David Star-Dazzel is a handsome looking human who stands a little less than six feet tall. While David's real last name is Falden, he uses Star-Dazzel as his adopted last name.

 He uses it so much in fact that most of his companions do not even know what his real last name is.


 David had humble beginnings. He started out as the forth child of a poor family in the city of Sevasstopal located in the vampire infested lands of Dra`Vakaar. David's mother, Brinda, was a seamstress while his father, Samual, was a leather worker by trade. From an early age David assisted his father and older brother Griffith in the Yanoshavishian resistance, a pseudo terrorist group whose mission was to destroy the vampire currently ruling over them. David acted as a runner for the Yanoshavishians and over time became very skilled in climbing over the rubble and cluttered houses in his slum.   Things took a turn for the worst for David around the time he was 23.  His father and brother were killed during a raid on a resistance base and David's mother sold David and his two sisters Cathrine and Julianne into slavery to save herself from meeting  a similar fate. David and his sisters were being moved across the Azure Sea toward Ghillodahn, were they where to be sold as slaves, when their ship was hit by a strong gale causing it to sink off the coast of the Aiel Wastes.  While David enjoyed being with the Aielmen he longed to see the world, so he set off with a small trading party for a while.  Upon reaching Two Rivers, he split with them and continued onto BondHome.

Time in Ghillodahn and Falme

With BondHome's inn full save one room, David was forced to spend the night with an odd cast of characters- the halfling wizard Rosalynn, the human barbarian Omar, and the human assassin Shunta.

 That night the Shinsen attacked BondHome looking for the “six” who had been there. David and the others learned that the Princess of BondHome; Princess Minh, had been kidnapped. David his new companions mounted an impromptu rescue which ended in them all being captured. The group awoke to find that they had been captured by the vampire Turarch who mysteriously let David and the others simply leave the cell in which they had been held. Despite run ins with the White Cloaks, the Shinsen, and a slave trader named Arnold Schwarzenegger, David and the others successfully rescued the princess and took her back to her family in BondHome.  As a reward the Lady Micah of BondHome gave them a small town to govern called Nottingpork. Upon arriving in Nottingpork David and the others soon started making the town a prime destination for escaped slaves to go to and seek shelter. Also during their time in Nottingpork David and his friends recruited several undead servants: T-Bone, Bane, and Jack Skellington as well as a ex-foresworn woman named Clytaemastra.     

Thunderbolt Vulpoon and the Slave Market


Thunderbolt Vulpoon

    David and his friends did not stay in Nottingpork and they soon set out to the Great Shrike Slave Market in search of Shunta's wife. There they were kidnapped by a slave-trader named Thunderbolt Vulpoon.

 David and his friends soon escaped Vulpoon's clutches, but not before destroying his ship and starting a riot in the slave market. David and company did not manage to find Shunta's wife, sadly. 

 On their way back to Nottingpork they encountered a group of sky ships flying toward Prague. The group managed to board one of the ships and destroy the rest, saving Prague. In doing so they crashed into a lake located in the blight.  Things only got worse when the Dark One himself showed up and stole Omar away from them. With an army of Trollics advancing toward them David and the others assumed all was lost, until they were rescued by the Gunslinger Wilhelm and Dwarven Cleric Durimor Durict.The group now believed that they had gotten away safely until they were abducted by the wizard Barthandolus and brought to his home in the aether.

Barthandolus' Keep and After

  Barthandolus, desiring to see whether the force of good or evil was stronger, told them that they were to fight a group of powerful evilly inclined enemies to see which side was more powerful. The party fought through several levels of Barthandolus' home until they finally escaped. During their escape Rosalynn was "borrowed" by Barthandolus and they found a new ally in Jack Winter, a friendly mortician who Barthandolus had teleported into his house in an attempt to make their test more interesting.  David and the others finally managed to escape from Barthandolus' home and make it back to Nottingpork, only to find that two years had passed since they had left BondHome.  Still in search of Shunta's wife, they again set out to try and find her. In the meanwhile they took a detour to Jack's home in Cairyan, where they ran afoul of the demi-god king Tempest Thales, son of the Raven Queen, and were forced to agree to help him find an obscure Dwarvern treasure.

