Chikras jungle-0
A jungle in Chikras-Wed
Vital statistics
Type Continent
Level Unknown
Location South-Western Hemisphere
Inhabitants Gnomes, Halflings


The island of Chikras-Wed is located between Ghiellidon and the Stone Islands it is well know for it's vast amount of gold, the massive desert in the center of the island, and for its inhabitants extreme xenophobia. The islands is populated by exclusively gnomes and halflings, any person of a different race must get a special permission from the high council to visit or trade on the island. The Island is ruled by the clerics of Garl Glittergold and Yondalla who believe that the land is sacred to their people and that it should be a only inhabited by such.


Early History

Chikras desert

The glory of the old empire can still be seen in chikras-wed's desert

According to legend Chikras-Wed was given as a gift from the gods Garl Glittergold and Yondalla to their respective races. Chikras-Wed throughout history has supplied the large majority of the Adunorh's gold which never seems to end no matter how far miners dig. The Chikras-Wedian's lust for gold however went too far, the center of the island was reduced to a massive dessert crater when an experiment which was intended to draw more gold out the ground went eyry. The settlements closer to coast fortunately survived and managed to continue on despite the loss of a large majority of their kingdom. The magical accident altered more than landscape of Chikras-Wed it also had a huge effect on the island's government. Ten years after the accident the traditional monarchy which ruled Chikras-Wed was over thrown by a religious coalition made up of halflings and gnomes.

Coalition Rule to modern day

The coalition believed that the island's greed and willingness to sell their was the reason for the calamity and that if the kingdom did not wish to repeat such an event they would have to curb their avarice. This the coalition claimed could be achieved by ending interaction with the outsiders who had fed the fire of greed with their demand for Chikras-Wed's gold. They stated that gold should be not be traded but left in the earth as a reminder of the gods' gift to them. However over the years the coalition has mysteriously lifted some of their bans on trade with the outside world, claiming that if they want keep the motherland pure even they must interact with the outsiders.

High concil

The high council of coalition

While the theory is not well supported some people believe that dwarven miners helped the uprising by supplying weapons. The theory states that the dwarfs wanted to help the coalition be victorious because they would not have to compete as much to sell their gold in markets.

The coalition's restrictions on trade however did little to deter smugglers and pirates who began to sneak gold off the island and sell it in the black markets of Hyuntai. Over time some smugglers began to even treat the action of smuggling gold out of Chikras-Wed as a rite of initiation for new captains and their crews

In order to curb the smuggler's actions the high council of Chikras-Wed started exiling any violators which they caught into the desert crater in the center of the island. The coalition claimed that anyone who wanted to be governed by greed like their ancestors should suffer a similar a fate to them. While initially the coalition had men attempt to patrol around the wastes they found that this did not do a good job of keeping convicts out. To fix this problem the coalition set out inscribing the entire outside of the wastes with magical runes to prevent anyone from escaping.