Beregan Rotelberg is a Dark Fellow, which is a title granted by Ghillodahners to Ishmael's most notorious followers. He earned this title through the chaos and death he caused. He wields two great magic items, The Falling Star and White Thresher. The Falling Star and White Thresher are feared weapons once used by a particularly legendary Fortvivlan in the first Hustle Rebellion. Beregan Rotelberg used the confusion of the Battle of Baerilyon to steal the dagger away from Locke. Ironically, many of the soldiers trying to defend the city against Rotelberg and Ishmael's subhuman soldiers were on Beregan's own pay roll. For those confused, this was on account of the fact that he moonlighted (Skin Shifted) as Agrach Yaer, the city's local lord. The siege began when Beregan's cover as the lesser lord was blown by the artificer named Dramir. His base, the one-way magic shop, was demolished by artillery pieces. The siege ended in victory for the defenders and defeat for Rotelberg and his subhuman allies. Many months later, Rotelberg heard that the adventurers who had foiled his plan were returning to Baerilyon. He summoned the demon Delwrath at Baerilyon's Stone Circle and attempted to ambush the those who had led the defense against him. He has not yet succeeded in killing any of the adventurers, including, Wilhelm, Dansul, Locke, Carmen, Durimor, and Dramir.

Barthandolus' Keep

Beregan Rotelberg successfully infiltrated the astral seat of Barthandolus, the mysterious Grey Wizard, and summoned a celestial being loyal to Tharizdun sealed there, much to the chagrin of both Ishmael and Barthandolus. The Angel refused to serve Beregan Rotelberg and instead broke free from the astral plane to Hunt Lucifer Winter. Lucifer had gained such the celestial as an enemy by pulling poorly from the deck of many things.

New Motives

Little is known about Beregan Rotelberg's whereabouts. He has been disinherited by Ishmael for summoning an ally of the great elder god Tharizdun, and is also hated by many. Despite his failures, he is an extraordinarily powerful and cunning wizard.