Adventure in Aussington

David and Lucifer stayed behind in Cairyan to try and help David's old friend Tom Maryland with investigate the murder of one of Tom's friends. Unfortunately David came up empty handed in his investigation and began to make his way to Scelerus with Lucifer to meet up with his friends. One their way Lucifer was murdered by what appeared to be a rogue angel, while the angle could've attacked David it left him only killing Lucifer. David, mildly shaken, managed to make it to Scelerus on a chartered galley.

Upon reaching Scelerus David was briefly reunited with his companions, however many left in order to pursue their own goals. Unfortunately due to a communication Shunta and a group of recently freed slaves boarded David's galley which he had covered in explosive Glyphs of Warding. As a result the galley exploded shortly after pulling up anchor, Shunta, Nakisa, and the slaves apparently perishing in the inferno.

The Standing Stone

David and Wilhelm, the only two remaining on Scelerus were still watching the exploding galley when they were approached by a White Cloak named Zanrell. Zanrell had been sent to Scelerus in order to investigate reports of hostilities between the elvish and human population, he then asked David and Wilhelm if they would assist him in his quest. David and Wilhelm agreed and they set off inland to the village of Aussington.

Upon reaching Aussington the group was joined by Wilhelm's old companion Locke as well as Shunta's son Kafei, (who did not know about his father's death). David chose to "neglect" to tell Kafei about the death of Shunta due to the fact that he feared Kafei would blame him for the death of his father. However it turned out that Shunta had survived the explosion and had washed up on shore, he managed to find David and co., seemingly forgiving David for blowing him up.

The group soon discovered that the people of Aussington had be manipulated by a tiefling sorcerer who intended to sacrifice the town to resurrect a demon. The party managed to defeat the tiefling and his minions during the ceremony intended to summon the demon. The battle was not without loss however; Locked was put to sleep by drow poison and Kafei, Zanrell, as well as many innocent townsfolk lost their lives at the hands of the cultists. To make matters worse it was revealed that the remaining townsfolk were polymorphed animals who had been changed into humans by a druid under the sorcerer's manipulation.

Fortunately the party had managed to obtain a wand that could resurrect the dead three times David used the wand to resurrect Zanrell, Kafei, and the druid who had polymorphed the animals in the first place. David and co. discovered that the druid had been under the spell of the sorcerer and simply wanted nothing more than to live in peace with her animal companions, with some protest from Zanrell, David agreed to allow the druid live in the forest surrounding Nottingpork.

Zanrell revealed to David that he had orders from the Whitecloaks to take David's moonstone sword back to Amaldore with him. David was initially reluctant to give up his sword to Zanrell, who seemed determined to take the blade by force if necessary. The two were interrupted by the sudden arrival of St. Cuthbert, the god of judgement who decreed that he would judge who was worthy of the magic sword.

David and Zanrell were both to put the thing that they valued most on a magic scale and which ever item weighted more would receive the magic sword. In the end David's guitar strings managed to out weigh Zanrell's holy symbol and Cuthbert declared that David was the rightful owner of the sword. David however chose to give the sword freely to Zanrell partially out of a feeling that it is what a true virtuous person would do and partially because he feared Zanrell would end up pummeling him once St. Cuthbert left.

The group did not have much time to think about what had happened to them though with the sudden arrival of Shinsen warriors on Scelerus. David and co. chose to beat a hasty retreat back to Nottingpork, using a magic map that they had found during their time in Barthandolus' keep.

