Early Life

George "Jackson" Davies, was a man born a bastard to a member of house Davies of Kairihen. His mother was exiled to the western reach by the Lord of the house. George grew up in Gilenor where he was supported by his mother who worked as a seamstress with several other women out of their townhouse home in a poorer district. All throughout his childhood, his mother spoke of his supposed father, Sur Drenton Dawnstar, a legendary knight and commander from BrackenBrooke. Whenever George's mother wasn't earning bread for herself and her son, she taught George the basics of reading, writing, and numbers, skills that would take George far in later life. In his free time, George read book after book, especially those detailing the Dalecarlian conquest and the War of the Eye. He initially dreamed of becoming a knight like his supposed father, Sur Drenton Dawnstar. By the 43rd year of the third cycle, his mother spent all her noblewoman's coin to earn him a military apprenticeship to a local Baron. Baron Euphamies II was a hard man, but not cruel. George was made to clean his armor and tend his horses, as well as wait on him during councils of war. He did all these things with gusto. George was witness to many minor conflicts and battles that occurred in The Western Reach. He gained great respect for soldiers and courage, and a disdain for "yellow cowards".

Broadside Armaments and Venture Co.

In the 55th year of the third cycle, George Jackson used his military influence, old friends and many other resources to found Broadside Armaments, a war company trading in firearms and blackpowder weapons. George wanted to perfect the art the eastern Gunpowder Guild Started. The clash of sword and axe were not nearly so refined as his idealized idea of war he had held as a child. While he did mature and ultimately understood the horrors of war, he also wanted to add more dignity and refinement to the act of battle. George undoubtedly had an ego, even more so, he wanted an active command under an organized military. He believed Broadside Armaments would give him such an opportunity. However, the company immediately floundered, and George, with the help of his friend Fredrick Wilhelm, was forced to rebrand firearms as a recreational and practical tool. George was disappointed but quickly formed his own private military force, the Phoenix Division. George and his long time friend Flynt McDougal lead the Phoenix division against bandits and pirates all over the Western Reach for the sake of coin and reputation. George, though disgusted, cut deals with pirates in an attempt to spread firearms across the Stone Islands and Ghillodahn.

War of the Open Graves and George's personal beliefs

George took part in the war of the open graves in the 66th year of the third cycle to its conclusion. He commanded the very early iterations of his Phoenix Division. The high velocity musket balls fired by his men proved very effective at defeating the undead hordes. George's victories put on display his competencies as a field commander. George witnessed many atrocities during his tour of the war, but also many miracles. He was mostly interested in the restorative magics of the goodly clerics. Particularly the spells that allowed them to cure death. Returning to his books of the dalecarlian conquest and Rhodavian wars, George drew many parallels between himself and generals of old. He began to believe in reincarnation, especially, that he was a general who had seen hundreds of battles over thousands of years. He became something of an anachronism. He wore leather and rings to mimic first cycle Rhodavian armor and carried a first cycle Calyn rapier at his hip.As time progressed, George became upsessed with his own personal destiny. He knew he was destined to lead a military force worthy of legend, like the Calyan armies or the Dalecarlian knights. despite his claimed descent from Sur Drenton Attebury the Dawnstar, House Attebury, already a minor house, gave him no recognition. George was again running out of money and influence. George's collusion with pirates slowly increased.


George became more and more obsessed with his company Venture Co, but began lacking slightly in funds to keep it up and running in about the 76th year of the third cycle. Turning back to the stories he read as a child, he picked up the old Rhodavian habit of selling slaves. George captured pirates and fish islanders, and the occasional lost wanderer, and sold them in to the Shryke slave market. George continued to gain a disregard for those he found lesser than himself. In the 77th year of the third cycle, he transferred a large wing of his company to Falma in eastern Ghillodahn. Disaster struck in the spring of that year. The Divine Shinsen Empire made landfall on Falma taking over the inhabitants and expelling Venture Co. George and his men were forced to leave much of their equipment in the city. For a year prior, Flynt Mcdougal had been holed up in Baerilyon with the Phoenix Division, selling firearms, and protecting the city from bandits. They then moved to Nottingpork to promote better business. When Flynt heard about the catastrophe in Falma, he and his men prepared to join up with Jackson to repel the invaders. The city of Illion gave its blessing to the mission to defeat the Shinsen and send them back to the Fish Islands and donated three regiments of Magiesterial Dragoons to the Venture Co. cause. Not only that, they named him commander of the 5th Army Magiesterial Fusiliers. George's dream to have a command of men in a pitched battle was coming true.

The Battle at Falma

The now Commandante George Davies arrayed his forces at the beachhead of Falme. He surrounded the Shinsen controlled city with the help of Admiral Horatio Blok, the cruel and cunning cavalry officer Lieutenant Bliss, and the Commander of the 2nd Magisterial Dragoons, Carl Gustave Armfeldt. In The spring of the 80th year of the third cycle, the Shinsen Commander, Sun Cei, was starved out along with his army. The initial fighting was brutal. Carl Gustav Armfeldt lead his dragoons through the forest in a flanking maneuver which was foiled by an Adventurer Kafei who trapped the area with magical glyphs. This gave the Shinsen the opportunity to ride down the immobile dragoons. However, lead by Lieutenant Bliss and Commandante Davies, the Magisterial forces routed the Shinsen back into the city, with casualties on both sides. The adventurer, Wilhelm, used a clever contraption of cannon charges and black powder to blow a hole in the dog gate of Falma city, allowing access to George's forces... TBC in next session