Joooooae was an insane kobold necromancer who was responsible for the War of Open Graves, the most violent conflict in the recent history of the Stone Islands. He is the reason necromancy is banned there today.


Once there was a great drow city located deep underground in the eastern reach of the Stone Islands known as Duskdelve. Duskdelve was mainly built in order to forge metals for the drow empire using the rich caches of iron and mithiral located in Duskdelve's vast series of natural caves and lakes.

The drow used large amount of slaves to mine and fabricate their metal, the slaves consisted of mainly deep gnomes or kobolds, who were either born into slavery or were captured after wandering a little far from their cities. Among them was a kobold named Joooooae. Joooooae worked primarily digging and clearing new tunnels, and it was digging one such tunnel that he discovered the crown. The crown was made of pure obsidian and adorned with jewels of all kinds. Joooooae as a joke decided to put on the crown and mock of the drow slave drivers behind his back. Unfortunately Joooooae was not as subtle as he had planned on, the drow slave driver turned around just in time to see Joooooae making obscene gestures behind him. The slave driver fell into a rage and began to beat Joooooae savagely. Jooooae believed he was about to die until he heard a voice.

The voice promised Jooooooae that if he gave his will to the vessel (the crown) then it would give him power beyond belief, Joooooae not really having any other choice surrendered his will to the crown and instantly the drow was devoured in a vortex of black energy for it was the crown of Garlen, the grave king.

The Final Straw


Last known image of Jooooae before Sammy ate him

Joooooae suffered his final embarrassment at the hands of an elven bard named Bruireglas and his dwarven companion. Bruireglas, who had been investigating a lycanthropy rumor in a village near Ildot; spotted the kobold hunched over a grave doing something suspicious. Few saw what happened, but after the kobold cleaned the mud off of himself, (and stopped his magically induced laughter) he marched from the village to Chutney, an old battlefield. The next day, zombies soldiers were seen pouring forth from Chutney. The old armies had been raised, and they were heading for civilization.

Across the Sunswept Sea

Although the crown is now held in possession of Luke Winter the dread Lich, Joooooae still holds considerable power. He chased David Star-Dazzle across the Sunswept Sea to seek revenge for a wrong dealt him by the eccentric bard.