The Nottingpork Festival

The group managed to return to Nottingpork safely and finally were able to get some rest. The lords of Nottingpork, who were only Shunta and David, decided to have a festival and invited just about everyone that they knew. Many showed up to the festival from Tempest Thales to Queen Morgaize, even David and Shunta's old friend Omar came, now a leader of a legion of Trollics. The festival had several attractions but the one that caught the most people's attention was the jousting tournament the prize for which was the powerful dwarven artifact The Drakensberg shard. Many skilled knights competed to win the tornament, but it was David who managed to emerge victorious (with a little bit of luck).

The Drakensberg shard was put into a vault in Nottingpork and surrounded with glyphs of warding, the group chose to leave Locke as sentry outside the vault door. The group also managed to recruit a legion of whitecloaks who had defected from Amaldore as an official city guard.

To the Free State

White lightning

White Lightning

With the Drakensberg shard seemingly safe, and there being nothing better to do, the David and his friends got ready to take some time off and relax. Their time off was interrupted though when they were delivered a package all the way from the Zìyóu Rén State in Hyuntai. The contents of the package turned out to be from the opium lord white lightning, who had sent the package to let the Lords of Nottingpork know that he was opening a portal similar to one the party had encountered in Barthandolus' keep. The portal could unleash untold horrors upon Adunorh, the party realized that they had to stop the opium lord before it was too late.

Before they left the group gained some new members, Wilhielm, who was becoming more and more tired of adventuring, decided to remain in Nottingpork. Zanrell also left back to Amaldore in order to return the moonstone sword to Whitecloak high command. It did not take the party long to replace the two, recruiting a human monk by the name of Anthony and a half-dragon rogue named Desmond.

The group set out to the city of Prague to meet up with Huey, the airship pilot who had helped them during their last ill-fated attempt to fly one of vessels. The group reached Prague and managed to more or less get permission to take one of the remaining sky ships across the world to the Zìyóu Rén City. With Huey at the helm the group managed to fly over the Stone Islands with little to no incident and were almost to Zìyóu Rén City when they were attacked by a group of mercenaries.

David, in a incredibly reckless maneuver angled the sky ship's prow towards the group hoping that the would-be invaders would tumble off. David's plan seemed to work, as the ship's deck began to move the two mercenaries, who were respectively a troll and an ogre had difficulty staying on. David then leaped off of the rail that he had been bracing on and managed to dislodge both the ogre and troll during his fall, he was then saved by a well aimed rope-toss from Shunta.

In Ziyou Ren City

The group recovered from their fight and in no time were flying over the crowded harbor of Zìyóu Rén City. David's first act upon reaching his destination was to impulsively urinate off the side of the boat. This act unfortunately angered the Kobold necromancer Joooooae, who had been unfortunate enough to be standing under David as the ship passed over. Having no place to set the airship down, the group opted to leap off the airship utilizing a feather fall amulet the belonged to David. The group landed on the roof of a tavern and soon found themselves in the packed streets of Zìyóu Rén City. It did not take long for David and Co. to stir up trouble, the group angered a group of Zìyóu Rén Opium Cartel (Z-ROC) members and were soon being hunted by Z-ROC henchmen.

The group managed to evade their pursuers and found themselves in a crouded market, there they once again got in a fight, this time with an old adversary, Thunderbolt Vulpoon. The group's fight drew the attention of the local militia called the Kappa, who came in to stop the fighting. David and Co. made short work of the Kappa guards but let Thunderbolt Vulpoon escape. The group was about to go in pursuit but reinforcements from the Kappa forced them to retreat.

David and the monk Anthony were separated from the rest of the group, David became interested in Anthony's ability, specifically his martial arts prowess and asked the monk to teach him in the Shaolin ways. Anthony agreed and spent a day or two teaching David the basics of being a monk, David even went so far as to receive minor incense burns on his head. While David knew basics of monk ways he did not exemplify them in any way and more saw them as a means to an end, the end being able to punch things really hard. David and Anthony managed to charter a boat and headed down a river leading out of Zìyóu Rén City when they happened on the rest of their friends in the middle of a pitched battle. David and Anthony immediately leaped into action and managed to defeat a large number of what turned out to be local bandits. The group once again were forced to flee when members of the Jade Asp assassin group intervened. The group moved on through a mountain passage on wards.

