy men. He ends up following them to Old Greg's house along with David's love interest Tanasha Lou and Kowel Kwape Pentafraxis. While spying on Wilhelm, Kafei does get to hear Wilhelm insulted at every turn, which is hilarious. After walking for a solid twenty minutes, Kafei finds the site of Shunta's nearly explosive death by his "friend" David. (Friends try to kill each other right?) He also finds a message burned in the sand telling Arnold Schwarzenegger to fuck himself, Shunta's vendetta, not Kafei's, then again....

Finally after a long night of traveling, Kafei tails Wilhelm and the other clowns to a camp near the city of Falme. It appears to be a war-zone between Illion and the Shinsen. Kafei decides to take refuge for the night inside of a large tree, no bullets this time. Atop the tree, Kafei sends Dashwood to scope the area so they know their basic directions. As Dashwood does this, it appears that the people they saw in Ossington were brought to what seems to be a slave hut. Later in the night Kafei talks to Wilhelm about Jackson and his intentions. Since everyone had so much fun abusing Wilhelm earlier, Kafei wants in on the action as well. On a serious note, Kafei and Wilhelm do not see eye to eye regarding Jackson. Kafei also tells Wilhelm about the slave hut, but Wilhelm is in denial, however he agrees to check it out in the morning.

Morning arrives and Kafei tells Wilhelm how stupid he looks wearing that armor, no hesitation either and he actually means it. Turns out, Wilhelm was actually given a commander position by his "friend" Jackson. The two met right after Wilhem entered the camp. Regardless of Wilhelm's ridiculous attire, the two walk towards the hut, but face a few interruptions. One of them is a just friendly conversation by a soldier who just won't go away. The other is more serious, the corporal will not let Wilhelm pass under conventional means. After about five minutes of talking to this stubborn prick, Wilhelm gives up. Luckily enough, the Shinsen fire some cannons and the battle has begun. Kafei and Wilhelm exploit the now abandoned guard post to move forward. Lo and behold, there was a slave hut hidden back here after all. Kafei could rub this in, but decides saving his friends is more important. Kafei climbs a nearby tree and mounts himself about twenty feet upwards and readies his bow for the guards of the slaves. When ready, he fires two regular arrows into the soldier who was at the far left end of the hut. Now Kafei targets the far right soldier and eliminates her as well. Wilhelm takes care of the nearest left soldier, while Kafei jumps out of the tree to deliver a dropkick to the last guard and finishes her off with a hammerlock suplex. They're not dead, I swear. Bright side, Kafei frees the slaves from their cage, but their bindings still remain. The duo decides to bring the slaves back to Ossington and then the two of them will search Falme for the keys to the bindings. Before they go, the corporal is shooting at Kafei and Wilhelm, but the two easily finish him off.

Things go well for all of two minutes, until a massive forces of twenty-eight armed horsemen arrive on the scene. Kafei takes to the trees and tries to fire his arrows at the ground to provide cover for Wilhelm and the slaves to get away. Keep dreaming Kafei, because that plan didn't provide anything helpful, plus Kafei was hiding like a shy child behind a parent and just as effectively too. In the meantime, Wilhelm surrenders, the slaves get taken back, and the gunners try to make a beehive out of poor Kafei. Finally after who knows how many bad hiding places, Kafei channels his inner Shunta and hides competently. Unfortunately, it isn't enough and Kafei is taken out by their bullets. With that, the ten guys shooting him at once finally leave him alone, thinking he is dead. Fortunately Kafei is still alive thanks to the ignorance of Illion's troopers. Oddly enough, this was probably the best aftermath after being caught for Kafei.

An hour later, Kafei wakes up and is in plenty of pain. This does not help when there is an individual down below throwing rocks at the poor man in the tree.The rock throwing nutcase now decides to climb the tree himself. Kafei can no longer play dead since the fool is looking right at him. It turns out this man is Kowel Kwape Pentafraxis and he somehow managed to escape from captivity. At first he tells Kafei he wants to help him, but first he offers to take his bow from him. Dashwood quickly swoops down to take the bow before Pentafraxis can. Unfortunately Pentafraxis falls from the tree and even worse, he pulls Kafei down with him. A few moments later Wilhelm arrives and is shocked that Kafei is still alive. Wilhelm quickly treats Kafei and Pentafraxis with a split potion, healing them both. Now that Pentafraxis is healed, he casts a healing spell on Kafei. Kafei finally feels.......descent at best. With all three of them conscious and attentive, Pentafraxis reveals he wants something from them. All he wants is for Kafei and Wilhelm is to return to the slave hut and save Tanasha Lou alone. He further elaborates that he wants Old Gregg left behind to die since he'll die soon anyway. Pentafraxis is quite stubborn in keeping this plan the way it is, but Kafei and Wilhelm still plan on saving all the slaves. With a somewhat common goal in mind, the tree come up with a plan. The plan is to search for the keys in Illion's hq while the battle is going on the next day. Kafei and Wilhelm now decide to infiltrate Falme, but Kafei has second thoughts, due to his injuries and thinks they need a better distraction. Wilhelm understands and Kafei heads back to the pirate camp that he passed earlier.

