Jean Locke, or just simply "Locke" was a traveling companion to Wilhelm, Dansul, Carmen Vanere, Dramir, and Durimor Durict. Locke hails from the lack-towns and is in search for his wife who was taken from him by a slave trader named Ashat. He also assisted David Star-Dazzle, Wilhelm, Shunta, Zanrell, and Kafei at Aussington.

Early Adventures

Locke was part of group of adventures who were heading out to the eastern portion of Ghielidon. The group had been resting at a hot springs when Locke, who was apart from the rest of the group discovered a cave hidden in the depths of the lake. In the cave Locke discovered the lake was being warmed by an enormous white dragon, he also noticed that the dragon was guarding a large pile of loot. Out of all the treasure on item stood out to Locke, and ornate dagger with a ruby hilt. Upon touching the dagger Locke found that the dagger was actually sentient, calling itself Skelloy. Skelloy could communicate mentally with Locke and also displayed the ability to be able to control Locke's body against his will.