Three Days to Kill

The group made it out of the mountain pass and happened upon a town that appeared to be in the middle of some sort of celebration. The festival seemed to glorify demons and hell, with some apprehension the group went to see the festivities. It was at this point that David learned of someone who was pretending to be him, infuriated David set off in search of imposter intent on showing the town who was the superior "Star-Dazzle". David found his man at the main tent singing an opera ballad. The imposter's performance was interrupted by David who responded with a ruckus guitar melody which climaxed with Eddy, a demon imprisoned in David's guitar consuming the imposter's soul.

Later that night David and Shunta attempted to break into a temple belonging to the Sect of The Sixty; a local religious organization. Shunta had suspected that his wife was being held captive by the sect and thought she may be located in their temple. David and Shunta staged a less than subtle break-in, the two did not manage to find Shunta's wife but they did manage to discover both a mysterious stone alter and mirror.

In a brilliant move of tactical genius David decided that the party should break the mirror, an action that he thought would disrupt the priest's probably evil plan. Sadly David's plan did not end so well after infuriating the a party being thrown by the Sect of the Sixty thanks to passes procured by Anthony. The David and Co. spent much of their time at the party letting demons kill innocent party goers, having sex with women (who were probably sex slaves), trying to rob guests, killing guards, peeing in jars, using said jars in magic rituals, and annoying bandit lords. Eventually some of the group managed to sneak in the chamber where the mirror was located. Anthony managed to break the mirror with one blow, but breaking the mirror did not end the party's problems, it increased them tenfold.

David begins his very long fall into hell

The church that the party was being held in suddenly started to come to life, David and his friends tried their best to stop the transformation to no avail. The group and a large part of Deeptown was sucked into an interdementional rift sending them to The Nine Hells of Baator. Due to his feather fall necklace David fell much slower than his companions and began a slow, several minute decent into hell, screaming the whole way. David was not alone on his fall, two bandits Don-Yu and Lucian were unlucky enough to be caught in the mirror's explosion and had latched themselves onto David's legs.

Upon finally landing in hell David discovered that his companions were in the process of preparing a ritual that could return them back to the material plane. All the party had to do was tribute enough expensive items at a magic seal in the church and they would be allowed to return to safety. This task would have been difficult in the blasted, barren landscape of hell but fortunately a large portion of the town had fallen into hell with the adventurers and many of the building contained valuable items that could be used for the ritual. The bad news was that the devils of hell did not take kindly to having part of a town dropped on them and were now out to kill the intruders.

David and the party managed to collect the all the items that they needed minus about a twenty thousand gold. Desperate, David made a plea to St. Cuthbert stating that if the god helped them then David would think about maybe, possibly, building a temple in his honor once he returned to Nottingpork, in addition David promised to visit St. Cuthbert's shrine in Zumbasa and make an offering. St. Cuthbert surprisingly heard David's prayer and gave David his moonstone sword which he had loaned to Zanrell on Falme. Using the gift from Cuthbert along with several other items the party managed to escape the hell. Unfortunately David had to part ways with his dear friend, the Demon Eddy who had been gravely wounded during the battle and had to be put down.

Upon returning to the material plane the group discovered that the evil religious organization who owned the mirror that they had broken was hording large amounts of money in a secret cave that David and his friends just happened to fall into. What Luck! Upon stealing all of the gold that they could carry David and company took revenge on the dastardly cult by burglarizing the chief priest's house, then flooding it.

Return to Ziyou-Ren City

Only minutes after bringing justice down upon the chief priest David and company were approached by Torsaco, a wizard who hailed from Kharkoli. David and his friends agreed to allow Torsaco to accompany them on their quest to stop White Lightning. Unfortunately David and his friends had to bay farewell to both Anthony and Vulpeck Firebrand who just wandered off into the mountains, I guess.