Kafei makes it back to the camp after about an hour or two of travel and feels a little better. As he arrives, it appears that another pirate crew has made landfall here. It's too bad the water is no longer poisoned, otherwise they would die like the rest (I wonder who poisoned the water). Thankfully, everyone in this crew is buzzed and have no chance of waking up on this night. Exploiting his surroundings, Kafei searches for something that can heal him. His only salvation comes from Arnold's old house; where he finds high quality weapons and something to heal himself with. It does not heal him as much as he would like, but he is finally starting to feel like himself again. Kafei looks through the village a little more, but finds no more healing. Suddenly, one man is about to wake up, so Kafei drags him through the woods to get information. The pirate tries to scream, but his mouth is gagged with rope. Now far enough away, Kafei asks his questions. The pirate, is adamant on fighting back, but unfortunately Kafei is far more skilled than this man. Good news for Kafei, he gets some self-esteem back from toying with this man. Eventually, after Kafei takes the man's dagger and throws it from behind into a tree, the man surrenders. He stats the pirate captain is named (name) and is a force to be reckoned with. Kafei asks if (name) would be willing to collaborate, but now candid pirate says he probably would not. The pirate tries to leave, but Kafei knocks him out and drops him in a hole so he is not in an obvious spot. After Kafei does that, a female elf is standing there and she appears to have just witnessed what had happened. Kafei bribes her, which she accepts, then Kafei knocks her out too with a tree branch, you know just in case. Bright side, she still gets to keep the gold Kafei gave her.

After taking a roundabout path, Kafei makes it to the boat and even finds a raft hidden in the forest, how it got there, no one knows, oh wait, we do know. With the raft, Kafei travels about a mile away from land and stops. Once stopped, Kafei dives in the water in hopes of finding a Livyatan. Good news, he does and uses his charm animal spell to get it on his side. Now that he has his whale, he commands the whale to take the ship his father and mother nearly died on. Now that Kafei has his whale (who we'll call Laboon) and his bomb, Kafei heads back to Falme. When he sees the East side of Falme has a fleet waiting, he decides to launch his distraction from the north, right on to the battlefield.

Morning arrives and Kafei feels at about 60%, eh, it's good enough for him to act. As the day progresses, Kafei patiently waits for the most opportune time to use David's ship (bomb). At about noon, war once again breaks out and Kafei commands Laboon to throw the ship. The ship lands on the Dragoons and proceeds to explode, killing many as a result. With that, Kafei's spell has worn off and Laboon leaves after Kafei arrives back on shore. Now on the north shore, Kafei walks down to the camp of Illion, which was found due to Dashwood's assistance.

Near the camp, Kafei takes to the trees and sees three easy targets. The targets are three trenches filled to the brim with gunpowder and each have two cannons above them. Initially Kafei has Dashwood drop his lantern onto the gunpowder, but Dashwood misses. Instead Kafei decides to risk comprimising his location and uses his Heartseeker bow to blow up the trenches. First, he blows up the farthest trench and then he takes care of the one right next to it. Kafei withdraws by about sixty feet and hides in the trees. After the explosions, Kafei has Dashwood drench Ilion's weapons bed, which is a tent, in ale. With the tent drenched in oil, Kafei fires another shot at said tent and it ignites. With their weapons bed gone, Illion's army has been crippled, but not broken. Now Illion knows they are under attack, but are not sure where the enemy is. To combat Kafei, out from a tent comes the fearsome beauty, Lieutenant Bliss and her six guards. All of which look in Kafei's direction, alas none catch him. Somehow Kafei has good luck on his side as a group of Shinsen soldiers head towards the last trench, giving Kafei time to escape.

He heads to Falme and finds a massive hole in the city's wall, caused by one Wilhelm, who looks like he was pelted with a bunch of rabbit pellets. Regardless, the two now head towards the Shinsen headquarters to find the slaves keys. Kafei, in the mean time, asks where Pentafraxis went. Wilhelm says he turned into this massive bunny and acted like quite the bugger. Anyway, he's gone. As the two traverse the city, Lieutenant Bliss pushes onward, as the Shinsen fall back. Kafei slightly helps the issue by firing arrows at the Illioners to buy them some more time (Kafei also kinda wants Illion to lose, don't tell Wilhelm). Unfortunately, as the two head towards HQ, Wilhelm gets spotted and two people start to follow the duo.