Dansul Wilder was born near the Galewoods in Ghillodahn as the only child to his parents Thomas and Lilith Wilder. He became a druid after a near death experience while out hunting, much to the chagrin of his father. He and his animal companion, Fluffy set out with a group of adventurers toward the town of Two Rivers.

Early Life & Becoming a Druid

Dansul grew up in a small hunting village just outside the Galewood in south-western Ghillodahn. Dansul's father Thomas was a local hunter and his mother worked at home as a seamstress. Dansul chose to follow in his father's footsteps and began hunting at an early age, it was in his early years that he gained a respect for nature.

Dansul's life forever changed when he was almost killed by a group of wolves while out on a hunting trip. Dansul believed the end was near until he was visited by the God of nature Obad-Hai, Obad-Hai promised Dansul that if the young man devoted his life to nature and became a druid. Dansul rather short on options agreed and began following the tenets of Druidism.

Family Troubles

While most who knew Dansul accepted his new life and practices his father did not agree with his son's new found faith. Dansul and his father often got into arguments over the morality of his father's hunting practice.

The situation got even worse for the Wilder family when Dansul's mother became sick with a disease that non of the local healers could find a cure for. Desperate to find a cure for his mother's sickness Dansul set out from his village hoping to find a cure somewhere in Ghillodahn. It was not long before Dansul joined up with a group of travelers and set out to across western Ghillodahn with them; among Dansul's companions were notable figures such as Venture Co. head Wilhelm, Locke Baldrict, and Durimore Durict.

Night at Two Rivers

After a run-in with a group of orcs Dansul and Co. decided to stay the night in the sleepy town of Two Rivers. The group was offered shelter by Tamlin al'Thor who lived in a cabin on the outskirts of town. After offending both Tamlin and his son Rand Dansul and his animal companion, Fluffy, chose to sleep in the barn for the night. During the night the house was attacked by Trollocs and Rand was kidnapped. Now on the hunt for Rand's captors the party set out towards the city of Baerilyon.


On the way to Baerilyon Dansul wandered away from his companions and was approached by an old crone who claimed she had a cure for his mother's illness. Dansul followed the old woman back to her house and into her basement were he discovered the woman was actually a succubus. Dansul managed to defeat the succubus, but was then confronted by the Ishmael himself. It turned out that Ishmael had taken Dansul's father captive and told Dansul that he would spare him if he killed his father instead. Dansul chose to die rather than see his father killed in front of him.