Long ago, a capital of an ancient empire was nestled in the mountains, this nation fell eons ago, but their legacy lives on in the city they left behind.


The city begins with a raised area, most aptly described as a vista, with some large structures which now serve as barracks for the locals. This area, in ancient times, was used as a meeting and trade center for the city, because outsiders were not allowed within.

The mountain rang

e itself is flagged with various stretches of farmland, most of which were constructed by the locals.

The part of the vista which meets the mountain manifests as a large, ornate gate, flanked by two half-buried automatons, which stand guard. Inside is a lift built into the volcanic shaft, which serves as the main way in and out of the city.


The city decor tends to follow a them of smooth, hewn stone with ornate, precious metal lacing. The cityscape is fairly layered and compact, with narrow streets and compact structures all designed to maximize space efficiency. This is only broken up by frozen obsidian flows which have buried some parts of the city.

This same obsidian is also part of why the excavation areas are so limited. Most "excavation" is actually more about finding ways around the obsidian flows which encase the buried tunnels and ruins without damaging the city's structural integrity.

All of the buildings in the city are either original or tacked on by the locals, thus it is not uncommon to see building which are mansion like in quality, with a large amount of lean-toos attached to its walls. All the buildings look grand, but largely worn and weathered, seeing as no one knows how to fix any of these devices or replicate their designs.

The city is almost entirely supplied by outside sources for necessities, and thus very few simple laborers live in the city. Most of the citizens are very wealthy, seeing as life in the city is expensive all around. Most normal services are vastly inflated. This has given rise to a sort of natural prestige simply from living in the city, and many are quite snooty about it. The city is a very desirable location for all the wealthy. This has given rise to the claim that: "Nobles are as common as peasants in Embermont."


The city is well populated by Dwarves, humans, and halflings. Elves tend to feel claustrophobic here, and thus are rare. Orcs are looked down upon typically. There are a few kobolds living in the city, who make up the majority of the best mining and excavation forces, usually reserved for hard labor, they are still looked down upon.


The city's main product tends to revolve around the treasures found beneath the city, but oddly, the major profits are not made by the treasure hunters, but by the financiers such as the Golem's head, who are happy to take large cuts of the loot in trade for letting explorers try their luck with their underground property.


The current ruler of the city is Ezfolg the Ancient Copper Dragoness. When the ruins were dirt discovered, many an unlucky soul encountered her first, and perished, but as time went on, she began establishing relations with the other races who wanted to claim the ruins. Before they arrived, Ezfolg had a large amount of Kobolds digging for something in the ruins which she deemed would be quite desirable. No one else knows what she is searching for, but if it is found, no one would question her twice if she were to "appropriate" it. She tolerates the other races so long as they remain digging through the mountain. She isn't evil per se, but she is quite self-interested. She also only really trusts draconian races. Her rule is monarchal in nature, and although most of the citizens simply tolerate her, she doesn't terribly mind their ire. She meets with citizens publicly at Ezfolg's Perch, but has a cave situated on an outcropping overlooking the city for a personal abode. There is no way for anyone without flight or magic to reach it, seeing as the harsh winds and treacherous slope make climbing nigh impossible.

Ezfolg is currently searching for the Golem's Heart, a opal of immense size and luster. It is a magical artifact, which was enchanted long ago in order to operate and repair the various decor and automations around the city. Such a device would be a great defense against the Dark one, although Ezfolg has no intent to use it against him aggressively, but mostly as a deterrent. What she does not know was that the Heart was tainted by a forsaken of the ancient race, who specializes in automatons. The Dark one seeks the Heart in order to control the Golems buried in the mountain, destroying the city in the process.

Ezfolg is also currently at odds with the financing guilds, who may have enough power to retain the Heart for themselves.


The Golem's head bank:

A group of crafty financiers who run a banking and investment service out of the head of one of the largest automatons found thus far. Most business is rendered within the mouth of the skull, which has been hollowed out, finances and other such loot is stored in the skull's top, due to a rather strong locking mechanism left over after the skull was looted and cleared. This has given rise to the joke that: "The golem's head has gold on its mind."

Ezfolg's Perch:


This building used to be the old city's only court room, and was specifically chosen by Ezfolg once it was uncovered due to its large, spacious interior. The main room is a large dome and ring structure which allows Ezfolg to speak to large quantities of people at once, and extra room to lounge. The judges stand has been crushed underneath an automaton which used to stand behind it. The stand was crushed by the Golem's upturned hand, and now serves as a perch for Ezfolg herself.

The old market:

The current Market in the city is actually just a large repurposed mansion. This is because the old city's market proved to be one of the only available sources of open land to inhabit, thus the area was quickly taken up by squatters, and serves as the only real slum in the city.

TLDR Premise:

A city built into the mountains, used to be largely populated by looters or explorers, now a bustling city. A nickname for the city is in reference to the large Golem's which are in various states of disrepair in the city. The nickname is: "The city of Giants."