Illdat is a major naval trading port located in The Western Reach of the Stone Islands. Illdat was at one point nothing more than a small fishing village, that is until the War of Open Graves forced refugees to flock to the town’s borders. Eventually the displaced people built new houses and began transforming Illdat from a small village to a town and finally a bustling city. The people rebuilt under the guidence of a young charismatic politician named Jonathan Aurelius. Aurelius replaced the last baron of Illdat after he was killed during the War of Open Graves, Aurelius is unique in the fact that he was of present descent and won his position through sheer charm. Today Jonathan is rarely seen and keeps to himself rarely speaking to, or even being seen by his people. Despite their elusive leader Illdat still prospers and threatens to surpass Gilenor has the wealthiest city in the Western Reach.


Illdat is located on the eastern shores of Azure Sea on the Garares River delta. The area around the city is fairly flat with some rolling hills only about a mile away. For the most part the terrain around the city is either farmland or pine forest. The Garares river delta flows directly through the city, this leads to much of the city being connected by canals instead of major streets.


Most of the buildings in Illdat are constructed from either wood or stone and usually have sloped roofs. The canals in the city vary in width with some being large enough for boats to sail down while others are barely wide enough for a person to squeeze through.

Canals in the city are used for a variety of things, they are primarily used for transportation allowing merchants to move goods or simply letting people get from place to place. The secondary use for Illdat's canals are for waste disposal, waste canals are usually in poorer parts of the city are and usually not as wide as the ones that are used for transportation. Finally some canals are used as a way to generate energy either for wizard's alchemic experiments or to simply turn a waterwheel.


Illdat's population is mainly human although there are several large communities of gnomes and halflings located in the city. Elves and people of elvish decent also make up a smaller portion of the wealthier class and there are a few dwarfs who have made the city their home. For the most part commoners do not trust elves due to their similarity to the drow.


Illdat has a very lucrative fishing industry a large amount of the fish that is eaten by nobles in the Stone Islands are fished in Illdat's harbors. Illdat also has a large logging industry that mainly focuses on Western Pine, a breed of pine tree that only grows in the Western Reach that is renowned for its durability and distinctive scent. The city also acts as am exporter for goods that go all over the western portion of Adunorh. The shipping industry has been especially lucrative for Illdat, before the city was built up around a small fishing village the closest large city in the Western Reach was Gilenor, who charged a toll to use the Craggy River. Illdat is not only closer than Gilenor but also does not charge a fee to use its port which has made it a more appealing stop for traders from Tsest-Gao and Ghillodahn.


Illdat is currently under the leadership of King Johnathan Aurelius. Johnathan is responsible for raising Illdat up from a tiny fishing village to a trade capital in only around twenty years. Johnathan was so loved by the people of Illdat that they chose to make him their king. Johnathan is incredibly popular in Illdat, he is charismatic and fair, the Illdat tend to view him as their savior.


Johnathan Aurelius

Johnathan is currently working towards making Illdat the Western Reach's representative in the Stone Islands Council. Under Johnathan's leadership profits from Illdat have increased steadily over the years, now Illdat is poised to overtake its rival city Gilenor and become the Western Reach's representative city. Both the merchants and guild masters of Illdat and Gilenor have done their best to sabotage the efforts of their rival city. Johnathan is not above these sorts of tactics, over the years he has sent spies and other agents into Gilenor in order to disrupt the industry in the city.