Gilenor is a major hub of trade in the Western Reach of the Stone Islands. Gilenor has stood for many years the trade capital of the Western Reach. However the past few years have not been kind to Gilenor, the kingdom is still recovering from the War of Open Graves and on top of that the city lives in constant fear of drow attack. The fear of drow is due to the fact that the city currently rests close to a known entrance into the drow capital. Gilenor’s other problem is the city of Illdat, who threatens to take Gilenor’s place as representative for the Western Reach. As a result a feud has arose between the two cities, who constantly attempt to sabotage each other's trade roots and regulations.


Gilenor was built up around ancient trade routes that went through the pine forests of The Western Reach. Built along the side of the Craggy River the city acted as a sort of toll gate for boats traveling down the river. The city profited greatly from its location and soon was one of the richest in The Stone Islands. The city's economy took a dive during the Stone Islands civil war during which it was occupied by several different factions.


Gilenor is built on an ancient flood plain that surrounds the Craggy River. The Craggy River originally was much larger than it is today and flooded regularly, this would commonly lead to early farmers and shopkeepers in and around Gilenor losing their crops and wears. The city eventually diverted a large portion of the Craggy River in order to stop its flooding. The city today rarely faces any flooding of any form. The city's outskirts are surrounded by a series of wall that have been built up over the years in order to protect the city as it grew larger and larger. The city is surrounded by either farmland or pine forests that have rose up over the years due to blocking of the Craggy River.


The city outskirts itself is mainly made up of one to two story buildings that have sloped roofs and that are commonly made out of wood and stone. The walls of the houses are commonly filled with earth that serves as isolation for its inhabitants. The only buildings that are made from stone usually belong to richer nobles while lay-folk tend to have dwelling made from wood. The closer to you get to the center of the city the taller buildings tend to get usually richer merchants or nobles in the city tend to be able to own three to four story mansions. The poor and squatters in the city tend to live closer to the river, some even live on boats that commonly stay anchored close to shore in the Craggy River.

Streets in the city are usually rather wide in order to accommodate merchants who will oftentimes set up stalls usually on the sides of streets. The city does not really regulate or set guild lines as to where stall should or should not be so streets can oftentimes become choked with merchants attempting to sell their wares.


The population of Gilenor is primarily humans though there are small communities of dwarves and elves that also live in the city. For the most part elves are commonly viewed with distrust due to the drow presence in the Western Reach and the Calian occupation that occurred years ago.


For the most part Gilenor tends to act as the middle-man when it comes to business in The Western Reach oftentimes trade routs take merchants directly through Gilenor and the city capitalizes on this fact as much as possible. The city will commonly charge merchant vessels traveling down the Craggy River tolls in order to pass by the city. Gilenor also will commonly spread rumors and stories about bandits and murders who live in the forests along other trade routs to incentivize merchants to use the river instead of the roads. It is also rumored that Gilenor will sometimes hire prisoners to attack trade caravans moving through the woods in order to enhance the legitimacy of its stories.


Gilenor is currently under the rule of Marcus Vermuz the Vermuz family has ruled Gilenor for years and can trace their linage back to people who blocked the Craggy River. The Marcus Vermuz took power after his father died fighting in the war of open graves. Marcus is very distrustful of those who are outside of his close knit circle of advisors and spies. Marcus generally has the final say in the business practices that go on in his city. For the most part Marcus does not pay much attention to what is being bought or sold in his city focusing more of his attention of stamping out a network of black market dealers who specialize in necromancy.

Any wizard or other practitioner of magic who sets foot in Gilenor is subjected to searches performed by guards and ordained clerics who look for any components that could be used for necromancy. Necromancy is a crime that is punishable by hard labor or in some cases death. For the most part merchants do not take kindly to guards rummaging through their things and the policies have cased some to avoid going to Gilenor.

The only issue that concerns Marcus more than necromancy is the rise of Johnathon Aurealius and Illdat. In order to not lose his spot on the Stone Islands council to Illdat Marcus has barred merchants from Gilenor from selling their goods to Illdat and has prevented the Illdat from entering the city. He has also begun to send spies to sabotage goods going in and out of Illdat hoping to make people lose faith in the quality of his rival's goods.