The group set out on a mountain trail heading north looking for a man named the Vulture who supposedly knew of a way to kill Rakshasa. It was not long before David and Co. stumbled upon a pair of corpses belonging to some of the Vulture's scouts. Being the stalwart heroes that they were, David and Co. stole every worldly possession the Vulture's scouts owned. However their looting was interrupted by the arrival of more of the Vulture's troops who were looking for the lost soldiers. David managed to talk the soldiers into letting him and his companions use their horses and allowing them into the Vulture's encampment. Upon entering the Vulture's encampment David and his friends were questioned, "whipped", and then shown to the Vulture's quarters. The Vulture gave the group a mission: go back to Ziyou-Ren City and prepare a ritual to summon the Vulture into the heart of the city, once inside the Vulture would kill White Lightning for them.

The group agreed, left the camp and then immediately betrayed the Vulture by telling the inhabitants of a nearby city about the approaching army. The group also managed to enchant a swordfish with a spell that could imprison souls inside it. After a night's journey the group finally made it Ziyou-Ren city, they imminently headed towards White Lightning's arena at the center of the city. Once the group reached the great arena they realized that White Lightning was not there, so they waited a night, simply sleeping in the middle of arena. The group was awakened to the sound of people filing into the arena, apparently White Lightning was hosting a tournament in the arena. The tournament went tits-up almost immediately, Shunta noticed that his missing wife was being force to fight and David, getting tired of looking for her decided that he had to intervene. Meanwhile Torsaco threw some demonic octopi at White Lighting and Dresdon completed the ritual, allowing the Vulture to burst into the arena.

David thought that the party had the situation under control until a monk by the name of Bugs Bunny appeared in the arena and began to attack Shunta. David managed to dispatch the anthropomorphic rabbit by cleaving him in half with a magic moon gate. (I shit you not this happened).

Escape and Return to Ghillodahn

The party managed to escape White Lightning's arena, killing the Rakshasa in the process. Back aboard their airship the group set a course for Ghillodahn and headed home. Their journey back was not without incident however, needing a place to rest for the night the group stopped again on the island of dreams and made camp. After a (mostly) nice rest the group set out again in the morning.

They did not travel very far when they were intercepted by an enormous golem constructed from reanimated corpses. To make matter worse, the airship was also boarded by an evil paladin as well as a group of mercenaries. Despite being attack by several different foes the party managed to emerge victorious, either killing or taking their attackers hostage.

Upon returning to shores of Ghillodahn the parties airship began to break down. Fearing the worst the group managed to safely teleport themselves to different locations on Ghillodahn before the inevitable explosion. The group may have jumped the gun however since the airship managed to stabilize, leaving only David and the crew on board.

Undeterred by the disappearance of his friends David and the airship set a coarse for Nottingpork. On the way there David used a magic staff he had found on his adventures to raise two dead adventurers. This turned out to be a mistake since neither turned out to be helpful. Despite blowing two charges on an incredibly important magic item, David returned to Nottingpork with a song in his heart. Nottingpork, unfortunately, was not as overjoyed to see David as he was it. It turned out that the city was being pestered by its overlord, Queen Micah, who wanted the city to send troops to assist in a war. Since neither David nor Shunta was in Nottingpork at the time of the order the duty of marshaling troops fell on the shoulders of Shunta's son Keifei and Wilhelm. Unfortunately the two had disappeared and now Queen Micah had grown impatient with the city.

David was relatively unconcerned about what was going on, he was just happy to be home. Shunta would sort out the mess that his son had gotten them into...


  • One of David's ancestors from the second cycle fired a cross bow at Hammond Halfgarr, wounding him.
  • David hates vampires a lot.
  • (seriously what the fuck do you write here?)